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Linkstorm Interlinking Engine.
Contact me for details: bryan@zephyrnet.com or bfeinberg@linkstorm.net

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  1. 1. www.linkstorm.netInterlinking Publisher EngineOptimized Display Advertising
  2. 2. www.linkstorm.netAbout LinkstormLinkstorm is an advertising technology company with a well-proven deliveryengine for both Online Display Advertising and Publisher Networks and ispioneering a new approach to online advertising with the premise that ads performbetter for the advertiser when they are more useful to the customer.The company’s patented IP and delivery system significantly improves a brand’sability to leverage/engage users with relevant display ads, content and socialstreams. We make ads perform better for the advertiser by making them moreuseful for the consumer. Linkstorm has its technology approved across more than500 publisher sites, 25 of the largest ad networks/exchanges and all the majorportals (Yahoo, MSN, Google, AOL).Clients includeDell, Cisco, NY Times, SONY, IBM, American Express, AOL, Nissan, RadioShack, HSBC, Philips, Liberty Mutual, CNN Money, Ogilvy, Mediacom, GoodbySilverstein, J Walter Thompson.Linkstorm Publisher EngineLinkstorm’s Publisher system is an automated and highly effective way to create alinking/menu overlay to any digital publishing content. Our next-generationhyperlinking system significantly enhances the performance of online advertising,e-commerce and online publishing by overlaying cascading menus onto any kindof hyperlink or ad unit, thus enabling customers to navigate directly to theinformation or actions that they want. This creates multiple ROI channels in termsof ad revenues, SEO dominance and subscription sales. As new content is addedto your database, Linkstorm tags it and subsequently delivers it based on itsrelevance to specific enabled content on a users webpage.How Linkstorm WorksBy rolling over a Linkstorm-enabled link or ad, the customer unfurls a menu oflinks, thus previewing additional destinations even before having to click. Then asingle click takes the customer deep into a website, right to the answer to theirquestion, the product info they were seeking or the transaction they wanted toperform. In the case of advertising, these links could include multiple products;offer details or marketing messages that specifically address their interests.Linkstorms technology represents a new way to navigate a publishers website.Instead of clicking serially through page after page searching for what you want,
  3. 3. www.linkstorm.netyou can preview multiple relevant destinations within a single menu by hoveringover a link, image, ad or any other anchor to "unfurl" the menu. The look and feelof a Linkstorm menu is highly customizable using industry standard HTML andCSS and can be incorporated into any type of online content, from banner ads totext in an article, user-posted content, videos, logos or other rich media contentincluding social networking profiles. Interconnecting content from within theHearst Publishing Network can be an effective way of driving content generatedtraffic across your publishing network. Linkstorm is an object-oriented, massivelyscalable routing system where via our patented extensions, a one-to-onehyperlink can be replaced with a Linkstorm menu representing multiple URLs andwhere control of that menu remains centralized regardless of what based media itanchored to or wherever it goes on the web. Linkstorm menus, while usedprimarily for ads, can be created for publishing applications where automationlinks high volumes for content objects. As a result, Linkstorm menus becomenavigational aids for articles on a publisher site, videos on an aggregator site, orproducts in a catalog.Highly Optimized Banner AdsLinkstorm ads allow customers to navigate and act based on their true interestsand built around specific content of the brand and/or campaign. Linkstormenables targeting and contextual placement as a means to not only engage theuser but also create a conversion-based transaction in the process. Thisengagment translates into a much higher level of performance and ad dollars forthe publisher. Linkstorm ad menus can be easily modified via a centralizedsystem regardless of where the ads are deployed, thus improving advertisers andagencies control of live ads. Changes appear immediately and universally, withouthaving to re-master or re-traffic the ad. These "on-the-fly" updates are informed bythe deep customer insights provided by Linkstorms unique reporting capabilities.Advertisers and agencies can measure customer interests and menu interactionsat a remarkably granular level. These insights can be used to optimize the admenu in mid-flight or in follow-on flights, with minimal effort. Linkstorm hasdeveloped a robust back end to enable high-volume serving and tracking ofLinkstorm ad menus. Our high-capacity ad servers can further utilize third partyContent Delivery Networks for asset delivery support. Linkstorm-enabled ads canbe trafficked through most major ad serving systems including those run byDoubleClick and Atlas. Our overlaying cascading menus connect users faster tothe information they want and can be optimized in real-time without having to re-create or re-traffic the banner ad.
  4. 4. www.linkstorm.netPublisher BenefitsGet certified as Linkstorm resellerGetting certified is a snap. Our hands-on certification process makes Linkstormads both easy to sell and accept. Contact us today to get the certification processstarted and be on the list for Linkstorm ad buys!New revenue opportunities for PublishersLinkstorm is a premium ad format and command higher pricing based on its andperformance and conversion ability.Optimize the value of your inventoryLinkstorm ads expand within existing advertising real estate, whether its intendedfor static ads or expanding ads, allowing publishers to provide greater value toadvertisers without adding more clutter. Linkstorm certified publishers are thusable to command a premium for both high and low demand inventory by makingthem both perform better.Retain trafficLinkstorm ads allow users to engage with advertiser content without leaving thepublishers site instead of getting lost many pages deep into the advertiserswebsite, never to return. Also, no matter how deeply a user clicks into theadvertisers site via the Linkstorm menu, the user is always just one click back tothe publishers page.
  5. 5. www.linkstorm.netAdvertiser BenefitsMore Clicks, Better-Qualified Clicks, More ConversionsCustomers self-qualify for ad offers by navigating through options presented in afamiliar, cascading menu format. Linkstorms Clickless Navigation™ offers directaccess to desired content or transactions while still on the page with the ad.Unconstrained by Banner SizeBy separating the banner from its navigation, Linkstorm ads offer customersmultiple deep links via menus untethered by the size constraints of the underlyingbanner.Optimized For Both Attention and ActionIn Linkstorm enabled ads, a banners sole purpose is to grab customers attentionand generate a rollover. This will pass customers over to the Linkstorm menu,which will guide them to take appropriate action. Banners and menus can betweaked independently during a live campaign in order to optimize their combinedeffectiveness.Centralized Management Makes it Easy to Optimize Live CampaignsLinkstorm menus can be easily modified from a centralized point of control nomatter where they are deployed, thus improving performance even after campaignlaunch. Changes are reflected immediately and universally, without having to re-master or re-traffic the ad.Centralized Updates can be Manual, Automated, or BothLinkstorm menus can be populated manually (by ad-hoc decision of the marketer)or dynamically based on business rules, data feeds, or mash-ups from multiplesources and data formats. By designing Linkstorm menus with distinct, alternativemarketing messages and navigation paths, it is possible to reach customersacross all stages of the purchase funnel and demographics with just one ad unit.Linkstorm Optimizes Value of Existing AssetsBy embedding multiple deep links into banners, users are driven from ads directlyto high value website content, maximizing the ROI of existing assets. TheLinkstorm experience can even be continued on the advertisers website orlanding pages, further increasing page views, time spent on site, brandengagement and conversions.
  6. 6. www.linkstorm.netActionable AnalyticsLinkstorm goes beyond traditional campaign measurements by offering detailedreporting on engagement with the menus before the click, then on click-throughsat the individual menu choice level, and finally, on post-click activity. This presentsadvertisers and publishers with unique insights into user behavior that can beused to further optimize their Linkstorm campaigns, which can be done on the fly.User BenefitsPuts users in controlLinkstorm puts users in control by making it easy for them to find content andproducts of interest to them — resulting in a better experience for both users andadvertisers.Respectful of users timeDeep links into specific advertiser pages alleviate potentially frustrating (andpotentially aborted) navigation through an advertisers site in search of relevantinformation.Friendly, easy-to-use formatLinkstorms non-intrusive format and interface lets users easily interact with adswhen they want to, without being distracted from the publisher content they arereading. No matter how deeply a user clicks into the advertisers site via theLinkstorm menu, the user is always just one click back to the publishers pageReseller opportunityOur Partnership Program is here to help develop new, high-performance adsolutions for your portfolio and its clients. Linkstorm can also help you create newco-marketing opportunities by integrating content and advertising in new andinnovative ways with added value to your advertisers and bolt on revenue for you.Linkstorm is rapidly adding new publishers to our list of sites certified to acceptLinkstorm ad buys. Our technology is standards compliant to make it easy forpublishers to certify and run Linkstorm campaigns.We feel getting Hearst Publications setup as aLinkstorm reseller is a great starting point inbuilding a strong partnership together.
  7. 7. www.linkstorm.netLinkstorm Publisher Interlinking ROI Benefits• Higher Search Engine Rankings = more traffic.• Better Site Navigation = more page consumption and engagement.• More Content/link click throughs (30-50% more).• Better, faster, cheaper recombinant information products.• Better, faster, cheaper business development.Turn every reference to your content anywhere on the web intoa “sales kiosk” – distributed anywhere and centrally controlled.Tactically• Top-level Google Rankings.• Superior user experience.• Radically reduced product development time.• Radically reduced web/development/maintenance costs.Strategically• Strengthen leadership position in Publishing Sector.• Publication can become center of sector eco-system.• Develop and extend premium offerings and premium pricing• Brand Reinforcement• Reinforce your advertiser/partner network.Effective Branded IntegrityDuring our implementation process, we leverage your existing creativeinvestments and assets. The decision tree navigation menu that overlaysLinkstorm enabled link will quickly guide customers to content that is bothrelevant to them and within your data/content library.
  8. 8. www.linkstorm.netLinkstorm’s Special Sauce: Digital Object Identifier (DOI)The Handle System as it relates to DOI, is a technology specification forassigning, managing, and resolving persistent identifiers for digital objectsand other resources on the Internet. The protocols specified enable adistributed computer system to store identifiers (names, or handles), ofdigital resources and resolve those handles into the information necessaryto locate, access, and otherwise make use of the resources. Thatinformation can be changed as needed to reflect the current state and/orlocation of the identified resource without changing the handle.What does it mean?Patricia Seybold: “We predict that, within five years, the DOI standard willbe used to tag any “published” material from any industry—that is, allcontent or information that is officially released for consumption, whetherwithin or outside of your firewalls.”Harold McGraw III: “The DOI is…a standard that will contribute strongly tothe development of the e-book marketplace and the market for all digitalcontent, and deserves the support of the publishing community."Dr. Robert Kahn: “The applications…and related technology being broughtto market by Content Directions and the other participants [Microsoft, Adobe,etc.]…represent the tip of the iceberg in terms of the economic value that willbe unleashed by the widespread adoption of this new approach.”Steve Sieck (EPS): “A unique aspect of CDI’s approach is a contextualmultilinking capability… By developing software that essentially automatesthe registration of new content, inter-relates its associated metadata, andcreates “purchasing links” to retailers, CDI has streamlined theimplementation process to the point where a publisher’s primary task isidentifying how DOIs can be deployed most strategically... The vision ofcontent IDs bringing order to a chaotic digital world seems a bit closer.”The Future of Publishing InterlinkingAnd Object Level Content delivery
  9. 9. www.linkstorm.netMcGraw-Hill, 8 Years of Operational Efficiency.Every book in McGraw-Hills Profession Bookstore along with its digitizedmeta data has its own unique Linkstorm menu attached, created andmaintained dynamically by our fully-automated process. Mouse over thebook’s title for a navigation menu that instantly interlinks to all other booksby the same author and the same subject as well as opportunity buy thebook at Amazon/B&N. http://dx.linkstorm.net/10.1036/0071486003Hachette Filipacchi’s website Premiere.com, where in a 9-month study, ourmenus increased page views >35% by making the content easier to find.http://www.linkstorm.net/clientresults/liveexamples/premiere/Meredith (a topic-based widget interlinking related magazine articles fromParents.com, coupled with advertising on this highly-contextual menu):http://linkstorms.com/demo/meredith/pregnancy/IAC Jimmy Buffett demo showing synergy and cross-sell among IAC mediaproperties: Ticketmaster, City Search, Evite and Ask.com.http://www.linkstorms.com/demo/IAC/index.htmlNBC “Heroes” on TV Guide (showing the power of distributing yourcontent navigation into off-site contexts, like in this case TV Guide:http://www.linkstorms.com/demo/nbc/heroes01/Our Technology is Unique!!Competitive Advantages!Technology Hard to Copy. It’s very hard to syndicate reliably across the Web.!Certified Publisher Network. Certification compliance process is long and tedious.!Extensive Patent Protection. 9 Major Filing Families covering 1500+ claims. !Current IP Status. 9 Patents awarded. 30+ Patents in the pipeline. !Our First Priority is Client Value!20B+ Ads Served via Hundreds of Campaigns!!
  10. 10. www.linkstorm.netLinkstorm vs non-Linkstorm – rigorous A/B tests(same websites, same placements on page, same times of day)CLICK-THROUGHRATEDIFFERENTIAL500%358%214%525%268%339%192%NON-LINKSTORMProof that Linkstorm Works!!Actionable Analytics!Linkstorm Analytics Drives Conversions !Our Analytics (20-50+ Data Points per Banner) let you optimize on the fly.!In Flight Optimization!Based on click behavior, a menu’s content and design can be !optimized in real time without having to re-create or re-traffic the ad.!Impressions!Menu unfurls!Hover time!Post-click actions!!Number of ads served!Number of user interactions!Number of conversions!Where did they go after click!Click-Throughs!Conversions!Actual interaction time!For each menu link!!•  Number of times an ad has been called and successfully loaded.!•  Track how successfully the banner and call-to-action works.!•  Record how much time users spend interacting with your ad.!•  Measure users specific interests on a granular level.!•  Identify key factors and menu choices that drive conversions!•  Drive prospects directly into the purchase funnel.!0 100 200 300 400 500Sheraton Logo CTASpa EscapeMembership Sign-InWeekend OffersLast Minute DealsSpecial Discount OffersPopular DestinationsSee Hotel DirectoryView Latest OffersFind Rooms & RatesMajor Online Travel Company! Customized Metrics Based on Banner!Deeper Insights provide actionable data!to optimize the ad in real-time!
  11. 11. www.linkstorm.netHow to Optimize Your Strategy!•  Utilitarian way to express a multi-faceted marketing message in asingle ad unit.""•  Customized Menu Structure that canbe organized in a number of smartways to drive engagements: by targetcustomer profile, by stage inpurchase funnel, etc..""•  Deeper/more granular measurementof what works and what doesn’t, withability to act in Real-Time based onthose measurements."Linkstorm is the “The Last Mile” of BehavioralTargeting – allowing the customer to choose !and act based on their own needs and interests.!Linkstorm supports any kind oftargeting (Geo, Demographic,Behavioral…) by presenting a menuwhose content is specifically tailoredto the person the ad is catering to."Linkstorm Menu Optimization!Information Architecture & Design!The decision-tree navigation menu thatoverlays the banner ad is a corecomponent to the Linkstorm solution.These menus will quickly guidecustomers to content that is relevant tothem. Clients are encouraged toparticipate, ensuring product knowledgeand market is tapped to create an idealnavigation structure.!•  Offer navigation options that lead to user action. !•  Offer just enough options to help the user quickly understand the offer. !•  Avoid complex navigation; 2-3 levels is a good balance. !•  Offer intuitive, hierarchical organization of navigation options.!Optimize Creativity without Clutter!
  12. 12. www.linkstorm.netResults (Major Educational Publisher)!Linkstorm Traffic > 3X regular Web site traffic!1 2 3 4 5Total Visits fromPublishers Web site1451 2329 2272 2081Total Visits from DOIs 178 1079 5118 646901000200030004000500060007000TotalVisits DOI Traffic Report –Major Educational Publisher!Google Relevance Rankings!Medium College Text Book Publisher!Before! After! % Improvement!Sample Size! 62! 62!First Page! 28! 33! 18%!Ranked # 1! 11! 15! 36%!Within Top 2! 14! 21! 50%!1st Page out of >1mm hits! 5! 15! 200%!Despite a result set that doubled or tripled in most cases; there is solid Googleranking improvement—a 50% gain in rank in the top 2 positions and triple thenumber of Page 1 results. !Similar impact measured across all major search engines — Yahoo, MSN, etc.!
  13. 13. www.linkstorm.netWorking with Linkstorm!Steps to Launching a Linkstorm Ad!and Designing a Successful Campaign!!!!!!!Define! Design! Deploy! Debrief!•  Campaign Objectives"•  Media Plan/Scope"•  Ad Tree Mapping"•  Rich Media Options"•  Distribution"•  Analytic Objectives"•  Graphical Assets"•  Branding Guideline"•  Design Prototypes"•  Final Ad Units"•  Test Tags"•  Distribution Tags"•  Test Tags"•  Analytic Test Tags"•  Redirect URL’s "•  Campaign Launch"•  Performance Reporting"•  Campaign Analysis"•  Optimization Review"•  Campaign Objective Review"•  Report Summary"A Linkstorm ad contains two assets — a banner and a menu overlay. These areseparate units and may be created independently utilizing different ad technologies. Themenu overlay component is DHTML and is designed and developed by Linkstorm. Thebanner can be created by Linkstorm or a third party, and can be formatted as a JPEG orGIF image, or as any type of Flash file, embedding video, animations, etc."A Linkstorm ad requires a slight shift in !thinking from traditional ad banner design!Linkstorm Deployment Process*!*48-72 hour Linkstorm creative turnaround after receipt of final graphical assets,campaign objective and Insertion Order. Linkstorm handle all technical issues withnetwork via detailed test tag on the campaign prior to full on launch. Full DetailedReporting from Test Tag > Deployment > ROI. The agency creates the basic adunits then then pays Linkstorm a small incremental Rich Media serving fee.!Function! Agency/Client Deliverable! Linkstorm Function!Menu Design! Agency provides:!Creative ad unit!Campaign objectives!Relevant Graphic Assets!Branding Parameters!Linkstorm creates menu design andfunctionality. !Site Acceptance! Agency provides media plan with:Sites, flight dates and impressionlevels.!!Linkstorm interfaces with eachpublisher site and gets approval todeploy.!Trafficking &Reporting!Agency provides:!Tracking Assets with each URL and !1x1 view pixel!Linkstorm uses tracking assets togenerate code and deliver topublishers!!!!!!!
  14. 14. www.linkstorm.netAutomotive Example!Drive Customers Directly to the Showroom!Upon rollover, customers are able to select among 5 different S/RS seriesmodels. After rolling over to choose a vehicle of interest, a second menuunfurls allowing consumers to further select the specific information theyseek, request a quote, download a brochure and locate a delivery.!Film & TV Marketing Examples!Drive Users Directly into the Social Grid whileInteracting Directly with your Fan Base!
  15. 15. www.linkstorm.netConsumer & Retail Example!Drive Customers Directly to the Checkout Counter!This unit highlights Linkstorms e-commerce transaction capabilities. Uponrollover, Fathers Day shoppers browse from a selection of digital cameras andare able to make a secure purchase all within the Linkstorm Banner.!Using a Linkstorm menu, E TRADE is able to promote multiple products(i.e. trading, banking, mobile pro) to prospective clients in a single creative.After selecting a product of interest, a secondary menu allows clients to linkdirectly to the offer of their choice.!Financial Service Example!Promote Multiple Products in a Single Ad Unit!
  16. 16. www.linkstorm.netTelecom Industry Example!Drive Targeted Brand Offers!A banner "rollover" surfaces 5 no annual contract phones eligible for the"Unlimited Nights and Weekends" offer. Selecting the phone of their choice,a secondary menu displays a large image of the phone and allows users tolink directly to details, payment plans, and offers.!Travel Industry Example!Universal Updating on the Fly!With the ability to optimize and swap out banners on the fly, Expedia usesLinkstorm to surface continuously changing offers by destination city anddrive west coast users to geo-targeted landing pages.!