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Mn united zeus jones


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Mn united zeus jones

  1. 1. MN United FC Logo and Uniforms Options 2640 Lyndale Ave. South | Minneapolis, Minnesota 55408 | T +1 612 279 1400 | Spring 2013
  2. 2. Initials Conveying a sense of unity through classic interlocking typography 3 options
  3. 3. Moodboard goes here
  4. 4. The Iron Range Exploring an idea that pays homage to Minnesota’s mining heritage 1 option
  5. 5. Deer An idea inspired by a fleet and nimble creature that is found in every Minnesota county 1 option
  6. 6. The Loon This unexpectedly aggressive bird is arguably the most recognizable state symbol 3 options
  7. 7. Natural Elements Ideas inspired by elements such as the Mississippi River, the North Star and aurora borealis 3 options