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Oodles of noodles plan


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Published in: Food
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Oodles of noodles plan

  1. 1. Oodles of Noodles
  2. 2. Product Line Category Flavor SKU Price (Tk.) Stick BBQ, Tanduri Chicken, Egg, Chinese 180g, 300g 20, 38 Instant Masala, Chicken, BBQ, Tomyam 60g (Single pack, 4pcs, 8 pcs family pack) 16, 105 Instant (cup) Chicken, Masala, Tomyam 65g, 40g 50, 40 Cook Masala 400g 65
  3. 3. Industry Info Year/ Category Stick Growth % Instant Growth % Cook Growth % 2011 120 160 N/A 2012 140 17% 256 60% N/A 2013 170 21% 340 28% 12 2014 208 22% 430 25% 18 50%
  4. 4. Market Scenario Category Leader Follower Challenger Stick Cocola 40% Sajeeb, Kolson Banoful, ACI Instant Maggi 57% Pran, Mama Fu Wang, Cocola Instant (cup) Foreign Brands Sajeeb Cook Cocola Sajeeb
  5. 5. The Tasks • Increase brand awareness • Increase market share from 8% to 15% within 2 years • Establish that Y is a healthy, tasty, easy to cook and very affordable substitute food item for regular consumption by anyone • ATL and BTL plan with budget • 3 sets of communication for Stick, Cook and Instant noodles categories with 3 distinct messages • Synergy among all categories and communication under brand Y
  6. 6. Retail Audit • In a market saturated with various brands of noodles, the less popular brands are offering CP to attract consumers • Limited distribution of Y Cook Noodles • Low visibility of Y noodles, though some in superstores for the cup noodles • Retailers not willing to stock PRAN Mr. Noodles – “quality is not the same as before”; “no demand”
  7. 7. Price Comparison   Instant Cup Sr No. Name Price 1 Sajeeb 50 2 Mama 135 & 105 3 Koka 105 4 IMee 120 5 Thai Choice 118 6 Mamee     Stick Sr No. Name Price 1 Ifad 18 2 Kolson 18 3 Meridian 18 & 20 4 Sajeeb 18 & 20 5 ACI 18   Instant Sr No. Name Price   1 Doodles 17   2 Mr. Noodles 17   3 Cocola 17   4 Mama 66 4pcs 5 Maggi 66 4pcs 6 Mr. Noodles 80 5pcs 7 Fu Wang 60 4pcs 8 Sajeeb 62 4pcs 9 Cocola 60 4pcs 10 Doodles 66 4pcs Premium Sr No. Name Price Pack 1 Mr. Noodles 300 & 250 12pcs 2 Mama 130 8pcs 3 Fu Wang 140 8pcs 4 Sajeeb 125 8pcs 5 Kolson 125 8pcs 6 Maggi 130 8pcs 7 Doodles 130 8pcs 8 Mr. Noodles 125 8pcs 9 Ifad 90 6pcs - Y Cup Noodles has price advantage over competition - In Instant family4-pack category, Y is better off in terms of price compared to Maggi, Mama but Cocola offeringTk.2 less than Y - In Instant family8-pack category, Y is better off in terms of price compared to Doodles, Maggi, Mama - Cocola CookNoodles and YCook Noodles with 8 packs are priced thesame– Tk.65
  8. 8. Retail Audit A plethora of brands with attractive packaging
  9. 9. Retail Audit A plethora of brands with attractive packaging
  10. 10. Retail Audit Cup noodles foreign brands
  11. 11. Retail Audit Cup noodles foreign brands
  12. 12. Retail Audit Cup noodles foreign brands
  13. 13. Retail Audit CP from PRAN Mr. Noodles
  14. 14. Retail Audit CP from Ifad Eggy
  15. 15. Retail Audit
  16. 16. Retail Audit
  17. 17. Retail Audit Contemporary graphics and fonts on competitor packaging
  18. 18. Retail Audit High brand visibility and attractive packaging of Cocola
  19. 19. Retail Audit Where noodles are stacked in a general store, it is important to create visibility through packaging or alternate way of displaying the product.
  20. 20. Consumer Audit • Cocola and Maggi are the preferred Noodles brands • Other brands like Sajeeb “don’t taste as good” • Consumers have been eating Maggi and Cocola for a long time which adds a reliability factor to these brands • If competitors have products with the same price in the market, consumers will go for the brand they are familiar with • Most are not willing to experiment • Mama has made its way into the households due to its novelty in taste that appeals to the adult TG • Maggi is mainly for kids • Taste, price and availability drive brand selection • Single serving is done with instant noodles; when more than a couple of family members are served, stick noodles are preferred • A variety of brands in the same household to cater to self, children and guests (lower priced FuWang and Sajeeb for family and guests)
  21. 21. Previous Communication of Y • Y Tanduri Chicken Instant Noodles – notun kichu, notun shaad e • Y Tanduri Chicken Noodles (family pack) – shaad e shera, pushti tey bhora • Y Instant Cup Noodles – akhoni khao, mawja pao
  22. 22. Competitor Communication • Maggi Noodles based on Nutrition platform– Vitamin A, Protein, Iodine fortified; darun mawja, darun pushti • Cocola range TVC – manufacturing process, improved and better taste, consumption for snacks, tiffin, etc. ; Noodles maanei Cocola • Mama Noodles – no more confusion – Mama Masala noodles for kids and Mama Hot n Spicy noodles for adults • Doodles Instant Noodles- Healthy and tasty Doodles to tame hunger anytime; anytime Doodles time • Doodles Stick Noodles – freedom from boring breakfast, tiffin, lunch, dinner; shaad er badhone • Mr. Noodles – shey ki kung fu taste; chotpot ranna, jhotpot pushti; akdome different
  23. 23. Competitor Communication
  24. 24. Competitor Communication
  25. 25. Competitor Communication
  26. 26. Competitor Communication
  27. 27. Competitor Communication
  28. 28. Competitor Communication
  29. 29. Competitor Communication
  30. 30. Competitor Communication
  31. 31. Competitor Communication
  32. 32. Competitor Communication
  33. 33. SWOT Analysis of Y Noodles
  34. 34. Retail Suggestions • Gondola under brand Y in superstores • In general stores, increase brand visibility through innovative displays
  35. 35. Way Forward Distinct positioning of Y Instant, Stick, and Cook Noodles Y Positioning Platform TG environment Stick Tasty and nutritioustreat for family and guests Modern homemaker, joint family, kids, frequent guests, fries noodlesin oil and mixes veg to give an added flavor and taste Cook Healthy, easy to cook noodles for regular consumption Modern homemaker, kids, look for healthy everyday snacks for self and kids Cup/instant Quick, on-the-go snacks with different flavors Adults, young adults, teensand tweens on the move, busy schedule, no time for elaborate snack preparation, need more than fillers to satisfy appetite
  36. 36. The 360-degree plan Task ATL BTL Marketing/Sales Increase brand awareness and visibility TVC, TV pop-up in kids and women- based programs RDC Retail POSM Branded snacks and noodles carts Branded t-shirts and caps to cart owners Hoardings, shop signs Increase MS from 8% to 15% CP TVC, RDC FB page with Y Brigade details, regular recipes and contests CP POSM Y Brigade – team of delivery persons tohome deliver only Y brands in select areas; tie up with the most popular general stores in the hood CP to trigger off-take and trial TP to induce push sales Direct sales to institutions Establish brand promise of healthy, tasty, affordable, easy to cook noodles Endorsement from culinary expert – TV show, regular recipe column in lifestyle magazines and supplements Wet sampling with culinary expert Campus and school activation with Y cup noodles Colony activation with stick and cook noodles – live demo and Y Snacks Contest among neighbors