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Tutorial placing a sketch up model in google earth


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Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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Tutorial placing a sketch up model in google earth

  1. 1. zdesignT U T O R I A L S25042013Placing a SketchUp model in Google Earth . . .zernansuarez
  2. 2. How to place SketchUp model in Google EarthCreate your model1by : design_zernansuarezz
  3. 3. Add location2
  4. 4. Finding exact locationThe Add Location dialog box appears. This dialog box allowsyou to navigate a two-dimensional view of the world andfind a location for your model.Type the address in thesearch field and clickthe Search button.3
  5. 5. Click on the Select Region button.A cropped image of the location appears with four pins,one on each corner.Finding exact location4
  6. 6. Click the Grab button to grab the selected portion of theAdd Location image and place it in your model.Finding exact location5
  7. 7. A 2D image of the location is placed in SketchUp.This image is locked so that you cannot mistakenly delete it.Importing 2d image from google6
  8. 8. Reposition or rotate your model over the location.Actual Locationin GoogleRepositionand rotateReposition your Model7
  9. 9. Show terrainIn this scenario, automatically adjust the terrain8
  10. 10. Preview ModelClick on the Preview Model in Google Earth buttonto view your SketchUp models in Google Earth9
  11. 11. Preview Model10
  12. 12. Exporting Model to Google Earth11
  13. 13. Google Earth is launchedSketchUp creates a temporary file of your modeland places the model in Google Earth at the proper location.12
  14. 14. Close Google Earth then saveIn sketchup - Use the Share Model button to save your model to the3D Warehouse and submit it for inclusion in the Google Earth 3D Buildings Layer.13