Zws Corporate Presentation Agile Implementation Approach


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A short company history with product information on Agile PLM and a detailed description of Zero Wait-State's implementation approach highlighting the Oracle Accelerate methodology.

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Zws Corporate Presentation Agile Implementation Approach

  1. 1. Successfully Implementing Agile PLM<br />
  2. 2. Agenda <br /><ul><li>About Zero Wait-State
  3. 3. About Agile
  4. 4. Zero Wait-State Implementation Approach
  5. 5. Discovery Plan Example
  6. 6. Oracle Accelerate
  7. 7. Summary</li></li></ul><li>About Zero Wait-State<br /><ul><li>Operating since 1999
  8. 8. Over 150 customers both small and large
  9. 9. Partnerships with key technology and service providers
  10. 10. The Premier Oracle Agile Partner
  11. 11. Extensive background in PLM deployment and integration</li></li></ul><li>PLM Provides Visibility & Expedites Processes<br />4<br />Greater Executive Process Visibility<br /> Portfolio Management<br /> Tracking, Status Reporting & Analytics<br />Develop<br />Concept<br />Plan<br />Validate<br />Launch<br />Sustain<br />EOL<br />Design<br />Partners <br />QA & R/A<br />Central Repository <br />Single record of the truth<br />Integrated to Oracle ERP<br />Product <br />Development<br />Suppliers<br />& External<br />Manufacturing<br />Partners<br />Sales &<br />Marketing<br />QMS-SOP/DHF/DMR/Regulatory/Quality<br />(ECOs, Approvals, BOMs, Items, SOP’s, AML, Doc’s Datasheets, Designs, Drawings, Artwork, Labeling, Packaging)<br />collaboration<br />collaboration<br />International<br />Internal <br />Manufacturing<br />Plants<br />Internal &<br />External Partners<br />Internal Groups<br />Operations<br />Sourcing &<br />Procurement<br />
  12. 12. Agile Product Portfolio Management<br />Executives & Program Office<br />Agile Product Governance & Compliance<br />Compliance Office<br />Integrated product, program, resource & portfolio management<br />Product & program compliance against standards & regulatory requirements<br />Quality<br />Professionals<br />Closed-loop product quality management across the extended enterprise<br />Agile Product Cost Management<br />Procurement Professionals<br />Product sourcing and lifecycle cost & risk management<br />Agile Engineering Collaboration<br />Development<br />& Engineering<br />Engineering desktop integration & collaboration<br />Agile Enterprise Visualization<br />Cross-Enterprise<br />Native document collaborative visualization across the global enterprise<br />Agile Quality Management<br />Agile Product<br />Collaboration<br />Eng., Operations & <br />Supply Chain<br />Enterprise product record visibility, management & collaboration <br />Agile PLM Modules<br />
  13. 13. Agile Engineering Collaboration<br /><ul><li>Engineering Collaboration provides capability for
  14. 14. Design Integration - Capture and control engineering design data, a primary source of the product record; Manage both work-in-process and released changes
  15. 15. Design Collaboration – Directly visualize, markup and collaborate on native design data
  16. 16. Design Publication - Automate the creation and modification of the product structure
  17. 17. Engineering Collaboration contains
  18. 18. Engineering Collaboration platform
  19. 19. 2D MCAD, 3D MCAD and ECAD Connectors
  20. 20. Team Data Management options
  21. 21. EC integrates with other Agile PLM solutions
  22. 22. Agile Product Collaboration for item and changemanagement
  23. 23. Agile Enterprise Visualization for viewing & markup ofdesign data across the organization
  24. 24. Agile Product Portfolio Management for linking designs to projects
  25. 25. Agile Product Cost Management for material costs and supply certainty
  26. 26. Agile Product Governance & Compliance for managing product compliance with required specifications such as RoHS, REACH, FDA, ISO, etc.</li></li></ul><li>High Level Potential Operational Improvement Areas<br />Specific OperationalImprovement Areas<br />17.5% reduction in product costs<br />75% reduction in ECO cycle times<br />25-35% reduction in design cycles<br />10-15% reduction in time-to-volume cycles<br />30-40% reduction in part duplicates and introduction of new parts<br />15-25% reduction in part search times (improving engineering efficiency)<br />Macro Financial Benefits Available To SMBs<br />Source: AberdeenGroup, Product Innovation Agenda Benchmark Report<br />© 2006 PTC<br />7<br />
  27. 27. Example Customer ROI<br /><ul><li>Faster Time-To-Market — reduced by 25%
  28. 28. Increased Efficiency — improved by 30%
  29. 29. Reduced ECO Cycle Time — from 5 days down to 2
  30. 30. 70% decrease in customer quote time
  31. 31. 87% reduction in document control costs
  32. 32. Lower costs due to 45% increase in supplier participation on bids
  33. 33. Increased productivity, exceeding expectations by 25%.
  34. 34. Reduced change package cycle time by 30+ days.
  35. 35. Increased Visibility & Access to controlled docs by 30%+
  36. 36. Managed to double gross margins
  37. 37. Went to a fully outsourced model in 18 months
  38. 38. Increased visibility & leverage of $1B in spend & 280 suppliers
  39. 39. Reduced new product introductions process from 45 to 7 days
  40. 40. Reduced Costs: Lowered development costs
  41. 41. Increased Efficiency: Streamlined product development processes </li></ul>8<br />
  42. 42. Zero Wait-State Approach<br />
  43. 43. Customer Engagement Model<br />
  44. 44. Critical Path: Discovery<br />The goal of the discovery phase is to clearly identify the right customer specific solution through a consistent, repeatable process<br />Identify the overall goals required for product determination<br />Leverage established processes to gather data and identify and quantify critical product development wait states<br />Recommend solutions to resolve delays <br />
  45. 45. Consistent Results<br />Discovery Sessions<br />Assess Value Opportunities & Define the Best Execution Plan<br />Product Development Consulting<br />Education<br />Implementation<br />Maximize Return on Technology Investment<br />Accelerate Adoption and Boost Productivity<br />Best-in-Class Processes<br />Proven Deployment Approach<br />Ensure Widespread Adoption of Changes while Minimizing Cost<br />12<br />
  46. 46. Typical Value Drivers that Determine Initiatives<br />Grow market share with customer-focused products<br />1<br />Improve ability to fulfill demand<br />Growth<br />2<br />Develop and define new markets<br />3<br />V A L U E<br />Design to realize a price premium<br />4<br />Lower product cost<br />5<br />Profitability<br />Lower lifecycle cost<br />6<br />
  47. 47. ZWS Discovery Plan for Success<br />
  48. 48. Complete<br />Industry Focused<br />Easy to Own<br /><br />Solutions for Small and Medium Businesses<br /><ul><li>Comprehensive
  49. 49. Integrated
  50. 50. Scalable
  51. 51. Rapid Deployment
  52. 52. Best Practices
  53. 53. Custom Fit
  54. 54. Easy to Buy
  55. 55. Easy to Implement
  56. 56. Easy to Use
  57. 57. Easy to Maintain
  58. 58. Easy to Adapt</li></ul>15<br />Fast time to ROI<br />
  59. 59. Complete<br />Industry Focused<br />Easy to Own<br />Zero Wait-State Introduces:Oracle Accelerate for Engineering Collaboration<br /><br />Solutions for Small and Medium Businesses<br /><ul><li>A Turnkey Solution for Rapid Implementation of EC
  60. 60. Provides all necessary elements to incorporate CAD data into Agile
  61. 61. Best Practices based on extensive domain knowledge
  62. 62. Tailored instruction based on design roles to ensure quick adoption
  63. 63. Automated Tools streamline configuration
  64. 64. Fixed Price, Fixed Scope minimize up front time investments</li></ul>16<br />
  65. 65. Oracle EC Accelerate Case Study<br />EC Implementation for Red Digital<br />Highlights<br /><ul><li>Production ready in 3 weeks
  66. 66. High Adoption rate
  67. 67. Minimal errors in testing stages</li></li></ul><li>Summary<br /><ul><li>ZWS Leverages Best In Class PLM Solutions(Agile) for rapid deployment to shorten time to value
  68. 68. ZWS utilizes Oracle Accelerate approach to deploy “Best Practices” based processes to ensure client success
  69. 69. ZWS resources have extensive experience in all aspects of PLM and have been involved in major Agile deployments throughout North America</li></ul>“ If you can’t describe what you are doing as a process, you don’t know what you’re doing.”<br />W. Edwards Deming<br />