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Car Alarm Sensor Working PrincipleCar alarm sensor principle and assemblyCar alarm sensor principle is very simple: if som...
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Car Alarm Sensor Working Principle


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Car Alarm Sensor Working Principle

  1. 1. Car Alarm Sensor Working PrincipleCar alarm sensor principle and assemblyCar alarm sensor principle is very simple: if someone hit, strike, or move your car, the sensorwill send a signal to the controller, indicating vibration intensity. According to the intensity ofthe vibration, the controller will issue a warning beep or full sounding the alarm. There aremany methods to assemble car alarm sensor. There is a kind of sensor is relatively simple,composed by two metal contacts, the longer flexible metal contact is located on top of theother metal contact. You can easily set these the contacts into a simple switch: when theyare in contact with each other, the current will pass. When the vehicle violent shakes, theelastic metal contacts will follow shaking, and expose to the following contact plate, therebytemporarily form a closed circuit. The problem of this design is that the circuit will be closedas long as the car is vibrating or shaking, and the controller cannot measure vibrationintensity, so it is easy to cause false positives. More advanced sensors can transmit differentinformation based on the strength of the vibration.Different function of car alarm systemA set of state-of-the-art car alarm system should also include a separate alarm, the alarmcan issue sharp siren. A lot of noise makes people notice the car thieves, so most car thieveswill quickly fled the scene when sirens sound. Some alarm systems have set the alarmsound; you can select a unique sound, so as not to confuse with other vehicles. Some alarmsystems can play a recorded warning when someone is too close to the vehicle. The mainpurpose is to warn the thieves that your car is equipped with a state-of-the-art ultrasonicalarm sensor before the theft. In most cases, the recidivists ignore such warnings, but foramateur car thieves who try their luck, this will play a strong deterrent. In a sense, this givesthe alarm system the power to deter criminals. Inadvertently, your car is not just a concoctionof the device, become equipped smart machine.The car alarm system will use more high-tech in futureFrom the 1990s to the present, the car alarm system has rapidly developed, which is appliedmore and more widely. In the next decade, we believe that the car alarm system will usemore high-tech. Car GPS receiver has opened a vast world for the field of security. If thereceiver is connected with the alarm system controller, it can report the position of the vehicleto the owners or the police at any time. In this way, even if the car is stolen, you can quicklyget it is a company specializes in producing and developing auto electricproducts, such as car alarms, motorcycle alarms, parking sensor, universal power windowkits and central door locking systems.
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