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Proposal for final year project


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Proposal for final year project

  1. 1. Qamarul Arifin bin Haji Affandy Marine Group A ND1
  2. 2.  Introduction Definition How does it work? How it is made? The advantage?
  3. 3. What is Hydroelectric generation? An electric rotating machine that transforms mechanical power from a hydraulic turbine or water wheel into electric power. Hydro power is the process of changing the kinetic energy of flowing water in a river into electrical power that we can use
  4. 4.  Hydroelectric power, or hydroelectricity, is generated by the force of falling water. Water is needed to run a hydroelectric power- generating unit. Electricity is produced by spinning electromagnets within a generator’s wire coil that creates a flow of electrons. Most hydroelectric stations use either the natural drop of the river or build a dam across the river to raise the water level
  5. 5.  The generator will consist of two main parts: -The stator (this part is not moving and it is equipped with coils of wire to collect electricity) -The rotor (the rotor is the part that moves and has some powerful magnets that will induce electricity in the coils)
  6. 6.  The two templates that contain the rotor and stator scheme must be cut and attached to the front and back of the cardboardAttaching the Stator 4 coils that are to be attached on the cardboard(200 turns) Arrange the coils on the cardboard according to the template scheme (the windings alternate between clockwise and counter clockwise)
  7. 7. Attaching the Rotor 4 strong magnets to be attached on the Rotor template. Mark the south pole on two of the magnet and the north pole of the remaining two. The magnets should be arranged on the template so that their polarity alternates (N-S- N-S) The turbine : A cork and 8 plastic spoons are needed to make the turbine.
  8. 8.  Generator body and Final Assembly Find a plastic tank to attach the rotor, the stator and the small turbine. After you find the center of the tank, make a hole in that place (6mm) . All that is need now is a stream of water so that the turbine to spin continuously as long as there is water to drive it. ( to produce electiricity)
  9. 9.  IS IT RENEWABLE No pollution or waste produced Renewable energy source Very reliable energy source Environmental friendly The budget required on making this small scale hydro electric generator is only around $60- $150 .