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Vbox Product Range Overview 2010


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Vbox Product Range Overview 2010

  1. 1. Leaders in vehicle testing, automotive electronics, and GPS
  2. 2. Racelogic Racelogic are specialists in GPS, CAN, and Video technology, producing high accuracy data loggers, speed sensors, displays, video data loggers, and input modules for: • Vehicle Testing (VBOX & Video VBOX) • Motorsport (VBOX, Video VBOX, PerformanceBox) • GPS Device Testing (LabSat)
  3. 3. Racelogic • Established 1992 • Based in Buckingham, UK, with office in Weilburg, Germany • 34 employees • Exports to 88 countries • Queen’s Award for Enterprise 2007 • 3000+ testing systems used by vehicle and tyre manufacturers globally • e.g. BMW, Ford, Pirelli, Goodyear, Porsche, Ferrari, Aston Martin, Toyota, Honda, JCB, Bosch... • Over 8000 Performance Box sales to motorsport customers worldwide
  4. 4. VBOX
  5. 5. VBOX: Applications • Brake testing • Performance measurement • ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) • Electronic Stability Control (FMVSS126) Testing • Aquaplane Testing • Coastdown • Durability assessment • Drive-by noise testing • Marine testing • Mining systems monitoring • And many more...
  6. 6. VBOX 3i 100 HZ GPS Data logger • Flagship data acquisition system: accurate testing at 100Hz • IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) Integration for good quality data even in obstructed areas • RTK capability: brings positional accuracy to below 2cm • Configurable digital and analogue inputs and outputs • Low latency: 6.75ms • CAN Bus for data input and output • Bluetooth and USB • Audio tagging
  7. 7. VBOX 3i with IMU Integration • Keeps high GPS accuracy even where view to the sky is less than perfect • Blending data with an IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit), produces smoother, more reliable data • Can deal with GPS dropouts lasting several seconds
  8. 8. VBOX RTK System • Used with the RTK (Real Time Kinematic) Basestation, VBOX 3i is capable of <2cm positional accuracy • Detects Glonass as well as GPS: makes the 2cm lock more robust • Applications: Accurate track mapping, auto parking systems, ADAS (advanced driver assistance systems), ...
  9. 9. ADAS Testing System • Allows Advanced Driver Assistance System developers to test products • Active Cruise Control, Collision Mitigation, Lane Departure Warning... • Single or multiple vehicle testing • Sync with Video VBOX data
  10. 10. VBOX with Slip, Pitch, and Roll • Powerful 20Hz datalogger with triple antenna GPS engine • Measure three axis at high accuracy from a single box • Ideal for measuring dynamic handling manoeuvres and vehicle performance
  11. 11. Speed Profiler • Enables drivers to follow a set route and conform to set speed requirements • Easy to set up reference route • Uses an OLED display with 4Mb of memory, and a VBOX Micro 10Hz GPS datalogger • Applications: fuel economy testing, durability, tyre development, real world verification
  12. 12. Speed Sensor Range • 5Hz, 10Hz, 20Hz, and 100Hz GPS update rate options available • Ideal for automotive testing, motorsport, marine and telematics where no data logging required, or where a third party data logger is used • Output via CAN bus – easy integration with data loggers and testing applications • Configurable analogue & digital outputs • IP66 Rating: Waterproof and dustproof
  13. 13. VBOX Tools Analysis Software • Use for any VBOX data acquisition application • Ability to monitor tests in real time in the vehicle • Allows detailed processing and analysis of all recorded data (GPS, CAN, inertial, digital, analogue, video...) Above: Data from Lamborghini brake testing at Nardo
  14. 14. VBOX Displays Real time in car monitoring MFD (Multi VBOX Function Manager Display) OLED (DSP04) OLED (DSP05)
  15. 15. VBOX Input Modules Log external data with VBOX Thermocouple Input CAN Input Mini Input Module Module Module Analogue Frequency Input Module IMU (Inertial Input Module Measurement Unit)
  16. 16. Video VBOX Pro a new dimension to data acquisition • Video VBOX Pro combines: • 10Hz or 20Hz GPS Data logger • Multi camera video (up to 4 cameras) • Real time user configurable graphics • Rugged portability: aluminium case with pro lemo connectors • Ideal for automotive testing, motorsport, driver training or industrial applications • CAN Interface for acquiring vehicle data • USB / SD Card logging
  17. 17. Video VBOX Lite • Video VBOX Lite combines: • 10Hz GPS Data logger • 1 or 2 camera video • Real time configurable graphics • Ideal for racing / track day use • DVD quality video & SD card logging • Lightweight enclosure & lockable mini din connectors
  18. 18. Circuit Tools Software • Designed for motorsport • Based on VBOX Tools • Ideal for driver training • Side by side lap and driver analysis • Video sync’d to data
  19. 19. Performance Box • 10Hz GPS engine, SD card logging, and windscreen mounted display in one box • Measures performance: • Lap times • Speed • Acceleration & Braking • G-force • Horsepower
  20. 20. DriftBox • Same capabilities as Performance Box • Adds a yaw rate sensor to measure drift angle • As used by the D1 Professional Drift Grand Prix Series
  21. 21. Micro Input Module • Easy way of acquiring vehicle information • Use with any Racelogic datalogger, including Performance Box • 1 digital input and 4 analogue inputs • Pick up parameters such as RPM and throttle angle Shown connected to a Video VBOX Lite
  22. 22. LabSat GPS Simulator • Records Real world GPS L1 signals • Replays GPS RF Data exactly as recorded • Simulates User Defined Scenarios
  23. 23. LabSat GPS Simulator • Ideal for testing & developing GPS devices (e.g. smart phones, navigation systems, tracking devices), chipset development, and location based services • Calibrates GPS products (e.g. the VBOX range) • Customer list includes BAE Systems , Garmin, General Motors, Kongsburg, Nokia, RIM, and Roke Manor Research
  24. 24. SatGen Simulation Software • Create user defined scenarios for LabSat • NMEA files can be imported directly into SatGen • Simulate a route anywhere in the world at any time • Create scenarios using a VBOX, or even from Google Earth
  25. 25. LabSat Interface Modules • Log serial and CAN data at the same time as GPS, synchronised to within 60ns • Interface modules convert external data into a digital form that LabSat can synchronise with GPS • Three Interface Modules available: • RS232 • CAN • RS422 / 485
  26. 26. Unit 10 Swan Business Centre Osier Way Buckingham Bucks MK18 1TB UK Tel: +44 (0)1280 823 803