Smart phone and its evil twins


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Chinese Copy Cat phenomena

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  • Smart phone and its evil twins

    1. 1. Smart PhonesAnd its evil twins…..
    2. 2. Why did i pick this topic•It is a global known phenomena in China•People might know about this but not sure why ithappened•I had the oppotunity to play around with severialshanzhaiji(copied) mobile phones myself•I have been put into the schedule of producinginteresting stories in LBi’s blog on a monthly basis
    3. 3. ’’Shanzhaiji bahavior’’ where is it coming from? ’’ Shanzhaiji behavior ’(A.K.A Shanzhaiji )came from an expression which is commonly used in China: Shanzhaiji originally referred to the place in the mountains where there are fences as defenses mechanism. Extended the meaning to the outlaws’ nest in the mountains. ( in contrast of the legitimate government law force, and hence being referred to as counterfeit or copy) Shanzhaiji bahavior (nowadays simply being shortened to Shanzhaiji) refers to a vulgar copy of a certain concept (or an actual commodity goods). The resulting outcomes are called Shanzhaiji products
    4. 4. Most popular smart phones in China Samsung(三星)Galaxy S(GT-i9000) Apple(苹果)iPhone4 HTC Desire Samsung(三星)Galaxy Beam (i8520) NOKIA(诺基亚)E5-00
    5. 5. and… their Evil twins ( Shanzhaiji =山寨機 ) 三星Galaxy S(GT-i9000) Gooapple谷果3G HD2 三星Galaxy Beam (i8520) 诺基亚 N8
    6. 6. Shanzhaiji - historyshanzhaiji is specific to the 2003 design and manufacture in China with production ofa class of "name brand mobile phone," the relative of a mobile phone, because of itslow cost, cost-effective, non-compliance with industry rules and name. On October15, 2007, before China State Council announced the cancellation of mobile phoneproduction approval system, shanzhaiji rarely has its own brand, hence shanzhaiji ,took the name of"black mobile phone.“Shanzhaiji generally is low price, fully functional, the appearance with innovativefeatures, some of the shanzhaiji also mimic the latest known brand-name mobilephones. Hence shanzhaiji is popular amoung the young, fashion-loving and low-income people. This is it’s a large market share for shanzhaiji, its sales are more than150 million mobile phones which cause a lot of impact on the original known brand.In 2006, Taiwans mobile phone’s chip maker MediaTek (MTK) has developed amobile phone MTK chipset, motherboard and the phone all integrated with thesoftware, which greatly reduces the threshold for cell phone production. Regularcompanies who have no such technology, can simply purchase MTK chipset coupledwith its accessories, then they are ready for mass-production and push this kind ofcell phone to the market.
    7. 7. The original v.s Shanzhaiji TheDifference The rip-off original Standby time 24-~50h ~180 days High Durability Easier broken durability Use secure No such Anti-theft number to feature trace Normal VERY loud Loud Speaker speaker with speakers with quality sound ring tone
    8. 8. The original v.s ShanzhaijiDifference The original The rip-off Build in to Need to intercept TV Intercept TV purchase this singanal so can signal service watch TV on cell phoneDual blue-tooth One bluetooth Dual bluetooth Usually only Build-in DualDual SIM cards allow ONE SIM SIM Cards card
    9. 9. The original v.s Shanzhaiji TheDifference The rip-off original No customized Customized LED light on LED light on LED light on Chassis Phone Chassis Phone chassis Luxurious Customized No customized phone chassis Design design design Ex: extra big Special No special fonts for the features features elderly
    11. 11. Long stand-by time• Usually rip-off phone has unbelivable standby time which can be up to 180 days These chinese character means ’’Standby time 180 days’’
    12. 12. Durability• There is TV commercials which emphansis on how durable the rip-off cell phone is, you can use a car to run over it, the cell phoen will still be as good as new.
    13. 13. Anti-theft• There is TV commercials which emphansis on how durable the rip-off cell phone is, you can use a car to run over it, the cell phoen will still be as good These four as new. chinese character means Anti-theft function, This is screenshot on a user’s rip-off phone with this function built-in
    14. 14. Mobile TV – intercept TV signal• Though some add-in programs embedded on the mobile phone chipset. You can watch the regular TV program anywhere you go
    15. 15. Dual BlueTooth This simble is commonly known as dual bluetooth• Dual Bluetooth feature service embedded on your phone These three chinese character means dual bluetooth
    16. 16. Dual SIM cards• Dual SIM cards, means you have two phone numbers in one phone and you use one as master and the other one is just standing by. But when you are calling, you can select which number is the one you want to use to call out. These is the dual SIM cards
    17. 17. Customized LED light• Well pretty much anything you want with LED light.. This is just an example of how some customers customized their phone accordingly. LED lights as starts with clock time shown
    18. 18. Customized LED light• Well pretty much anything you want with LED light.. This is just an example of how some customers customized their phone accordingly. LED lights as starts with clock time shown
    19. 19. Customized Design• The customized design features is usually used on phone chassis and is oftenly very luxurious. This is an example of customer order customized ferrari look-like phone
    20. 20. Special features• Some phone has special look and feel specifically for specific group of people, such as this one on the right. It is designed for elderly and hence the number buttons are extra large then the regular ones
    21. 21. Things to pay attention toThe major reasons why shanzhaiji mobile phone are popular could bebecause of the following :• Oct 15th, 2007 "National special provisions for mobile communicationsystems and terminals and other production projects approved’’somewhat promotes shanzhaiji mobile’s manufacturing•Majority of the population can not afford the branded mobile.•Young generation sees mobile as fashion accessories which meansthey would like to customize it according to individual likings andintend to change it more frequently
    22. 22. Personal thoughtsThe reason why i suppose, is because the income gaps between reallyrich people(1.5 million rich people in China, which is about 0,001% ofthe whole population). The majority of the population cannot affordthe original branded products and hence they turn to Shanzhaijiproducts. In Shanzhaiji mobile products’ case, its targeted customersare younger generations and because of their perceiveness of themobile ( as accessories , changing-according-to-fasion product life timeand the price concern) play a major role of promoting Shanzhaijimobile business. Plus the government in 2007 somewhat approved theexistence of Shanzhaiji business prompt Shanzhaiji to thrive even more.This phenomena does not just stop in mobile phone Shanzhaiji(copying). It could be extended from branded bags (such asLV, Chanel..etc) , mobile phones to cars Shanzhaijing. Keep in mind thatShanzhaiji might crawl through different kind of business or productswhich a business promotes.
    23. 23. What does Shanzhaiji impact?When a business is considering entering China, one needs to take intoconsideration that any product/services might be ’ Shanzhaiji ’ in notime. This means that the market share and production share mightshrink considerable due to Shanzhaiji.China’s Shanzhaiji products have raised global awareness and reactednegatively toward. ( in India and in Spain to say the least), sointernationally, Shanzhaiji products do not post as such a big impact forbusiness on global level as it is in domastically.