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This is a J2ME Application that allows the police to create traffic offenders database, and fine them correctly while at the same time checking for lost cars and mapping traffic crime zones.

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  • One-sentence “wow!” explaining exactly, tactically what you do. There should be no question about what business you are in and who your customer is after this sixty-second description.
  • Explain the pain you solve or opportunity you exploit
  • What makes you special? Why will you win? What are your unfair advantages? Why is the field tilted in your direction? It can be technology, relationships, founders. “We’re smart, hardworking, and really believe” doesn’t cut it. Everybody says that..
  • This is the place to do a demo. Ten minutes is long enough. Try not to get sucked into a long demo so you can’t finish your presentation.
  • Explain who your product targets, the end users.
  • Make this as simple as possible, you need to show a scalable revenue model?
  • How will you introduce your product or service? How will you achieve critical mass? Sorry but “we’ll go viral” isn’t a strategy. Neither is “word-of-mouth.”Tactics, tactics, tactics--not wishful thinking
  • Assume that the audience knows as much, and maybe more, about the segment as you do. If you say “we have no competition,” it usually means that you’re either (a) clueless or (b) addressing a market that doesn’t exist.The reason why you want to show what you can’t do is to build your crediblity. If you’ll admit how your competition is better than you, people are more likely to believe you when you discuss how you’re better than your competition.
  • 3-4 key people. Highlights only. Use the logos of recognizable past employers. Do not list your accountant, law firm, and other vendors. You’re paying them. They’re not “investing” in you. If you’re going to list advisors, ensure that they are really well-known for the market you’re going after.
  • Usalama

    1. 1. (Your name):Project Name: Usalama(Address: 20109-00100 NairobiEmail: zajode@aol.comPhone: 0733363059Website:
    2. 2. THE PROBLEMPolice Arrest a traffic offender….. Then What? They have a pen, and a piece of paper…
    3. 3. PROBLEM / OPPORTUNITY Do you think the policeman will be able to track all the offenders and their mistakes? Will the offender be able to pay a fine quickly and be registered without being detained for long? What then? Enter USALAMA
    4. 4. UNFAIR ADVANTAGES OF YOUR PRODUCT Registration of offenders! crime history! Maps Offence Spots! Fines Offender on the spot!
    5. 5. THE PRODUCT
    6. 6. TARGET MARKET Police General Public (Traffic Offenders) Prosecutors and the court Process
    7. 7. REVENUE MODEL SMS Sales(The Offenders) Maintenance fees (Police) Licence Fees (Police) Pricing Model?Price Margin - 20-50ShillingsLicence Fee -150,000 One TimeMaintenance Fee – 100,000 p.a
    8. 8. SALES AND MARKETING The Police The UI Is almost Ready, the SMS Platform is Ready
    9. 9. COMPETITION Competitors We can, it can’t It can, we can’t Police Update in real time Write in Ink Notebooks Track Offender History Write in Ink Fine Offenders instantly Write In Ink
    10. 10. TEAM zephania ajode
    11. 11. ENDPOR technologies