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Ongoing work on Air element


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This is a first sample of the work carried out so far by the 6th primary school of Egaleo, Athens, regarding the element of Air, as part of our Comenius project.

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Ongoing work on Air element

  1. 1. 6th Primary School of Egaleo“Konstantinos Kavafis”
  2. 2. Living with the elements
  3. 3. Air
  4. 4. Aeolus was not a God in the greekmythology, but the treasurer of thewinds, appointed by Zeus.He kept the winds in his windbag, lettingthem loose only after Zeus’ command.Aeolus – God of winds
  5. 5. 3rd Grade – Creating Kites“Blow, my kind wind, so that I rise in the sky…”
  6. 6. Multi-coloured kites
  7. 7. Decorating the classroom
  8. 8. Decorating the classroom
  9. 9. Trying to fly
  10. 10. 5th Grade – Studying the WindsWatching a video about The Tower of the Winds
  11. 11. Watching a video about The Tower of the Winds
  12. 12. Watching a video about The Tower of the Winds
  13. 13. Wind turbines
  14. 14. Working on the Air element
  15. 15. Phrases with Air =“aeras”
  16. 16. The winds in art
  17. 17. “Anemologio”Painting byYannisTsarouchis