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A strategic presentation for Scan Cement


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Published in: Marketing
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A strategic presentation for Scan Cement

  1. 1. Some key facts: Bangladesh is the 40th largest market in the world Industry growth rate is 20-25% Per capita consumption – 83kg Currently there is overcapacity in the industry – 18mn MT demand versus 29mn MT supply Key drivers are urbanization and GOB projects Regional in nature to minimize transportation costs Affected by seasonality as low demand in the monsoon season In Dhaka region, Shah Cement is the leader with 14.2% MS whereas Scan has 5.7%. Sylhet area is dominated by Lafarge. In Chittagong, Scan Cement is the leader with 3.6% MS. Rajshahi region has only one player – Aman Cement Scan Cement enjoys the 2nd highest MS of nearly 10% after Shah Cement
  2. 2. Source: IDLC report on Cement Sector of Bangladesh, April 2011
  3. 3. Establish Scan Cement in the consideration set of the Mongla population in the southwestern part of Bangladesh
  4. 4. Due to having the factories away from the Mongla region that incurs a high transportation cost, Scan Cement is currently not being able to offer a price that matches that of Bashundhara and Elephant brand cement. Scan Cement comes at a difference of Tk.25/bag.
  5. 5. Homeowners and real estate developers of the southwestern belt of Bangladesh Extremely cost-conscious Traditional mindset Family-oriented
  6. 6. They think that a cement brand that comes at a lower price is the best option and there’s really no need to go for a brand that charges a higher price. They feel that it is unnecessary to spend extra money on a cement brand that will give more or less the same result. They have the notion that cement ‘fresh’ from the factories is the best type of cement They choose either Meghna or Elephant brand of cement in most cases.
  7. 7. The main idea of all Scan Cement communications and activities should be built around TRUST Other brands are positioned on strength, quality, solid foundation, long experience or expertise in construction
  8. 8. Raise awareness of Scan Cement and thereby occupy a space in their consideration set Convince the TG that ‘fresh’ cement has no impact on the quality of any cement Convince them that price should not be a major factor when they are securing a safe roof over the head of their family members and future generations
  9. 9. Campaigns Thematic Based on TRUST to raise awareness, establish product superiority and build credibility; technical in nature Tactical MATHAR UPORE CHAAD Based on SAFETY FOR THE FAMILY to establish product superiority and credibility; emotional in nature SHAWSTAR TEEN AWBOSTHA Based on the EFFECTS of using products with lower price and less quality to establish product superiority and credibility
  10. 10. With TRUST as the overarching idea, all acts by Scan Cement, whether thematic or tactical, will tie back to the main idea.
  11. 11. Tasks TG Activities ATL BTL Raise Awareness General mass - Billboards with thematic campaign during off-peak season - Press ads of thematic campaign in local dailies with endorsements from engineers and masons of commercial projects of Scan Cement MFU – films based on trust Skits based on trust Convince about product quality Homeowners Real estate developers Engineers and masons -Thematic press ads - Billboards with both thematic and tactical campaigns so that the TG connects the BTL activities with ATL communications - Scan Cement School of Trust – an academy with own panel of engineers and masons -Homeowners and developers meet to be held continuously from Oct to May -Short dramas during the meets under the two tactical ideas - Live demo to bust ‘fresh’ cement myth. Not everything that’s fresh is necessarily the best (use example of shutki) Bust “fresh” myth Homeowners Real estate developers Engineers and masons
  12. 12. I have trusted Scan Cement for Chittagong Port Flyover. Whom will you trust for making a safe haven for your family?