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Mobile vs pc research on sweden


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mobile vs PC research in Sweden using Google planet

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Mobile vs pc research on sweden

  1. 1. Mobile Research on SwedenUsing Google mobile planet interactive data set
  2. 2. What is this about…. who should read it
  3. 3. What is this This research is a summarize of mobile statistic specifically for Swedenabout and who between the year of 2011 and 2012 up-to-date. it includes detail informationsshould read it? about • Mobile users facts ( Demografic & Gender) • Where are smartphone used? • What content do smartphone users prefer to see? • Advertisement on smartphones • Physical Store & smartphone location service • Purchasing behavior on smartphones? Recommending client direcotrs and project managers read and utilize this information when meeting the clients. 3
  4. 4. Mobile user factsDemographic and Gender
  5. 5. Demographics & GenderObservations• Mostly smartphone users are young 18-29 , however 30+ had increased this year and could expect to grow more.• Female smartphone ownership decrease dramatcically as age increased• In general , smartphone ownership is male >> female (excpet for teenage girlsWhat can this be used for?For business to understand mobile users’ behavior and utilize it for promotion on advertising or marketing activities.Business which targeted at younger generations (such as Gina Tricot) could utilize this information to make marketing promotions viasmartphone 5
  6. 6. Where aresmartphone used?And for what activities
  7. 7. Where do they use smartphones?Observations• Mostly at home/work/store• Notice there is significant amount of people using smart phone during the public transportationWhat can this be used for?For example: if the website that has physical store (such as IKEA)they could use this information(visitors use their mobile phoneswhile in store)to develop marketing activities around thisinformation ( such as an apps that help visitors to identify theproduct location in store)Also smartphone users are most likely to use smartphone duringtransportation, posters on the hållplatsen and/or inside språvägencould be consider as co-promotion factors. 7
  8. 8. Smartphone users expectation on websitesObservationsVisitors are not satisfied about the friendliness of website on smartphones, theyexpect the website to be as friendly as on computers!What can this info be used for?Pitch responsive web 8
  9. 9. Smartphone internet usageObservationNotice that users who use internet on smart phone are very likelyto use it for --• As compliment to computer information gathering• Kill timeWhat can this info be used for?Smartphone users in Sweden are not used to replace computerbut rather , compliment while not have access to computer(internet). Also, entertainment is very important for smartphoneusers while away from computer, hence could pitch developinggames, competition..etc activities for smartphone users 9
  10. 10. Simultaneous activitiesObservationthat visitors who use smartphone also engage the followingactivities --• Music listening• Watch tv (or movies)• Use internet on another deviceWhat can this information be used for?Considering using TV for cross-channels promotions when itcomes to smartphone users . 10
  11. 11. Smartphone vs. PCObservation• Frequency of using smart phones are the same as computer – multiple times a day• Time spent – internet time spent PC time >> smartphoneWhat can this info be used for?Business promotions should take intoconsideration that visitors who usesmartphone are proned for quick and shortinformation whereas computer usersare more likely to stay longer andexplore--> Implies on mobile, user friendlinessis relatively important than PC 11
  12. 12. Smartphones as respond to offline promotionsObservations• People seldomly use smartphone to respond to offline promotionsWhat can this info be used for?Cross-channel promotion using offline to boostup online activities might not DIRECTLY impacton smartphone users’ call-to-action, but ratherINDIRECT impact on decision making process. 12
  13. 13. Smartphone user prefered contenttype
  14. 14. Video is preferred by PC users than smartphone usersObservations• Video usage is higher on PC than on smartphoneWhat can this info beused for?Internal promotions such asflash banners and videocontents should consider usestatic image for smartphoneusers browsing the site. 14
  15. 15. Smart phone and AdsWhere should you show your ads tosmartphone users?
  16. 16. What ads is most noticible onsmartphonesObservations• Advertising is most effective while mobile users are browsing the websites or search for a specific product or using an appWhat can this info be used for?Spent marketing promotions budget in the right place while targeton smartphone users. 16
  17. 17. Physical stores andsmartphone locationservice
  18. 18. Location enabled servicesObservations• Maps enable local services are most popular for smartphone users• Visitors DO take an action (visit stores or local business) via smartphone location serviceWhat can this info be used for?Business with strong offering the local services , make sure theservice is visible on maps related services tied tosmartphone(such as Eniro, hitta, google maps) to drive physicaltraffic to local store. 18
  19. 19. Websites have location service offeringsObservations• Website which has location service offerings could benefit greatly with integrating smartphone usage to promote physical storeWhat can this info be used for?Business with physical location service offeringscould take advantage of this information topromote via utilizing smartphones campaigns todrive physical traffic. 19
  20. 20. Why won’t visitorspurchase on smartphone?
  21. 21. Hinders of payment on smartphonesObservations• Majority of smartphone users feeling insecure to pay using smartphone• And most of them who made a purchase, would liketo do this at home. Implies smartphone users needs to feel secure to make apurchase.What can this info be used for?Business which choose to enabling payment via smartphoneshould try their best to make the smartphone users feeling secureabout paying via smartphone. Consult UX and do testing ondifferent payment info vs options which make it most comfortablefor visitors to pay via smartphone 21
  22. 22. What payment method?Observations• Visitors who did embrace using smartphoen to pay, are most likely to use credit card• Noted that gift or mobile payment is not that popular yet in SwedenWhat can this info be used for?While considering acceptable payment for visitors who usesmartphones, keep in mind that visitors do prefer creditcard/Debet card payment rather than direct mobile payment.Also, promotions of purchasing giftcard is less appealing tosmartphone users. 22
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  26. 26. Smartphone user expectation on website Most smartphone users are not happy about the websites 27
  27. 27. 28
  28. 28. Activity usage on smartphone vs. PCHere is a caption copy. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet,consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummynibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magnaaliquam erat volutpat.Ut wisi enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamcorper suscipit lobortis nisl ut aliquip exea commodo consequat. Lorem ipsum dolor sitamet 29
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  30. 30. Search Engine 31
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  34. 34. 35
  35. 35. About the Data The Our Mobile Planet research was commissioned by Google andfrom Google conducted by Ipsos MediaCT in partnership with the Mobile Marketingmobile Planet Association and the Interactive Advertising Bureau. provides access to the full set of data from this research through a powerful chart creation tool or the direct download of full country level data files. Businesses can use the data on the site to gain a deeper understanding of the mobile consumer and make data-driven decisions on how to use mobile to help grow their business faster. 36
  36. 36. Research MethodologyThe Survey - This study is a global effort commissioned by Google and conducted byMethodology independent third party research firms Ipsos MediaCT and TNS Intratest with the goal of gaining insights about smartphone adoption and usage by consumers. This research provides deep dives into the use of search, video, social and email behavior, as well as mobile research and purchase intentions. The survey was targeted to the private smartphone user, in each country surveyed, who accessed the mobile internet on their device. Two waves of this research were conducted. Wave 1 surveys were administered March - July 2011 and Wave 2 was administered January - March 2012. For Wave 1, sample sizes were 6,000 in the US, 2,000 in Germany, UK, France and Japan, 500 in Indonesia and Malaysia and 1,000 in each other country surveyed. For Wave 2, sample sizes were 1,000 for all countries except Ireland which had 700 and Egypt, Saudi Arabia and UAE at 500. The survey data was collected in all countries via an online questionnaire. Weighting procedures were applied to the collected sample data along key variables of the smartphone population in each country. The variables necessary for weighting were collected using telephone interviews 37 in all countries surveyed.
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