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Youtube youku


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the Chinese YouTube -- YouKu , raising China Power
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Youtube youku

  1. 1. YouKu.comThe Chinese Youtube
  2. 2. 2 Why Youku
  3. 3. Youtube, facebook and Twitter are blocked There is a list of websites being blocked by China, youtube,facebook and twitter are included in this list. When considering using social media to promote your brand or product in China, one needs to keep in mind that youtube and facebook are not the chef’s choice anymore. But don’t panic, there is a similar website which you can use –
  4. 4. 4 Youtube v.s Youku
  5. 5. Youtube & Youku Youtube Youku Started Started 2005 2005-2006 Bought by Strategic collaboration Google with Baidu similar Allowed to broadcast film & Licensed to broadcast TV series/programs in US China TV and UK series/programs in China Sports live Game community special supports/promotes Aggregated statistic in statistics (by individual channel or user) video level Video finding method: Video finding method : search keywords Search keywords /category/ /category/favorite/subscribe filter selectiondifference favorite/playlist/subscribe (by most viewed/searched/interests Content mostly generated by Content generated from amateurs as amateurs well as professionals Blocked by China government (Facebook also)
  6. 6. Promote other By channel videos By Category Advertisement – text link Statistic Advertisement flashinteractions Statistic MORE interactions , you interactions can even download this video if you like Promote other videos
  7. 7. 7 Youku - history
  8. 8. Youku History 1. Dec 2010Youku was listed at the New 1.2009 raised $ 110M York Stock Exchange m in private equity for its first time funding 2. Received gross 1. Mar. 2008 listed revenues of 200 No.1 in CR-Nielsen million RMB 2. May 2008 gain cross-license with tudou to broadcast 1.May 2007 support video content(such as the biggest gaming TV shows and movies) company Shauda 3. PaiK – citizen video 2.June 2007 . Known for its fast strategic upload in responding collaboration with to real time happening Started at 2005 Baidu events by Victor Koo 3. Oct 2007 collaborate with sohu promote 4. Received $25 M venture capitalists
  9. 9. 9 Youku - highlights
  10. 10. Youku Highlights •Youku is actually more similar to internet TV rather than online videos, hence 70% of the viewers are mostly going for professional media content, such as movies, TV series/programs, entrainment shows and so on. •Upload videos irrespective of length, can upload more than 1GB of videos if one wishes to do so. • lengthy commercials (up to 30 seconds) • Amateur video uploads, also known as “PaiKe” - the citizen video .It is known for is fast responding speed from the people who upload the videos as well as the people who download or watch the videos, for example: within 10 minutes of the big earthquake in china, there was already a first video uploaded by China Citizen of this region to • #1 in user- friendliness ( from Chinese’s point of view) • 1st to break 100 million daily video views record
  11. 11. 11 Youku – success factors & influences
  12. 12. Youku success factors and influences •Video search technology •Customization to suit user needs •Strong relationship with China’s state-owned Success media companies •Ad revenue from 290 companies factors •Search ad revenue through partnership with search giants such as Baidu and google •Cross media, tv like and internet marketing solutions for advertising clients • >50% market share when it comes to online content • 150 million unique monthly visitors • Visitors spent in average an hour a day influences onsite • 10 million embedded Youku TV subscribe service on mobile phones, about 50 % penetration of the mobile market
  13. 13. 13 Youku – most interested categories
  14. 14. Most interested categories on Youku? By most viewed, it all relates to TV series/programs, entertainment and movies By most searched, it is still those categories
  15. 15. “Paike“ – Citizen videon uploads. Knownfor its fast speed and various topicsconcerning everyday life Other viewers can vote for it to push this video to be more viewed (sort of like ranking) You have the census committee to review the videos You also can have viewers recommend this video
  16. 16. Crown the video content provider In the owned video channel , those who fulfill the criteria in its category will be crowned in Gold Star in its category. For example, for Paike Gold Star , one needs to fulfill the following criteria: 1. More than 300 uploads Creative Paike Movie 2. More than 100,000,000 Votes 3. Content fulfill (from review committee) new, strange, special, high quality video uploads As rewards, this channel’s video will be crowned as Gold Star and will ALWAYS be shown on the landing page of youku TV Sport Music Game Animation IT
  17. 17. 17 Youku – mobile (TV on the go)
  18. 18. Youku is very ambitious on covering all mobile users inChina who intend to view TV on their mobile phoneswhenever they like and wherever they go Youku mobile subscribers mobile screenshot
  19. 19. Youku mobile application partners •Launch 3G mobile subscription version of Youku •Youku’s mobile partner includes : Sony Eriksson, Nokia, Samsung,Moto,LG, HTC, Lenovo.. and so on •DoNews March 17th 2010 news reports suggested that there is 10,000,000 youku embedded mobile phones out of total 22,500,000 mobile phones, which is about 50 % of the phones embedded youku on their mobile phones. And in 2011, Youku is planning to expand the updates of the applications, establish partnership with mobile phone companies to cover the remaining mobile phone users and release PAD version of youku as well. •PyramidResearch research reports suggested that in 2014, there will be 5.34 million of paid mobile TV users, and Asia region will have the share of 2.81 million users who subscribe paid mobile tv services. All the above suggested that Youku is going to have great influence on the up-and-coming mobile TV subscribers who view internet TV/movies/programs on their mobile phones.
  20. 20. 20 Youku and your business!
  21. 21. Partner up with Youku, reach your audience in no timeSince Youtube is blocked by China government, business when applying Youtube as one of your socialmedia strategy should consider Youku as an alternative for their social media planwhen trying to enter China market.We all are aware of the power of media, whether it is TV, movie or social media channels. Youku not onlyintegrated internet TV into social media but also incorporate search engines, mobiles (technology wised) andintegrated over 300 TV companies in China.Youku has taken over more than 50% online video market share, it has more than 150 million unique visitorsonsite with each one of them spending in average one hour watching videos online. Business opportunity when collaborating with Youku, think of the business opportunity you couldget from partnership with Youku, one has potentially 150 million audience on a monthly basis (plusthe fast-growing mobile subscribers), with almost instant advertisement opportunities´. In additionword-of-mouth strategy could be put back to the marketing strategy mix again since those traditionalhuman effect are now back in the picture thanks to Youku’s Paike feature.
  22. 22. 22 Youku cars channels
  23. 23. Mini car Small carCompact car Medium carHigh end car Luxury car Sport car Motor bike
  24. 24. Mercedes-Bensadvertisement on Youkuwith dedicated number tocall
  25. 25. New released car advertisement areaToday’s car news Interviews related to cars New released cars Test drive Car critics Car owner’s tips Car watchChoose a car Car appreciation Car civilian experts – one who won Goldsection Star is allow to have his/her channel showed here Top viewed videos Car exhibition news When in use
  26. 26. Volvo Cars - SWOT focus on youku and Baidu Strength Weakness • Known for safety and family car. • Consume more gas in compare • Solid ground (sold 21,000 cars in to Audi first half year 2010) • Some car model are not • Recognized positively appealing enough in compare to Audi ( ex: Volvo S60 v.s Audi A4,6) • Interior design is dull, not modern • Maintenance or car fix fee is usually higher than Chinese consumer expected Opportunity Treats • 150M monthly unique visitor • Competitors start early audience potential (ex:Ford/Corvette/Volkswagen • 10M youku mobile subscribers had already partner up with youku) • Many known car companies had already set root in China, competition is going to be tough for Volvo • Chinese owned brand car manufacturers are also very strong on gaining the market shareThe SWOT analysis done is from a personal perspective and could be quite skewed
  27. 27. 27 backups
  28. 28. Filter search functionBy Most viewed Keywords search See those little blue or red By Most searched arrows They are By interests : search indicator ( TV series s. mark increase or /Movie/entertain decreased ment/Music/Anim ation/All) Noted that we use very different color than the western culture Red – increase Blue- decrease Category: Movie Top 50 by search indicators (and statistics increase or decrease)