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We are a leader in permission based e-relationship marketing, providing end-to-end solutions--from strategy, design and application development to deployment and hosting.

Loyalty. Leads. Sales growth. That\'s what ZenData can do for you.

Our team of specialists can help you develop and deploy strategic, interactive campaigns that will achieve these objectives, maximizing your ROI.

As with our clients objectives, our e-dialogue marketing © strategies aim to generate sales, promote brand image and reinforce loyalty.

Like our name, our brand is synonymous with integrity, commitment and excellence. Each of our clients benefits from an approach that integrates the notions of balance, efficiency, innovation and, most importantly, personalization.

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2012 Presentation Zendata E

  1. 1. 2012430 Sainte-Hélène Street | Suite 403 | Montréal, Québec | H2Y 2K7 | 514.390.1260 | www.zendata.ca
  2. 2. ZenData Marketing services Databases management and updates Acquisition strategies, data analytics, segmentation, profiling, etc; 1-to-1 strategy development To generate conversions, promote your brand image and reinforce customers loyalty; Implementation of effective e-relationship campaigns with optimized delivery, open and click-through rates; Innovative actions on Internet, Social networks, Mobiles Multi-channel campaigns to exploit the viral possibilities of theWeb 2.0, and reach customers on their preferred channels; Website traffic and ranking optimization Search engine marketing, interactive advertising placements; Issue strategic recommendations Based on analysis of measurable and tangible results, ROI focus.
  3. 3. e-dialogue Marketing :Business intelligence for personalized communications
  4. 4. Partial client list The organizations below have chosen ZenData for their e-marketing needs:
  5. 5. E-Dialogue Marketing
  6. 6. Client lifecycle “They seem to know “They help me to satisfay myProfitability who I am and respect need.” mel.” Need to capitalize, the 1:1 Need to capture more relation built trust and information on the confidence. client. LOYALTY ANTI-ATTRITION / “Let’s see if this WIN-BACK organization delivers.” Need to build a strong relationship with the client. DEVELOPEMENT / GROWTH E-NEWSLETTER “They don’t listen to me, they don’t “Did I made the understand me right decision?” anymore.” Need to close the sale. ACTIVATION / UTILIZATION Need to re-establish the relation with the ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS client and regain trust. INCITEMENT (to subscribe or make a request)) ACQUISITION (basic infos: e-mail address, language, postal code, gender) SERVICE LOYALTY Time
  7. 7. Case study : Profiling (The Gazette) Objective Acquire knowledge on members to profile the database in order to communicate personnalized and relevant content. Strategy  In each e-newsletter, insertion of a mini survey, « reminder » links for special series;  Classification of the links by categories (News, Living, Sports, etc.) to aloow profiling of subscribers.
  8. 8. Case study : Content segmentation ( Group Le Massif) Objective Communicate relevant informations and respect members preferences. Strategy  Built a clear and simple form which permits to choose interests.  Elaborate a segmentation strategy and dynamic assembling of contents to respond to each profile.
  9. 9. Case study : Viral Marketing (Vidéotron) Objective Recruit new prospects via referencing tools. Strategy Implementation of a simple mechanic which allows existing clients to get the benefits of the new service and spread the good news about Videotron to their family and friends.
  10. 10. Case study : Facebook promotion (Le Massif / Sleeman) Objective Acquire new subscribers; Increase awareness of the two partners. Strategy  Develop a viral application in Facebook environement.  Capture the informations submited by the new subscribers and populate the eCRM database;  Capitalize on Facebook viral possibilities;  Promote the contest via media booking on Facebook and msn.ca
  11. 11. Strategic Team René Godbout, President René brings over 30 years of experience in marketing, communications, advertising, media and CRM/ loyalty program management as a… Marketing Director at Aeroplan Marketing Communications Director at Radio-Canada Marketing Communications-General Manager at Bell Canada And as an advertising and/or media executive at some of Montreal’s top agencies. René possesses solid expertise in various marketing disciplines and a strategically holistic view of the marketing mix. Most importantly, he grasps the uniqueness of the e-relationship communication, from the needs of today’s businesses to the minds of the consumers. Leveraging his experience, René can help organizations manage and build their e-dialogue campaigns, by providing the insight and creativity to make the most of their marketing efforts and target relevant communications to consumers. René has been on the Board of l’Association du marketing relationnel (AMR), affiliated with the Canadian Marketing Association for the last 5 years. He is presently on the Board of the McCord Museum, president of the marketing committee. Antoine Grosfilley, Vice-President After studying marketing in Europe, Antoine held senior marketing positions in Europe, Canada and the US, including five years as Internet Manager for Air France in Montreal. His expertise in building and implementing interactive marketing strategies in the areas of electronic Customer Relationship Management (eCRM), search engine optimization and marketing and Internet media placement arms him with a clear understanding of how online marketing works and how to make it works for you. Antoine brings his in-depth knowledge of the interactive market to the development of your integrated web strategy to build brand loyalty and/or meet your sales objectives. In the process, he can provide you with customized solutions and outstanding customer.
  12. 12. Contact us René Godbout President 514.390.1260 x 225 | rene.godbout@zendata.ca Antoine Grosfilley Vice-President 514.390.1260 x 224 | antoine.grosfilley@zendata.ca