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PSAS Dispatch June 2016


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PSAS Dispatch June 2016

  1. 1. Palawan welcomes animal and veterinary scientists and practitioners to the 52nd PSAS Scientific Seminar and Annual Convention VOL 54 Oct 2015 - May 2016 What’s Inside 03 2015 Scientific Paper and Poster Winners 05 People of Note 06 Message from the PSAS Immediate Past President 07 Message from the PSAS President 08 Photo Gallery 16 First Quarter Writeshops 20 First Lecture Series and Outreach Program, 2016 21 2016 PSAS Lecture Series Honoree 23 Around the Pasture 24 President’s Nook 25 Announcement 53rd PSAS Scientific Seminar and Annual Convention “Integrating Education, Research and Business towards a More Competitive Animal Industry” was at the heart of the 52nd Philippine Society of Animal Science’ Scientific Seminar and Annual Convention held on October 21 to 24, 2015 at the A&A Plaza Hotel, Puerto Princessa City, Palawan. Over two-hundred representatives from across the industry and academe came and participated. The annual event kicked off with a ribbon cutting ceremony led by Dr. Patricio S. Faylon, 2015 PSAS Lecture Series Honoree, PSAS President Dr. Jezie A. Acorda, Immediate past President Dr. Rosalina M. Lapitan, Vice president and President-elect Dr. Eric P Palacpac and Puerto Princesa City Veterinarian Dr. Juanito Pio L. Lledo. Provincial Board Member Albert Rama delivered the Welcome Remarks for the opening program on behalf of Palawan Governor Hon. Jose Ch. Alvarez. Meanwhile, Dr. Robert Lo (President and CEO of Fresh Options) and Dr. Cecilio Arboleda (Animal Breeding expert and former UPLB professor) presented their respective lectures during the plenary session (page2).
  2. 2. 2 A total of fifteen competing and twenty-three non- competing papers were presented as well as eleven posters were exhibited during the course of the scientific sessions Introductory practical courses were conducted during the last day of the event with topics such as, “Raw materials quality, deterioration and effects on animal performance” by Ms. Ma. Mercedes C. Buyoc of MCB Animal Feed and Supplement Enterprise; “Silage making and feed budgeting” delivered by Mr. Jose C. Canaria of the Philippine Carabao Center (PCC). Other topics discussed were “Ultrasonography: examination and interpretation”, “Interpreting thoracic radiography in dogs and cats” and “Practical introductory course to DNA sequencing and phylogenetic analysis” presented by Dr. Jezie A. Acorda, Dr. Karlo Romano B. Gicana and Dr. Dennis V. Umali, respectively, of the College of Veterinary Medicine, U.P Los Baños. During the closing ceremony, Dr. Jezie A. Acorda, PSAS President 2014-2015 turned over the symbols of responsibility to Dr. Eric P. Palacpac, the incoming PSAS President. The 2015 PSAS Awardees as well as the winners of the best papers and posters were presented during the closing ceremony. Dr. Edwin C. Atabay of PCC was bestowed the PSAS-BOUNTY AGRO VENTURES, INC. Distinguished Researcher in Veterinary Science Award; the PSAS-EQUALIVET INC. Outstanding Professional in Animal Science Extension was awarded to Dr. Mary Jean Garsuta-Bulatao of ASC-UPLos Banos; Ms. Aubrey Joy M. Balbin of ISU was presented the PSAS-UNAHCO Outstanding Young Professional in Animal Science award and the PSAS Outstanding Animal Farm Manager was given to Dr. Julius V. Abela of PCC-VSU. The scientific paper and poster winners are shown in in page 3. (MGBulatao)
  3. 3. Disease and Diagnostics: COMPARATIVE ANTIHYPERGLYCEMIC ACTIVITY OF SERPENTINA (Andrographis paniculata) AND PAPAIT (Mollugo oppositifolia Linn) AQUEOUS EXTRACTS IN ALLOXAN-INDUCED DIABETIC MICE Kimberly M. Visaya, Karina Marie G. Nicolas and Emmanuel R. Cauinian Nutrition EFFECT OF ACTIVATED INSULIN-LIKE GROWTH FACTOR I (IGF-I) ON REPRODUCTIVE PERFORMANCE OF LACTATING SOWS Francis Carlo C. Reyes, Jose Karlo M. Cardona, Emily P. Angeles, Anthony Francis S. Regaspi, Veneranda A. Magpantay, Soleil A. Cabigting, Niño Jesus G. Bagui, Baby Helen I. Briones and Lucilo M. Plata Medicine and Surgery EFFECTS OF NEMATOPHAGOUS FUNGI Duddingtonia flagrans AS BIOLOGICAL CONTROL AGAINST COMMON STRONGYLE ROUNDWORMS OF BUFFALOES (Bubalus bubalis) Toni Rose M. Barroga, Therese Marie A. Collantes and Claro N. Mingala 2015 Scientific Paper and Poster Winners Applied Research Category AUTOMATIC IDENTIFICATION OF ANIMAL BREEDS AND SPECIES USING BIOACOUSTICS AND ARTIFICIAL NEURAL NETWORKS Jaderick P. Pabico, Anne Muriel V. Gonzales, Mariann Jocel S. Villanueva and Arlene A. Mendoza Production and Processing Category EFFECTS OF FEEDING CORN-SOYA REPLACER MEAL ON PERFORMANCE AND CARCASS CHARACTERISTICS OF BROILER CHICKENS AND GROWING-FINISHING PIGS WITH OR WITHOUT ANTIBIOTIC GROWTH PROMOTERS SUPPLEMENTATION Amado A. Angeles, Aira Therese A. Aguirre, Julienne Maria Undine Paz A. Hurtada, Nelia F. Carandang, Rodeza Kristine C. Cordoves and Elpidio M. Agbisit, Jr. Undergraduate Thesis Category GENOTYPIC FREQUENCY ANALYSIS OF MX GENE AS CANDIDATE MARKER FOR DISEASE RESISTANCE OF SIX GENETIC GROUPS OF PHILIPPINE NATIVE CHICKEN (Gallus gallus domesticus l.) Joshua David A. Valdez and Agapita J. Salces Scientific Poster Category ENDOCRINE DISRUPTION IN FERAL MALE CARP (Cyprinus carpio) FROM LAGUNA DE BAY Michelle Grace V. Paraso, Angelo A. Clavecillas, Ma. Suzanneth Epifania G. Lola and Justinne Kaye Morales Breeding and Genetics Category GENETIC VARIATION AND RELATIONSHIPS AMONG VISAYAN NATIVE CHICKEN GENETIC GROUPS BOHOLANO AND DARAG (Gallus gallus L.) Medino Gedeun N. Yebron, Jr., Agapita J. Salces and Jorge Michael D. Dominguez 3
  4. 4. 2015 PSAS Standing Awardees Dr. Mary Jean G. Bulatao of UPLos Banos - 2015 PSAS- Equalivet, Inc. Outstanding Professional in Animal Science Extension Dr. Julius V. Abela of Visayas State University - 2015 PSAS Outstanding Farm Manager Dr. Edwin C. Atabay of Philippine Carabao Center - 2015 PSAS-Bountry Agro Ventures, Inc. Distinguished Researcher in Veterinary Science Ms. Aubrey Joy M. Balbin of Isabela State University - 2015 PSAS-UNAHCO Outstanding Young Professional in Animal Science 4
  5. 5. (Article lifted from the 52nd PSAS Scientific Seminar and Annual Convention Souvenir Program) DR. PATRICIO S. FAYLON served as the Executive Director of the Philippine Council for Agriculture, Aquatic and Natural Resources Research and Development, a planning council of the Department of Science and Technology (PCAARRD- DOST) from August 1999 until January 2015, holding this position for fifteen (15) years. He rose from the ranks, having been a program specialist, director of the Livestock Research Division, and Deputy Executive Director for Research and Development of PCAARRD. As ED, he was responsible for leading the Philippine National Agriculture and Aquatic Resources Research System in the formulation of framework, thrusts and programs for the development of the agriculture, aquatic and natural resources sectors, as well as generation and allocation of funds for this purpose. His quality leadership has enabled the council to attain the ISO 9001:2008 certification and the Philippine Quality Award – Level 1. He was also recognized for having developed and maintained extensive linkages with international and local organizations, allowing the council to sustain its resource generation activities. It was under his administration that the Council’s Techno Gabay Program, an agricultural extension modality, spread and was embraced by the local government units throughout the country. Funds for PCAARRD S&T programs tremendously increased under his leadership. He worked briefly with the Department of Agriculture in various capacities: as the Executive Director of the Livestock Development Council where he spearheaded the formulation of comprehensive policy guidelines for the development of the livestock industry; as program director of the Makamasa Livestock Program where he led in the formulation programs designed to accelerate and/or expand viable livestock projects; and as head of the Minimum Access Volume (MAV) Secretariat that implemented the policies, guidelines and procedures on MAV and recommended MMC the allocations of qualified MAV licensees, approved the MAV import certificate. Dr. Faylon was chair, adviser, member and consultant in various committees and programs, internal and external to PCAARRD. He led the Los Baños Science Community Foundation, Inc. (LBSCFI) from 2000 to 2005. He also chaired the Regional Network on Plant Genetic Resources, based at International Plant Genetic Resources Institute, Malaysia in 2001. He was a member of the Planning Committee tasked to update the Philippine Medium Term Development Plan in 2001. He was also a member of the Policy Advisory Council of the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR) from 2002 until 2011. Dr. Faylon served as technical consultant, project leader, coordinator and member to different programs and management audit committees, local and international; served as a member of various Boards of Trustees, and review team of international centers, CGIAR, regional centers of excellence and SEA national agricultural research centers (NARS). The PCAARRD Executive Director has led researches, and presented to various international and local conferences, symposia and workshops over 80 scientific and technical papers with topics ranging from biotechnology R&D in agriculture to good agricultural practices and technology delivery program. Most of these papers were also published in scientific journals and books. A Gawad Career Executive Service (CES) Awardee in 2010 and recipient of the University of the Philippines Alumni Association (UPAA) Most Distinguished Alumni Award for S&T in 2012, Dr. Faylon was also conferred with numerous scholarships/honors/awards from different institutions, associations and universities. Dr. Faylon / to page 20 PEOPLE OF NOTE DR. PATRICIO S. FAYLON 2015 PSAS Lecture Honoree 5
  6. 6. A Message from the Immediate Past President DR. JEZIE A. ACORDA (Farewell speech of PSAS Immediate Past President JA Acorda during the Closing Ceremony of the 52nd PSAS Annual Convention) A pleasant evening to everyone! When times are good, be happy; but when times are bad, consider: God has made the one as well as the other. Therefore, a man cannot discover anything about his future. Ecc 7:14 It is both with sadness and joy that I stand here in front of you giving my last message as your President. Sadness because I am about to leave the PSAS Governing Council after serving first as Council Member in 1999, as Editor in chief of the Philippine Journal of Veterinary and Animal Sciences from 2000-2001 and then from 2009-2013, then as your Vice-President last year and your President this year. In fact, I grew fond of my stint in the Governing Council that I hesitated running for vice-president because I thought to myself that I have to leave the Council after three years. Truly, the years I have spent in the Governing Council are times of growth in relationships, in my career and personal life. It was really a great privilege, challenge and joy to work together with brilliant and hard-working members of the Society. But it is also with joy that I relinquish the helm of the presidency knowing that the Society is in God’s good grace. Although it saddens me not to see many of the outstanding and brilliant senior stalwarts of our Society, I am happy to know that we have more than enough young blood in our new members to take their place. I am thankful to God for the vision that He has given us which is being pursued by our leadership in the Governing Council. I praise God also for our financial growth, reaching almost P2 million in our ending balance for the past fiscal year. As I leave the leadership of the Society, I see two challenges which I believe the next leadership should pursue. The first is to continue to reach out to our membership all over the country. We have done this through outreach program, lecture series, writeshops and coordinating with our Regional Chapters. I pray that we may continue to do this. I invite those who desire to conduct writeshops in research design and writing scientific articles for publication or other trainings, workshops and seminars, to coordinate with the Governing Council. We really want to help you in whatever way we can. I hope that we also will continue to strengthen our Regional Chapters. In addition, I hope that our website and membership directory may truly function to help our members link with other members of the Society for collaboration in education, research and business. The second challenge is to continue recruiting veterinarians in our Society. It is an unspoken fact that veterinarians in the PSAS Convention comprise only around 20-30% of the participants, which amounts to only about 60-90 people in 300 attendees. The Philippine Veterinary Medical Association, on the other hand, easily holds its Conventions with around 1,500 participants. Our Society which consists of both Animal Scientists and Veterinarians should theoretically have more participants than that. I believe that the past leadership, particularly the veterinarians, have tried to address this issue. How do we attract more veterinarians in the Society? When we surveyed why many veterinarians do not attend PSAS convention, one consistent answer was, “I thought that PSAS is only for animal scientists”. Perhaps, we need more effort to promote our Society to Veterinarians. Or perhaps, it is about time to do a radical thing, like changing the name of our society to Philippine Society of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, just like our journal to attract veterinarians. There have been good times and there have been bad times, but God has always been on my side. And I praise God for giving me a partner to comfort me and support me and remind me that this is not my battle, but God’s. To Him be all the glory forevermore. Thank you very much and good evening! 6
  7. 7. A Message from the PSAS President DR. ERIC P. PALACPAC (Acceptance speech of PSAS President EP Palacpac during the Closing Ceremony of the 52nd PSAS Annual Convention) It is with great privilege and humility that I am accepting the responsibility passed on to me by Dr. Jezie Acorda whose qualities as a leader and as immediate past president of PSAS are truly admirable. I appreciate very much the trust that the society bestowed on me when I was elected or should I say selected by a very influential mafia (kidding aside) last year as vice president and incoming president. Many of you know me personally or at least heard of me. But I’m sure many of you are also wondering, who is this guy? Bakit lagi siyang pinapalakpakan? Why all of a sudden he is the PSAS president? I can’t blame you if you feel that way. I also feel the same. So you’re not alone. Kidding aside, probably there is a justifiable reason why I am delivering this message right now and rest assure that I and my fellow officers will live up to the tradition of excellence and relevance that the PSAS stands for. I was a fresh graduate from UPLB when I first joined the society in 1988 and later became a life member. It was during one of the PSAS conventions when I first encountered the name Dr. Libertado Cruz, a very prolific researcher that time and, soon, also became a PSAS president. Little did I know that he will be my boss at PCC for the next 20 years. Now, he is retired from the government service but I still look up to him as my mentor when it comes to research administration. So, thank you Dr. Cruz. Dr. Acorda’s slogan last year was “One Heart One Quest”. In Tagalog, Isang Puso Isang Paglalakbay o Paghahanap o Pakikipagsapalaran. But the essence of that slogan is unity and cohesiveness among us members of the society in the pursuit of its mission. I intend to carry on the same slogan but with an adage, “One Heart One Quest One Victory”. A successful or triumphant outcome of our quest as a united society will complete the picture. And we should focus on achieving the success indicators of our planned activities and have an optimistic perspective. Along this line, I will continue the noble activities of the society that its previous leaderships have started. But during my term as President, I will particularly focus on pursuing the following: 1. Catalyze the revisiting of SUC curriculum related to producing more quality and innovative researches in the animal and veterinary sciences 2. Include a category of “Development” in the scientific sessions during the annual convention for meaningful projects that are applied in approach. 3. Reinvigorate the local chapters and let each chapter has an automatic seat in the GC. 4. Organize lecture series and outreach programs which will give more impact to the end users particularly to the animal industry players 5. Strengthen the recruitment of more members from the SUCs and also from the government and private entities. 6. Review and revise appropriately some of the criteria for the standing awards to make them more competitive and equitable 7. Strengthen linkage and foster specific collaborations with local and foreign organizations of relevant interests. 8. Work out the necessary steps towards the indexing of PJVAS by Thomson Reuters. One year may be too short for all these plans to bear fruits. But I am certain that with the General Assembly, its Governing Council, and animal industry partners, the PSAS will remain as it is, a Society that thrives on its excellent people and its noble purpose for being. Let us join hands and brains to make our vision for the Society a reality. I thank my family for the inspiration, my colleagues at PCC for the support and motivation, and the PSAS General Assembly for the rare opportunity to lead and serve the Society. God bless us all! 7
  8. 8. Photo Gallery Registration Opening / Plenary / Business Meeting 8
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  12. 12. Closing Ceremony 3 9 Photo Gallery 12
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  14. 14. 11 PSAS New Life and Regular MembersPhoto Gallery 14
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  16. 16. 10 1st Quarter Writeshops 16 The Philippine Society of Animal Science conducted two writeshops (writing workshops) in the first quarter of 2016. The PSAS has been at the forefront in conducting writeshops to provide researchers with articles for publication in refereed scientific journals The first leg of “Writeshop on Writing Scientific Articles for Publication” was held last January 29 to 30, 2016 at the Cagayan Valley Agriculture, Aquatic and Resources Research Development (CVAARRD) Complex, Isabela State University (ISU), Echague, Isabela. This event was hosted and co-sponsored by CVAARRD under the leadership of its Executive Director and former PSAS President Dr. William Medrano. Thirteen Animal Scientists and Veterinarians attended the writeshop. Five of the participants are regular PSAS members and one is a new member. Dr. Jezie A. Acorda, the principal lecturer was assisted by the facilitators: Drs. Marianne Leila S. Flores, Girlie May Acorda, Karlo Romano B. Gicana, and Mary Jean G. Bulatao. The second leg of the same writeshop was held last March 18 to 19 in Sultan Kudarat State University (SKSU), Takurong City, Sultan Kudarat. It was co- sponsored by SKSU under the leadership of its President Dr. Rolando F. Hechanova. Twenty-two faculty and staff from all across the SKSU attended the two-day event. Seven of them signed up to join the PSAS. The PSAS Writeshop team then travelled to Visayas State University at Baybay City, Leyte last 25-26 April 2016 to conduct the third writeshop for the year. This time the activity was co-sponsored by the PSAS-Visayas Chapter under the leadership of her President, Dr. Julius V. Abela. The team, composed of Dr. JA Acorda, Dr. KRB Gicana, Ms GM Acorda and Dr. MLS Flores coached a total of 27 participants including 11 PSAS members. During the writeshops, Philippine Journal of Veterinary and Animal Science (PJVAS) Editor-in- Chief, Dr. MLS Flores turned over several journals of the PJVAS to CVAARRD and SKSU to serve as references for the participants. (Adapted from the report of Dr. MLS Flores)
  17. 17. Isabela State University Name Research Interest 1. Dr. Oliva M. Gaffud* Animal Science 2. Dr. Norberto N. Tadeo* Animal Science 3. Mr. Velmore Abellera* Animal Science 4. Mr. Mark Joker L . Marcos Animal Science 5. Mr. Juan S. Daquioag Animal Science 6. Mr. Rogelio T. Tamayo Animal Science 7. Ms. Lorelei B. Agcanas Communication 8. Mr. Cipriano M. Ticman Jr Crop Science 9. Dr. Isagani P. Angeles** Fisheries 10. Dr. Biley E. Temanel Rural Development 11. Dr. Karina Marie G. Nicolas* Veterinary Medicine 12. Dr. Vernadyn A. Morillo* Veterinary Medicine 13. Mr. Roger Medrano *PSAS Members; **New PSAS member Writeshop Participants 17
  18. 18. Sultan Kudarat State University Name Research Interest 1. Dr. Ne B. Velasco* Animal Science/ Vet Med 2. Prof. Eufemia S. Dampil Food Science 3. Dr. Hubaida A. Mamalinta Peace and Development 4. Dr. Alicia V. Sambrano Crop Science 5. Dr. Julie E. Albano Biology 6. Dr. Elvie V. Diaz Environmental Science 7. Dr. Dolorcia E. Pauya Educational Management 8. Prof. Adelaida R. Matilos Language Education 9. Mrs. Carmela Camila B. Urbano Nursing 10. Mrs. Henrisa P. Aparis Agribusiness 11. Prof. Gemma A. Constantino Marine Biodiversity 12. Dr. Mildred F. Accad Extension Education 13. Mrs. Iril I. Panes Nursing 14. Dr. Rodelyn M. Dalayap** Biology 15. Dr. Marissa C. Hitalia** Extension Education 16. Prof. Benedict A. Rabut** Information Technology 17. Dr. Mitos D. Delco** Extension Education 18. Dr Siony S. Brunio** Extension Education 19. Mrs. Cherrylou B. Magbanua Physical Education 20. Ms. Edralin A. Dayatan English 21. Mrs. Ma. Rhodora R. Gallo** Information Technology 22. Engr. Alexes N. Gallo** Electronics & Communications Engineering Writeshop Participants *PSAS Member **New PSAS Member 18
  19. 19. Visayas State University Writeshop Participants *PSAS Member; **New PSAS Member;  Writeshop non-participant 19 Participant Research Interest 1. Dr. Julius V. Abela* Animal Science 2. Ms.Elenita A. Espinosa* Animal Science 3. Ms. Mary Jane D. Alacio* Animal Science 4. Dr. Feleciano R. Bejar* Animal Science 5. Mr. Manuel D. Gacutan, Jr* Animal Science 6. Dr. Clarita E. Morbos* Animal Science 7. Mr. Edgar S. Nuñez* Animal Science 8. Mr. Eric B. Posas* Animal Science 9. Mr.Johnson T. Royo, Jr.* Agribusiness 10. Dr. Emerson P. Tapdasan* Veterinary Medicine 11. Mrs. Ginas Aurea A. Villagonzalo* Animal Science 12. Ms. Almira May F. Aunzo** General Science 13. Mr. Clyde S. Blanco** Marine Biology 14. Ms. Fatima A. Cardenas** Environmental Science 15. Ms. Maria Fe A. Camaso** General Science 16. Mr. Llyod Clifford R. Gonido** General Science 17. Mrs. Celeste L. Maghuyop** General Science 18. Mrs. Rochelle Heidee D. Ybañez** Food Hygiene/ Parasitology 19. Mrs. Arlene Joy S. Bacsan Chemistry 20. Mr. Renato F. Briones Forestry 21. Ms. Ma. Rose de Lima C. Gerebise Animal Science 22. Ms. Hazel R. Ensoy Animal Science 23. Dr. Ivy Fe M. Lopez Veterinary Medicine 24. Ms. Ma. Teresa Malayao Manito Development Communication 25. Ms. Ma. Emma Suzette Q. Membrebe Animal Science 26. Ms. Carmel Krishna W. Moreno Animal Science 27. Ms. Jonna Gofredo 28. Dr. Anna Lou C. Cabuenas**
  20. 20. First Lecture Series and Outreach Program, 2016 Philippine Carabao Center, National Headquarters and Gene Pool, Science City of Munoz, Nueva Ecija The 1st PSAS Lecture Series and Outreach Program were held last March 29, 2016 at PCC Headquarters in Muñoz, Nueva Ecija. This year’s theme is on Increasing productivity through effective parasite control with 2016 PSAS Honoree Professor Salcedo L. Eduardo. The lecture series aimed at empowering farmers and other livestock stakeholders in enhancing their production efficiency through sound and effective parasite control programs in their herd. Dr Arnel Del Barrio, PCC Executive Director, delivered his welcome remarks with emphasis on the significant collaboration of various institutions in delivering science to different communities. This can assist and guide the farmers towards better productivity. There were two invited speakers in the morning session to discuss parasite control measures in the herd. The first speaker, Dr. Virginia M. Venturina of the College of Veterinary Science and Medicine, focused on the important parasites in herd health management of ruminants. Meanwhile, the second speaker, Dr Elizabeth Molina from University of Southern Mindanao discussed the techniques and updates on parasite control measures. This year’s lecture series was in in partnership with Philippine Carabao Center through its PCC Animal Medical Mission program. It was attended by almost 100 participants comprising of students, farmers, technical personnel, faculty and various livestock stakeholders. The afternoon session included the outreach and medical mission program in nearby communities. Several teams were dispatched to villages for free deworming, vitamin supplementation and rabies vaccination of different animals. (KRBGicana) Dr. Faylon/from page 5 Most notable are the following: Research Management Award, Crop Science Society of the Philippines (2006); Research Leadership Excellence Award, Philippine Association of Research Managers, Inc. PHILARM (2006); Pisang Raja Award, International Network for the Improvement of Banana and Plantain (INIBAP) and Banana Asia Pacific Network (BAPNET) (2005); Outstanding Citizen for Science and Technology, Los Banos, Laguna (2005); and Distinguished Alumnus Award for Management of R/DE Programs (2002) of UPLB. Born on March 17, 1951, Dr. Faylon obtained his BS Agriculture degree major in Animal Science at the University of the Philippines Los Baños (UPLB). He pursued his MS major in Ruminant Nutrition/Production Economics at the University of Illinois at Urbana- Champaign, in the USA and his Ph.D in Ruminant Nutrition and Physiology/ Meat Processing also at UPLB. 20
  21. 21. This year’s PSAS Honoree has contributed significantly in undertaking sound control measures in conservation, agriculture and public health. His immense contribution in science and technology earned him the very prestigious and highly coveted recognition as one of the Academician of the Philippine National Academy of Science and Technology. As a man of science, he demonstrated tireless effort and unwavering commitment in making research available and accessible to various industry stakeholders. Dr. Salcedo L. Eduardo earned his DVM degree, magna cum laude, from Gregorio Araneta University Foundation. He later earned his Master of Science from the University of the Philippines and Doctor of Philosophy from University of London. He did his Post Graduate Research in Parasitology at the Institute of Parasitology, School of Veterinary Medicine, Hannover, Germany. He later pursued his Post Doctoral Fellowship at the Swedish Museum of Natural History, Stockholm, Sweden and Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom. His field of interest is on Parasitology with numerous discoveries of new genera and species of parasites under his name. He published numerous articles, books and proceedings in conferences in this particular field. Because of his immense work in science, he was elected to various professional organizations and Honor Societies including the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene and Royal Microscopical Society of United Kingdom. He became a member of various scientific editorial boards, scientific organizations and technical committees. 2016 PSAS Lecture Series Honoree Dr. Salcedo L. Eduardo, DVM, PhD Dr Eduardo is currently a Professor Emeritus at the College of Veterinary Medicine, University of the Philippines Los Baños where he continuously engages in scientific works. (KRCGicana) 21 Message...PSAS President/ from page 24 National Scientific Seminar and Annual Convention (NSSAC) We have chosen the Heritage Hotel Manila in Pasay City as our venue for the 53rd PSAS-SSAC on October 20-21, 2016. This is a sort of a homecoming for the PSAS as Heritage Hotel has been a perennial venue for the society’s conventions during the 1990s and early 2000s. This year’s theme is aptly titled “Opportunities and Challenges for the Philippine Animal Industry in a Borderless ASEAN”, in anticipation of the ASEAN economic integration. All these accomplishments and planned activities are testimonies that the society and its participating members are indeed very much alive and enthusiastic! Let’s continue to be so as there’s still much work to do. My heartfelt thanks to the PSAS GC, all active members, and most of all to the God Almighty for making these noble undertakings possible.
  22. 22. President ERIC P. PALACPAC, PhD Council Member ADRIAN P. YBAÑEZ, PhD Vice-President & President-Elect LUZVIMINDA T. SIMBORIO, PhD Council Member JENNY A. HORNILLA, BS Secretary MICHELLE M. BALBIN, DVM Council Member CHARLES YUEN LIM Treasurer IONE G. SARMAGO, BS Council Member ELMER VINGUA, DVM Auditor MAFEO B. BEJO, PhD Council Member WILFREDO J. NELMIDA, PhD Council Member KARLO ROMANO B. GICANA, MSc Council Member MARIA LUZ L. SORIANO, PhD Council Member JULIUS V. ABELA, PhD Immediate Past President JEZIE A. ACORDA, PhD Council Member LOURDES ERSANDO, DVM Editor-in-Chief, PJVAS MARIANNE LEILA S. FLORES, MHA Council Member MARY JEAN G. BULATAO, PhD Editor, PSAS Dispatch MARY JEAN G. BULATAO, PhD The PSAS OFFICERS, 2015-2016 22
  23. 23. Around the Pasture: Local PSAS Chapter Updates Mindanao a) PSAS-Mindanao Chapter meeting at the Poolside, Central Mindanao University, Musuan, Bukidnon. From left to right: Dr. Antonio Obsioma (Vice President), Dr. Maria Luz L. Soriano (President), Ms. Luz Elda Ramos (R-11 Representative); b) with Dr. Jane Tranquilan (Representative, PCC - Marawi City). a b Events What: “Writeshop on Writing Scientific Articles for Publication” When: June 7-8, 2016 Venue: Malagos Garden Resort Malagos, Davao City What : PSAS Mindanao Regional Convention When : June 9-10, 2016 Venue: Brokenshire Hotel Resort, Madapo, Davao City Registration fee: Php 2,500.00 covering food and accommodation for June 9 and 10. 23 EDITORIAL BOARD Editor-in-Chief Documentation Contributors Layout Mary Jean G. Bulatao Mafeo B. Bejo, Girlie May S. Acorda, Karlo Romano B. Gicana Charles Frank Caramihan Karlo Romano B. Gicana Marianne Leila S. Flores Maria Luz L. Soriano
  24. 24. President’s Nook: A Message from the PSAS President 24 My warmest greetings to all avid readers of PSAS Dispatch! First, allow me to thank Dr. Jean Bulatao for taking over the reins of our official newsletter as its new Editor-in-Chief. My hats off also to Dr. Leila Flores who held the position for several years (She is now the Editor-in-Chief of PJVAS, our scientific journal). Let me share with you some of the exciting things that happened since our last General Assembly in Puerto Princesa. Indeed, the year 2016 has a lot instore for us. A geographic mix of PSAS-GC for 2015-2016 I am glad that the current officials and members of the PSAS Governing Council (GC) are quite a good representation of expertise and leadership from across the country. This was made possible by the election of Dr. Luzviminda Simborio (Vice Chancellor for Research of the Central Mindanao University) and Dr. Adrian Ybañez (Senior Lecturer of the University of the Philippines Cebu) as Vice President and GC member, respectively. Moreover, the General Assembly approved the automatic GC seats for the Presidents of the PSAS Local Chapters in Mindanao, Visayas, Cagayan Valley, Ilocos, and Bicol. They joined yours truly and nine others from the various academic and livestock research institutions in Southern and Central Luzon to plan and oversee the PSAS affairs and activities for 2016. So far, we have been busy “cooking and serving” our members, animal industry partners, and other stakeholders. Writeshops, Lecture Series, and Outreach Programs We have continued the conduct of writeshops to improve the skills of our budding researchers in publishing articles in refereed scientific journals. So far, three writeshops hosted by Isabela State University (Echague, Isabela), Sultan Kudarat State University (Tacurong, Sultan Kudarat), and Visayas State University (Baybay City, Leyte) have been facilitated successfully by a team led by Dr. Leila Flores (PJVAS Editor-in-Chief) and Dr. Jezie Acorda (immediate past President of PSAS). These writeshops have benefited some 63 participants, 33 of which are PSAS members. With Dr. Karlo Gicana at the helm of the Lecture Series, we have selected Dr. Salcedo Eduardo, professor emeritus and eminent parasitologist from CVM-UPLB, as this year’s honoree. Guided by this year’s theme “Increasing productivity through effective parasite control”, the first leg of the Lecture Series was hosted by the Philippine Carabao Center (PCC), Science City of Muñoz, Nueva Ecija while the next will be hosted by Mariano Marcos State University (MMSU) in Batac, Ilocos Norte sometime this June. Likewise, outreach programs that involves vaccination, vitamin administration, and deworming of livestock and small animals usually accompany each leg of the lecture series, with the first one held at the Brgy. Licaong, Science City of Muñoz, Nueva Ecija. New Memberships Following the series of activities that started in January 2016, a total of 26 new members (25 regular and one life) has been registered to the society. We expect to have more in the next few months leading to the annual national convention in October. Reinvigorating the Local Chapters The PSAS-GC is continuously engaging with the local chapters to spearhead meaningful activities this year. Three have committed to conduct their respective Scientific Conventions in June (for PSAS-Mindanao Chapter), July (for PSAS-Visayas Chapter), and August (for PSAS-Cagayan Valley Chapter). The PSAS-Ilocos Chapter, as mentioned earlier, has initially indicated their interest to host the second leg of the lecture series at MMSU. We are also endeavouring to reactivate the PSAS Bicol Chapter. Message...PSAS President/ to page 21
  25. 25. THE PHILIPPINE SOCIETY OF ANIMAL SCIENCE 53rd PSAS Scientific Seminar and Annual Convention The Heritage Hotel Manila Roxas Boulevard corner Edsa, Pasay, 1300 October 20-21, 2016 CALL FOR SCIENTIFIC PAPERS AND POSTERS Please submit to Dr. Marianne Leila S. Flores by 15 July 2016 (competing) or 15 August 2016 (non-competing) to this email address: Categories: • Anatomy, Physiology and Biochemistry • Biotechnology (Reproduction, Health, Nutrition) • Breeding and Genetics • Development (NEW CATEGORY!!!) • Diseases and Diagnostics • Medicine and Surgery • Nutrition • Production and Processing • Socio-economics • Undergraduate thesis REGISTRATION FEES •Life Member P 5,000.00 •Regular Member P 5,300.00 •New Member P 5,600.00 •Student P 3,500.00 •Accompanying Guest P 3,500.00 * Competing paper presenters - Free Excluding accommodations Payments can be made to: The Philippine Society of Animal Science bank accounts in either of the following: Philippine National Bank UPLB SA No. 3691-1270-0024. Land Bank of the Philippines UPLB SA No. 1891-0494-43 CALL FOR NOMINATIONS TO THE STANDING AWARDS Please submit your nominations to Dr. Jezie A. Acorda ( ) by 31August 2016. Letters of nomination, completed nomination form and supporting documents should be received by the Chair of the Committee on Standing Awards not later than 31 August 2016. Selection Guidelines and Nomination Form can be downloaded at www.psas- or emailed upon request. For more information, please visit https://philippinesocietyofanimalscience.wordpress. com/ or join us on Telfax: (049) 5366901; 5362547; 5363423 Mobile 0915-364-7232 Email PSAS Distinguished Fellow PSAS Distinguished Veterinarian/Animal Scientist PSAS Outstanding Teacher in Veterinary/Animal Science PSAS Distinguished Researcher in Veterinary/ Animal Science PSAS Outstanding Animal Nutritionist PSAS Outstanding Professional in Veterinary/ Animal Science Extension PSAS Outstanding Entrepreneur in Veterinary/ Animal Science PSAS Outstanding Animal Farm Manager PSAS Outstanding Young Professional in Veterinary/ Animal Science Teaching PSAS Outstanding Young Professional in Veterinary/ Animal Science Research PSAS Outstanding Young Professional in Veterinary/ Animal Science Extension Honorary Membership to PSAS Theme: “Opportunities and Challenges for the Philippine Animal Industry in a Borderless ASEAN” 25
  26. 26. 26