Samsung Re positioning Strategy


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Samsung Re positioning Strategy

  1. 1. Samsung Mobile repositioning From Cheap to WOWPresented by :Dr. Imran Khan (5661)Aqib Maniar (12472)Zeeshan Valliani (12543)Asad Jaffri (12451)
  2. 2. From Connecting People to All in Palm
  3. 3. “Inspire the World, Create the Future."
  4. 4. SAMSUNG ?Samsung Group is a South Korean industrial group with a product portfolio ranging from electronics, finance, construction to other services.
  5. 5. Vision :This new vision reflects Samsung Electronics’commitment to inspiring its communities byleveraging Samsungs three key strengths:"New Technology," "Innovative Products," and"Creative Solutions."
  6. 6. MissionTo devote our talent and technology to creatingsuperior products and services that contribute to a better global society.
  7. 7. From Cheap to WOW !• Till 1996, Samsung was a financially struggling company known primarily for its cheap microwaves and TVs.• NOW It catches the pulse of the consumer; offers good designs; understands emotion.• Samsung had found its niche by focusing on innovative products for the high-end market• Lowering the price of a phone by just $20 in many countries could increase its affordability by 43%.
  8. 8. Strategies Adopted• Changing brand image.• Taking Brand repositioning cost as long term investment.• Proactive measures for reactions from competitors.• Renewed pricing strategy.• Focus on research and development and innovation.
  9. 9. Marketing Research
  10. 10. Questionnaire Open Original format survey form
  11. 11. 2nd pageOpen Original format survey form
  12. 12. The response – An Overview• The Questionnaire was sent to 60 people through email• Received response from 40 people• Physically administered the survey = 10 person• Total responses received are 50
  13. 13. The respondents – An Overview• The•The internet respondents included students,•Physical respondents included workers, drivers
  14. 14. • The What Mobile I own ? Nokia leads with 36% (18 person) followed by Samsung 28% (14 person)
  15. 15. How much did I pay for mobile during purchase ? 12% 20%18% Maximum 25 persons (50%) are in 5001-10000Rs category, followed 50% by 10 person in Below 5000 5001 – 10000 10,001 – 20,000 Above 20,000 Below 5000Rs Category
  16. 16. How much did I pay for mobile during purchase ? 12% 20% It indicates that people go all out18% 50% and spend more to Below 5000 5001 – 10000 10,001 – 20,000 Above 20,000 get a better deal !!! Spending more money on mobile phones
  17. 17. Why did you choose this brand over other? Others please specify 2 Catchy and attractive ads 6 Online / print / visual media 4 reviews Peers / Family members using 5 1 this brand and satisfied 6 Have been using this brand for long 12 Price competitively 15 Better Features 0 5 10 1530% users choose brand because of features
  18. 18. How often do you change (or plan to change your mobile phone? 10%40% 18% 0 – 05 months 6 months – 1 year 1 – 2 years 2 + years 40% (20 person) are willing to change their mobiles 32% after 2 years followed by 32% people within 1 – 2 years
  19. 19. Am I open to buying a different brand ? Good to know… 54% spectrum of opportunity !
  20. 20. Value Proposition Price More The Same Less IPHONE Samsung Nokia More HTC SONY BlackberryBenefits Samsung The Same LG Q Mobile Less China Simens Motrola
  21. 21. • Boom! The Last Four Months, Samsung Sold One Galaxy S2 Every 1.3 Second S2 Every 1.3 Seconds
  22. 22. Karachi
  23. 23. BIG BRANDSPerceptual Mapping
  24. 24. Successful iP S Nokia BBExciting Reliable // trendy Family Apple Nokia Samsung HTC Siemens LG Rugged Motorola Sony BlackBerry “Big 9” mobile phones brand
  25. 25. Plethora of Mobile phone features
  26. 26. Fit attributes - Position#1 . Preferred good Internet access#2 . Long Battery life#3 . Easy to use#4 . Camera and Touch Screen#5 . Fast and good speakers
  27. 27. Brand Communication• Mass Media advertising, event sponsorship, sports event, product placement and the Samsung experience Gallery,
  28. 28. Positioning Statement‘’ To cater mobile professionals who need to be always tuned with the ever changing technology and style, Samsung is the ultimate solution that gives you user friendly , cost effective, stylish and innovative products to stay connected with the fast moving world’’.
  29. 29. Vision 2020 of Samsung Inspire the World, Create the Future Creative Solutions Industry New InnovativeTechnology Products Partner Employee
  30. 30. Vision 2020 of SamsungAs part of this vision, Samsung has mappedout a specific plan of reaching $400 billion in revenue and becoming one of the world’s top five brands by 2020. To this end, Samsung has also established three strategic approaches in its management: "Creativity," "Partnership," and "Talent."
  31. 31. Latest releases by SamsungSmart TV featuring Smart Interaction Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 power and speed oftechnology that hears you (Voice Control) Android™ 3.1, Honeycomb Widescreen HD (1280x800)and reacts to you (Gesture Control and Face viewing experience on a brilliant 8.9" display ,full HTMLRecognition Browser with Adobe® Flash® Technology. Thinner, Lighter and Stylish - Only .34" thin and 1.03 lbs•Smart TV featuring Smart Interactiontechnology that hears you (Voice Control)and reacts to you (Gesture Control and FaceRecognition