Stetson rowing FIRA


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The accompanying slideshow for the FIRA story

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Stetson rowing FIRA

  1. 1. Stetson Rowing
  2. 2. The Novice Womens 8 rigs their boat for their race on Friday April 5th. Riggers are themetal struts protruding from the sides of the boat. Riggers hold the oar in place with thehelp of the oar lock, the square shaped object at the end of the rigger.
  3. 3. Freshman Katie Schilling helps rig the boats before race day on Friday. This shot was takenthrough an oar lock of a previously attached rigger.
  4. 4. Subway sandwiches were provided for the team before the races started Friday afternoon.
  5. 5. Stetson Freshman Savanna Lake prepares to remove the oars, and take the boat out of thewater after her race.
  6. 6. A spectator rides along the race course with his child. It’s common for coaches to follow more important races on bicycles because it allows thecoach to see the entire race, and look for areas of improvement in his boat. Usually the spectator areas are situated near the finish line, andspectators are only able to see the end of a race.
  7. 7. Stetson Freshman, and member of the StetsonRowing Team, Taylor Urquhart-Dover volunteersto hold the red flag at the finish line. The flag iswaved whenever a boat crosses the finish line.
  8. 8. Parents and fans of the many teams wait near the end of the race course to see the results of the races.Nathan Benderson Park, the course where FIRA’s took place is unique in that it has sandy beaches.
  9. 9. The Womens Varsity Eight race nears its end. Stetson University ispictured in the far lane, and finished in last place.
  10. 10. Each team waits for the results of the awards presentation. Stetson took home one gold medal for the Women’sVarsity Double, one silver medal for the Men’s Varsity Pair, and one Silver Medal for the Novice Men’s Single.
  11. 11. Stetson Rowing Coach Mark Wilson helps strap the boats to the trailer for the ride back fromSarasota, FL.