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How to market your business using classified ads


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How to market your business using classified ads

  1. 1. How to Market your Business using Classified Ads Classified ads have become a very popular advertising tool in today’sonline business market. There are millions of visitors searching classified adsdaily for products and services they require immediately or in the near future. It’sa great marketing strategy to take the time and advertise your company inclassified ads. There are many legitimate classified ad sites that are safe andfree from Spam. For instance, sites like Craigslist have various filters to verifyaccounts and prevent spamming. Plus, classified Ads are a great source forbuying products and services from local businesses. Most people rather shopfrom local businesses to support their community. New businesses can benefitfrom marketing their business using Classified Ads because they are usuallyfree; they get quick results, and can be reposted time to time. One drawback is that writing and registering multiple classified ads can betime consuming, but anyone can do it. There are some points to keep in mindwhen posting your classified ads: First, take the time to search through all classified ad sites, and post yourbusiness in the sections that are relevant to what your products and services are.For instance, if your company sells cars, you want to place your ad in the sectionthat is related to anything to do with cars and can potentially directs yourcustomers or potential customers to your ads. Also, business owners can embeda link in the ad to send the users back to their site. This is probably the greatesttool to build one way links back to your site and increase traffic to your business. Second, describe your products and services by taking the time to writecontent that is catchy and easy to read. For instance, write two versions of youradvertisement to see which one reads better. Most free classified ad sites onlyallow a brief section for writing or product description so you want to make sureit’s good. It will pay to have professionals write your ads so it stands out from therest. Third, include a picture next to your ads. A picture will show yourcustomers what they are getting. Most people will skip ads that don’t have apicture. Including a picture will show your potential customers what they aregetting and answer a lot of questions. Remember a picture is worth a thousandwords! Fourth, new ads are usually displayed on top of the list. Your ad from lastweek will probably get buried with thousands of others, so it’s best to repost yourad often to make sure you stay at top position as new ads are posted.
  2. 2. Finally, there are some disadvantages in placing classified ads. Youremail will be vulnerable to Spammers, so your junk-email will increase. Althoughsome sites allow you to anonymize your email address. You have to register witheach ad site, give out your personal information and remember lots ofpasswords. However the advantages of placing classified ads far outweigh thedisadvantages and you can eliminate them by hiring a professional to place andmaintain the ads for you for a nominal fee. Classified ads can be a greatmarketing tool for any established business or any business that’s just startingout and needs exposure on the internet without a big budget.