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  1. 1. Question 4<br />How did you use media technology in the construction, research, planning and evaluation<br />
  2. 2. Still cameras<br />The good thing about the camera is that its portable, small and because its digital you can look at the images on the screen of the camera but because of different types of cameras and there resolution some cameras are better the others . <br /><ul><li>We used the digital still cameras during the research and planning to take our recce shots of the places in which we are going to film.
  3. 3. We used the camera during out take of the performance for the music video.
  4. 4. We used the camera after words to take the picture for the digi pack and the poster.</li></ul>This photo was taken from the high resolution camera<br />This photo was taken from the low resolution camera<br />Sometimes the camera just doesn’t work because of the batteries. <br />
  5. 5. Cameras to record <br />The flip cameras are good because they are small, easy to use, easy to import to the computer, small portable size, quiet robust, easy to see functional buttons and good quality of filming but it runs out of battery and storage space, when you upload the footage to the computer it wide screens the footage.<br />The HD camera shoots the footage in high quality, it has lots of different functions it has a screen and a viewer to view the footage which you are shooting but its quit big and expensive.<br />We used two hand held cameras to record the close ups and the moving shot its easy to use small portable but its quiet low definition which when edited with the main HD camera looked different.<br /><ul><li>The flip camera was used during evaluation to get the feedback from our audience after watching the animatics and the final video.
  6. 6. The high definition and the other two cameras were used in the construction of the video.</li></li></ul><li>Final cut express<br />On the other hand for the beginners its quiet difficult to get use to, you have to keep on rendering a few things and you can’t do typography to do that you would have to take it to live type and do it there.<br />Final cut is better then imovie because it more advanced, you can do more effects on it such as green screen.<br /><ul><li>We used final cut during the experimentation of the green screen.
  7. 7. We used final cut during the construction, to edit our final video.
  8. 8. After that we used final cut during out evaluation to do the question 1 </li></li></ul><li>imovie<br /><ul><li>We used imovie during planning of our video. We used it to create the animatics to out video to get an idea of what our final video might look like.
  9. 9. After the animatics we used imovie to edit the feedback to the animatic.</li></ul>Imovie is great for little video editing, it quick, easy, clear and great for beginners but it hasn’t got much effect comparing to final cut and it not advance enough to create long professional videos such as films or music videos. <br /><ul><li>After making the final video we used imovie to edit the feedback of our audience.</li></li></ul><li>istopmotion<br /><ul><li>We used isopmotion during the construction of our final video we used it when the gummy bears were coming </li></ul>out of the phone <br /><ul><li>We also used it when the candy was crawling over the girl in the straight jacket.</li></ul>Istopmotion is great for creating stop motion, its easy quick and it has onion skin which tells you what was on the last shot but if you are in the footage whilst making the video you would have to be vey still and it takes a very long time.<br />
  10. 10. Photoshop<br />Photoshop is quick easy simple but it only edited photos<br /><ul><li>We used photoshop during the construction of the actual video when her boy friend turns into candy
  11. 11. After the video we also used photoshop during our ancillary task to create the poster and the digi pack. </li></ul>it could be difficult for the beginners because of lots of features in photoshop. <br />
  12. 12. It lets you comment on<br /> other people’s posts.<br />You don’t need a <br />physical copy because <br />everything is already <br />there. You can’t access <br />it if you don’t have the internet. It doesn't upload thing which are too big such as long clips.<br />Blogger keeps track of everything you are doing, it lets you upload photos, video from your computer or you could embed the video to the blog, it lets you add and give the links to the contributor's blogs.<br /><ul><li>We used blogger throughout the project, during planning and research to get ideas and develop the ideas.
  13. 13. During construction to log what we are doing and put little sample of what we did today
  14. 14. In evaluation stage to post the evaluation.</li></li></ul><li>Slideshare<br />Slideshare lets you upload powerpoints and lets you share it with other users and other web 2.0 sit such as facebook. It lets the user decide if they want to keep it privet or public<br /><ul><li>We used slideshare during the research in which we had to create an artist’s starpersona.
  15. 15. We used slide share during the stage of planning. We created a powerpoint presentation to present our ideas.
  16. 16. In evaluation task I had to upload the question 3 which was on powerpoint so I used slideshare</li></ul>You can upload it to slideshare and open it up any where you like so you don’t need a physical copy with you. You can <br />upload it on blogger so<br /> ever thing is organised <br />in to one space.<br />
  17. 17. The good thing about face book is that almost everyone has one so it could spread virally, you can comment on the video and you can upload photos videos, but its not always going to be positive what people say.<br /><ul><li>We have used facebook after creating our video. We placed our video on facebook so our audience could give us feedback on how the video looks like and which part and why did they like it.
  18. 18. We used facebook to contact out band which were going to perform for us.
  19. 19. Once we used to tell each other what we are going to be doing on a certain day.</li></li></ul><li>The great thing about youtube<br />is because its web 2.0 there <br />lot of example ideas posted by <br />other people. You can post your<br />own videos and let other<br />people comment on it and you<br />can comment on there videos as well. It lets you embed the video from youtube to other sites such as facebook or blogger. <br />You tube takes a bit long for the video to upload and you cant upload very long videos such as a short film.<br /><ul><li>We used youtube during the planning and research of our video. We looked at other students videos well know music videos.
  20. 20. After the video was finished we posted it on youtube.
  21. 21. In the evaluation we had to evaluate our video so we annotated it on youtube.</li></li></ul><li>Gmail is a great way to communicate to other people even if they are far away places such as America. You can send each other messages images PDFs videos and other stuff. But you can’t upload long videos or images which takes a lot of space such as high resolution image.<br /><ul><li>We used g-mail in the early stages of the project to send different artist e-mail and telling them about our project. Almost all of them had some sort of issue and some of them didn't even reply.
  22. 22. We contacted our artist through g-mail, we asked them for the lyrics to the song.</li>