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Zephyr Es Draft 99

  1. 1. Financial Technologies Sector: Software, Financial Intelligence Platform Under Development: Zephyrnet Stage: Round A Legal: Roberts Ritholz Levy Sanders Chidekel & Fields www.robritlaw.com Contact: David Chidekel/Peter Fields Tel: (212) 448-1800 chidekel@robritlaw.com Zephyrnet Zephyr’s Web Based platform creates a completely new 360° environment to access and analyze global financial data. The system design, architecture and marketing solution fuses together real time financial data (pricing, charts, analytic tools etc.) via specific data streams, aggregated content and Business Intelligence (BI/FI) Applications into a dynamic and customizable interactive interface. Based on the growing need for investors to trade/analyze markets outside their demographic, Zephyrnet creates a gateway for accessing global market data quickly for seamless analysis in both a GUI and traditional analytical environment. In terms of sector, demographic and comparative analysis, Zephyrnet enables the user to generate side by side transparency based on intelligent data mapping and aggregated community generated content via access to Zephyr’s global XBRL based Data Warehouse. Zephyr has already established development partnerships with several Tier 1 Data & Platform providers including EDGAR Online (Nasdaq: EDGR), Salesforce.com (NYSE: CRM), AOL/Relegence (NYSE: AOL), Xiginite, Finance3.0 & Semanys. Together with our partners, Zephyr is developing a new, low-cost financial analysis suite that will target retail and professional investors. The Zephyrnet solution will be available to users as software as a service (SaaS) for a monthly fee that will be considerably cheaper than today's full-service professional offerings. Our focus is to bring a fully customizable (Web 2.0+) platform to market within 9 months of Round A financing that is within reach of any investor. Based on our modular architecture, we will be able to upgrade the system in real-time as new data products, applications and enhancements become available. XBRL “XBRL” or “Extensible Business Reporting Language” is the new Reporting standard for Publicly Traded Companies worldwide and at the core of the Zephyrnet Platform. XBRL’s unparralled ability to provide Balance Sheet Data in Zephyr’s interactive model provides deep access to Global publicly traded companies’ fundamental balance sheet data. This standard is already being implemented to the Global Mutual fund and Commercial “Paper” market and will enable investors, analysts and auditors a highly efficient way of accessing and analyzing financial documents will full transparency. XBRL has been globally adopted based on a number of worldwide initiatives and coordination between a majority of the world stock markets. In terms of Fundamental analysis, XBRL breaks down the underlying financial data from a company’s balance sheet or financial report into series of searchable data fields that can be quickly analyzed in a comprehensive and interactive environment. Our system tags this data and aggregates other relevant content into desktop environment. Executive Summary Draft March 2009 Accounting: Schindler Financial www.eschindler.com Contact Eran Schindler Tel: +972 3 644 9288 Eran@eschindler.com The Merging of Business Intelligence & Financial Analysis F
  2. 2. - 2 - The Zephyrnet Solution “Mashing it up” Zephyrnet will provide an extremely sophisticated fundamental & technical analytic platform that will be on par with the best, highest-priced systems on the market today. As more and more companies report in XBRL, the reach of our data surfing engine will cross all sectors, geographies and markets. Zephyrnet is a low cost but comprehensive solution. Bloomberg, Factset & Capital IQ and a handful of other platforms already provide and in depth fundamental analysis-- but at a price that is beyond the vast majority of investors. Zephyrnet 's lower cost solution will bring most of the high-end platform capabilities via a less complicated, user-friendlier web interface. The building blocks of this new low-cost platform -- developed code from Edgar Online (XBRL) and Interactive Data (Live Pricing), provide the backbone of a powerful and comprehensive software package at low cost. We are working with other mature API's (Data Based), open source code and embedded modules that allow us to develop a platform that brings everything capital market “under one roof”. Lack of transparency across all markets is at the core of the current financial crisis and the main issue Zephyr is addressing. Most system designs are static in terms of the information they provide and the cryptic analytical tools they support. Interfacing and analyzing metric stock data has yet to evolve in respect to the dynamics that are driving that data. Substantial Business Opportunity The market for financial analysis software is valued at over $ 50 billion per year. The top-tier of the market is well served by a number of entrenched players (Bloomberg, Capital IQ, Factset) while the high- end retail market is mostly un-served. Most of target users pull from multiple sources on an adhoc basis and usually subscribe to several “information” based subscription services. Zephyr’s platform consolidates this access to data in one place. XBRL: Current Status In terms of our XBRL development, we have entered our timing to market at an opportune moment and have identified a niche that is currently not being served and are working towards developing a solution that addresses a major need in the financial analysis market. Most of the market players working with XBRL are focused on building the processing engines to convert financial Data to XBRL. Our focus is based on aggregating data that is already in XBRL format and interfacing it via our platform. In terms of available XBRL balance sheet data available, we expect critical mass to be achieved over the next 18-36 months as global market compliance converges with the XBRL reporting standard. Development Our cost advantage, especially as it relates to software development is immense versus the large entrenched players. Current solutions today are characterized by high complexity and millions of lines customized code. Our development platform will not only make use of existing open source code but opens up the opportunity for a development community to build applications around a customized API and SDK kit. Our development model allows the utmost flexibility, growth and ingenuity as we bring developers together to build “plug in” widgets for Zephyr. The base platform will be based on Business Intelligence architecture with a smart and fully customizable interface that supports multiple built in market scanners, analytic tools and data streams. Business Models The SaaS model is a mature business model. Our average monthly subscription target of $ 500 is well below our competition and suited for both retail and professional money mangers with $1-50 million under management. Data Packages representing all sorts of customizable data will incorporate best value for the user in terms of creating access to specific data area’s the user is interested in. Zephyrnet becomes a platform to analyze the custom data streams while aggregating other relevant content into the user platform. Reporting/ Data on Demand will always be an option in terms of users not registering for a fixed subscription plan. All services will be upgradeable and modular in terms of bringing on more available data streams as they become available. Zephyrnet will provide its users with multiple financial reports, analysis & premium, low latency data. The cost of acquiring these “premium” data reports/products will be spread over our system users as well as be tagged to the data the user is interested in. Reporting/ Data on Demand will always be an option in terms of users not registering for a fixed subscription plan. All services will be upgradeable and modular in terms of bringing on more available data streams as they become available.
  3. 3. Marketing Zephyr is a marketing intensive company and will employ multiple strategies, campaigns and technologies that are in place to convert traffic to revenue. Content areas will be driven by all relevant data while aggregated information of the prescribed companies will be configured to accommodate the highest to most obscure search engine queries. Our own proprietary analytic model will give the system key insight in what users want and how they use it while it intelligently generates on the fly relevant content into a user’s workspace. This system process will spawn further data, information and content and further capture end-user traffic. Our Data Warehouse and system architecture will synchronize in terms of Data warehousing and re-distributing any spawned content the system generates. Our customized indexing solution provides full “on the fly” Data Upload processing and provides cutting edge SEO technology built into Zephyr’s control system. Zephyr’s features go beyond current online enterprise solutions and inline with what current top tier online systems employ. All Data is harnessed, indexed and packaged not to only capture traffic but to convert that traffic to revenue. The system’s core ability will allow the data feeds to empower and to grow actual unique content. The content at each doorway or content area will be, relevant, fresh, updated and in time become authority points for each areas content subject matter. Based on Zephyr’s grid based architecture, all business models will be integrated into a multi-profit center model. Our Custom BI Management system will be on 24/7 monitoring all site/revenue activity and web analytics to create custom live reporting to the management of the company. Tweaking the system will be based on multiple factors with revenue and performance/profitability being top priority. Revenue Streams • Subscription Services • Publishing (Revenue Co-Share) with Report Providers • Reporting on Demand • Report Re-distribution • Data Aggregation and Re-distribution • Data on Demand • Data Licensing • Enterprise Licensing • Financial Applications • Financial Modeling & Publishing Community Zephyr is creating the framework for two communities to co-exist within its universe: Investor/Financial & Developer. We will offer a longtail to developers to develop further plug-in or stand alone widgets that will be supported by the available data feed gateways the system will support. Other existing and emerging social network application frameworks such as Google's Open Social and other Open Source Developer publishing systems will be also supported in order to create the utmost flexibility and incentive for community involvement. Community users will have a custom content management system to publish interactive reports, create analysis and re-distribute/re-aggregate their content via the Zephyr community. Zephyrnet will provide a platform for financial professionals and individual investors from all over the globe to interact and react to the ever-changing pulse of the global economy. When the core systems of the Zephyrnet Community have been implemented – a Software Development Kit (SDK) and developer community will be created. The SDK will provide developers the opportunity to enhance user experience by further customizing the community while developing plug in or stand alone widgets that interact with Zephyrnet’s data streams. All code created by the developer community will be vetted and hosted by Zephyr. The vetting contains both the integrity of the code as well as adherence to the purity of the. From the onset of our own diligence and development, we have had the opportunity to get up close and personal with many financial systems and products that currently occupy this space. The talent we have assembled on both the business and development front will be at the core of the company’s plans. We are milestone based and are proving our ability to execute on a high level. In August 2008, Zephyr was invited by the SEC to present in to 7 Division heads and multiple assistants. Although the SEC can not endorse what we are doing, our gateway to Market Transparency was validated by all that were present.
  4. 4. Founders Bryan Feinberg CEO Director Spot Market Sales/Marketing Data JCE (Tel Aviv Stock Exchange/TASE). Created Propriety RFQ matching engine for open market semiconductor availability. Model became the basis for Nisko/Data JCE’s semi broker business. Personally generated over 125M$ In Sales for the Group (2002-2007). Samsung Semiconductor EU Distributor of the year 2004 & 2006. Nir Yizhak - CNO (Chief Network Officer) Highly experienced IT professional with an extensive background in System Architecture and Risk Analysis. Proficient in a wide range of technologies and operating platforms covering the entire spectrum enterprise environments, system design and network optimization. Intimate knowledge and understanding of information security concepts, practices and network optimization. Current Position: Senior Information Security Engineer – Motorola Israel Marie Giangrande (VP Sales/Product Development) Experienced Strategic Executive with extensive track record in Capital Market Software. . Key strengths: Identification of large strategic revenue opportunities; breakthrough marketing innovations; productive business alliances and rapid execution from vision to revenue. Deep experience in partnership deal structure, financial product development and “go to market strategies. Former VP Strategic Alliances: Thomson Reuters, Instinet & Edgar Online Advisory Board Arie Scope Chairman of Gizmox/Visualwebgui.com (www.gizmox.com). Former CEO of Microsoft Israel established in 1989. Led Microsoft’s Israel’s development, acquisition and business strategy over that time period. Between the years 1983 and 1988 he was a Marketing Manager at HP Information Network Group in Cupertino, California. Prior to that he managed the HP office in Israel for 3 years. Between the years 1971-1980 he held various positions at IBM Israel. Author of 3 books on the subject of Computer Networks. Philip Lawson Phil worked 9 Years at Hambrecht & Quist directly under CEO, Dan Case. Over that time, he managed and traded multiple propriety accounts, raised capital and negotiated and structured complex trades. Phil actively trades the world stock markets. He is a successful entrepreneur with experience in multiple seed stage ventures where he played a major role in developing strategy and managing early stage growth. Ephraim Lindenbaum Managing Director/Founder Advance Ventures (http://www.advanceventures.com) Ephraim is a career entrepreneur achieving success across a broad range of industries and market sectors. He has founded and grown several successful ventures and executed exit strategies that have delivered substantial shareholder value and directed numerous early stage and follow-on rounds of financing from venture based, institutional and private equity investors. Mr. Lindenbaum has served as a board member, advisor and Chief Strategic Officer for over 30 Companies. Dennis Teifeld (http://www.teifeld.com) Founder and CEO of Teifeld and Company Insurance Services Inc., a San Jose based insurance brokerage started in 1982. Dennis has or currently serves on the advisory board of several start- up companies such as Corvigo, Inc.(sold to Tumbleweed Communications), Land Sonar, Inc., Inertia Beverage Group, Inc. and Costella- Kirsch a Venture lending fund. Dennis was a founding shareholder in Silicon Valley Bank and Bridge Bank in San Jose. Liv Watson (http://www.linkedin.com/pub/0/111/6B8) Liv is former VP of Global Strategy at EDGAR EDGAR Online Inc. (Nasdaq: EDGR) where she she was responsible for developing EDGAR EDGAR Online's International business development strategy. Ms. Watson is also the the XBRL US Adoption Chair; a member of the the XBRL International Steering Committee; Committee; Chair of the XBRL International International Jurisdiction Development Working Working She is one of the world’s most knowledgeable experts in XBRL and is part of of the team leading XBRL deployment & compliance via the various global stock markets. Paul Snijders CEO Semansys Technologies BV (www.semansys.com) Board member XBRL Netherlands. Founding Board member XBRL Europe. Paul, who is co-founder and board member of the Dutch XBRL jurisdiction (XBRL-NL) and has been one of the driving forces behind the global adoption of XBRL. Paul has a background in finance, accounting and ICT (Information and Communications Technology) and is involved in pragmatic implementations of digital reporting.