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lecture about bioprogressive EOS Venice 2015

Published in: Health & Medicine


  1. 1. Bioprogressive Dr. Franco Bruno Visiting Professor Cagliari University Orthodontic School Director: Prof. Vincenzo Piras
  2. 2. Thanks for the Invitation
  3. 3. UPDATE
  4. 4. Bioprogressive Movement
  5. 5. I do hope…
 not only because it’s cool
 to have the Bioprogressive in a Congress…
  6. 6. Bioprogressive in 2015? UPDATE or MEMORIES?
  7. 7. Bioprogressive
  8. 8. Bioprogressive Philosophy TMJ Freedom Understanding Before Acting With the End in Mind
  9. 9. Bob Ricketts’ Heritage From static diagnosis to dynamic forecasting and objective designing VTO (1950) Twin bracket (1951) Molar Tubes (1951) APo (APg) plane as a reference for lower incisors compensation of facial patterns (1952) The first esthetic evaluation. The E line (1954) The first fully preformed-preadjusted formulation (1959) The first preformed continuous archwires (1960) Preformed bands and pre-adjusted brackets (1962 AAO Annual Session) The computerized cephalometry (1966) Self-ligating brackets and snap-channel concept (1970s) .018 slot early straightwire bracket concept The discover of the same shape for Archwires in upper and lower arch (1976)
 Robert Murray Ricketts 1920-2003
  10. 10. Bioprogressive in 2015 or What’s Bioprogressive for me
  11. 11. Bioprogressive, it’s a issue of feeling… TMJ Management Functional Matrix Health First! Controlled Mechanics End in Mind
  12. 12. Patient First Market … maybe
  13. 13. Today Topics Functional Matrix Management or Modify the Function can Modify the Anatomy? Arches Reshaping or The Well Thought-Out Use of the Quad-Helix The End in Mind or The Logical Use of the Utility Arch
  14. 14. The Functional Matrix Management
  15. 15. Silvia
  16. 16. Class2, V Shape Maxilla
  17. 17. Where is the Problem?
  18. 18. Treatment Design Breathing Correction Functional Appliance Quad Helix SL Straight Wire
  19. 19. Start with Quad Helix and Functional
  20. 20. Expansion Therapy: 7 months
  21. 21. 11 months
  22. 22. Active Therapy 13 months It’s This one The Result We are Looking For?
  23. 23. Not in Bioprogressive!
  24. 24. The Bioprogressive Goal
  25. 25. The Main Result
  26. 26. Key Point Maxilla/Mandibular Relationship is an Adaptation The Maxilla is The Mirror Image of the Functional Matrix
  27. 27. Malocclusion as a Mirror Image of the “environment” This is not Esclusive of the Bioprogressive Movement but ! We Act For… ! Nothing New Under the Sun -Solomon
  28. 28. Bioprogressive is Prevalence of Diagnosis BUT, also… the prevalence of the result on the mechanic choice AND, even… the prevalence of knowledge and research on marketing TREAT your Patient! Don’t Sell an Appliance - Bob Ricketts
  29. 29. Bioprogressive Diagnostic Contribute to Orthodontics Cephalometry Functional Matrix Exam Muscular Diagnosis (EMG) Cone Beam Breathing Diagnosis
  30. 30. Our Contribute to Bioprogressive Diagnostic Flow The Use of PAT in Orthodontics
  31. 31. Methodological considerations and practical recommendations for the application of peripheral arterial tonometry in children and adolescents Bruyndonckx L, Radtke T, Eser P, Vrints CJ, Ramet J, Wilhelm M, Conraads VM. Int J Cardiol. 2013 Oct 9;168(4):3183-90 They conclude that Endo PAT which assesses microvascular function provides
 a non-invasive method which avoids the user dependence of flow-mediated dilation (FMD), which evaluates nitric oxide dependent vasodilation in large vessels
  32. 32. From Diagnosis to Mechanics…
  33. 33. The Functional Matrix Mechanics The Association of the Classic Bioprogressive Appliances with Functional Appliances
  34. 34. The System 21 3
  35. 35. Function Changes and…
  36. 36. Again…
  37. 37. We Are here for the Mechanic
  38. 38. Quad-Helix + Bi-Helix + Functional
  39. 39. The End
  40. 40. The Modern Concept of Early Treatment in Bioprogressive is “Act for an EASY Phase 2”
  41. 41. Early Treatment
  42. 42. Double Reshaping + Functional
  43. 43. Ready for Phase 2
  44. 44. Reshaping or The Quad-Helix
  45. 45. The Quad-Helix NO Quad NO Bioprogressive!
  46. 46. JCO Interviews Dr. Robert M. Ricketts on Early Treatment, Part 2 SIDNEY BRANDT JCO-VOLUME 13 : NUMBER 02 : PAGES (115-127) 1979 The Quad-Helix has born here!
  47. 47. In Adults “ALSO”
  48. 48. The Bioprogressive Reshaping
  49. 49. The Effect could be really dramatic
  50. 50. But not so Dangerous
  51. 51. The End in Mind Control your Mechanics for the Treatment Objectives
  52. 52. The Utility Arch in 2000s era
  53. 53. Utility Arch
  54. 54. Utility Arch
  55. 55. Utility Arch
  56. 56. Effects of mandibular incisor intrusion obtained using a conventional utility arch vs bone anchorage Esen Aydogdu; Omur Polat Ozsoy Angle Orthod. 2011;81:767–775 Incisor intrusion that was achieved using an implant-supported segmented archwire was no different than the movement achieved with a conventional intrusion utility arch. The only difference between the two methods was in the molar movement
  57. 57. How to Control the S.W.
  58. 58. Piggy Back Mechanics
  59. 59. Class 2 Mechanics
  60. 60. The End
  61. 61. The Mechanic Effect Of the Piggy-Back
  62. 62. Reshaping + Controlled S.W.
  63. 63. 21 Months Therapy
  64. 64. If I Have to mention ONE thing that is the Heritage of Bioprogressive I say “SUPERIMPOSITIONS” “Bob Ricketts”
  65. 65. Superimposition
  66. 66. Superimposition
 on Xi-Pm
  67. 67. Superimposition
 on Palatal Plane
  68. 68. Superimposition
 on Subnasal Vertical
  69. 69. Conclusions
  70. 70. The Bioprogressive The Principles of Bioprogressive are still the same The Mechanics Evolves according to the changes in the market The Mechanic System is not the main problem Is the “wanted” result the main goal in Bioprogressive