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Linkstorm June 2013


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Linkstorm June 2013

  1. 1. ONLINE DISPLAY ADS DON’T WORKClick Through Rates are Dismal and Targeting is under utilizedOur Solution provides a robust solution for thislack of performance and is ready to scale.By enabling a navigation menu that quickly and easily overlays any existing adformat or link enables a consumer to decide where they want to go…andsystematically increases all measurable KPI’s via increased and qualified click-throughs, conversions and engagements. Our instant and universal updatingworks across all platforms, AdNetworks as well via all mobile and tabletenvironments.
  2. 2. Linkstorm is an Advertising Technology Company with a proven value propositionfor Online Display Advertising and Content Delivery. We have built a robustplatform for brands to engage consumers through online display ads and targetedcontent delivery. We combine exclusive and proprietary patented building andserving technology that enables brands to engage consumers through standardmedia placements anywhere on the web or mobile. We work seamlessly withbrands, creative agencies, media agencies, ad networks, and ad exchanges tocreate consumer brand engagment. All our Units are built to strict IAB guidelinesand we are certified across multiple RTB’s, DSP’s and publisher
  3. 3. Increase revenue of existing inventory with abetter performing ad unit. Certification is easy.Increase qualified leads and gain valuableinsights. Full Campaign Support A-Z.Deliver performance to your clients via strategyintegration, product delivery and marketingsolution via a high performing ad unit.Direct Response, User Acquisition, Traffic, ContextualTargeting, AdServing, Content Delivery, Analytics.Certified by DSPs Turn, MediaMath, AppNexus on thedemand side as well as Google AdX, Yahoo, Right, Xaxis,Pubmatic, Casale Media, IPG/Cadreon, Omnicom/Accuen.PublishersAdvertisers/BrandsNetworksWidely Certified & Adopted
  4. 4. www.linkstorm.netWe are a Navigation Menu that quickly and easily overlays any existing adformat and lets the customer decide where they want to go…Increased,qualified click-through and conversion rates via higher engagements anddeeper customer insights. Instant, universal updates that works across allplatforms, networks, and RTB Ad Networks as well mobile and tabletenvironments.CLICK HERE FOR LIVE DEMO.
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  6. 6. Certified by DSPs Turn, MediaMath,AppNexus on the demand side as well asGoogle AdX, Yahoo, Right, Xaxis, Pubmatic,Casale Media, IPG/Cadreon, Omnicom/Accuen.Direct Response Advertising, User Acquisition,AdTraffic Generation, AdServing, Content
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  8. 8. Thank YouDavid SidmanCEO/Founder+1-212-792-1847dsidman@linkstorm.netBryan FeinbergCIO/