New Islamabad Office Opening Speech


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New Islamabad Office Opening Speech

  1. 1. Islamabad Office Opening Speech March 8, 2011 at 9:47am Ladies & Gentlemen AoA and Welcome to the launching ceremony of Server4Sale’s new office in Islamabad. It is a pleasure for me to present my company here and the services it offers, at this grand ceremony on the foot hills of Himalayas. The theme of this event is “Striving for Excellence” and the setting up of our new office in Islamabad here is a very important step by our company for the city and the country’s knowledge and innovation landscape as a whole. Pakistan is going through tough times; Tough times for our economies and societies. Our answer to this crisis must be firmly anchored in the future. And I believe that the best investment for Pakistan is to create the conditions for a strong knowledge society to emerge. Server4Sale in this respect has taken numerous steps to emerge stronger and more sustainable in the course of the next decade. The Success story of Server4Sale is that we are the nations largest Server Management company and the only ONE of 5 leading DDoS protection service providers in the world, providing DDoS protection services to world’s largest corporations, banks, government ministries, defense institutions and small online businesses. We have mitigation locations around the world including the one in Karachi. Now, let me introduce you all our first speaker of this evening, the Chief Operating officer of Server4Sale, Mr. Farrukh Humayun --- Thank you Sir! With this new office, Server4Sale will be able to make a real and lasting difference in Pakistan's IT landscape. I call on you all to seize this opportunity and to shape the way we work and study together, the way we innovate and the way we support new business creation. Now I am inviting our second speaker of this evening, the Director of Server4Sale Mr. AJ Rana/ Mr. Naju Valliani -- Thank you Sir! Now I am inviting the Technical Director of Server4Sale who has worked very hard for the creation of this company and in providing security to the global computers through his DDoS protection service “Blockdos”, Please welcome everyone by applause, the technical director of Server4Sale Mr. Munaf Majeed. -- Thank you sir for coming all the way from Karachi to attend this event. Now I am inviting again the Chief Operating Officer of Server4Sale Mr. Farrukh Humayun to give his concluding remarks. Mr. Farrukh Humayun... -- We are on the right track, but we still need to deliver the proof that we are the credible answer to the challenge of innovation in Pakistan and a lot of that will be dependent on the quality of services we
  2. 2. offer. It is my sincere hope that we can move to another step forward by looking at the concepts and plans with a constructive attitude, an open mind and a reasonable dose of real curiosity. With these remarks I am closing this ceremony at this beautiful location of Islamabad. Thank you all for your memorable presence and the time. We’ve Hi-Tea arrangements for all our guests so please everyone serve yourself.