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Zenfosys ISO Overview


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We do the ISO implementation for the following:

1. ISO 9001:2008 :Quality Management System
2. ISO 14001:2004 :Environment Management Systems
3. ISO 20001:2011 :IT service Management Systems
4. ISO 27001:2005 :Information Security Management Systems
5. ISO/TS 16949:2009 :Automotive Management System
6. ISO/TS 18001:2007 :Occupational Health & Safety Managements System

We provide the following consultancy options for our valued customers:

1. Quality Process Outsourcing: Lump Sum Charge
QPO is a one year contract where we make sure all your documentations are up to date with a consultancy visit each quarter of a year.

2. Shadow Audit: Lump Sum Charge
We do only auditing part with the same level of standards as done by the certification agency.

3. Renewal: Per Visit Charge
We only help in getting you the renewal of the certification done.

4. On Demand: Per Visit Charge
We send our consultant on call basis, when required by you.

Visit www.zenfosys.com for more details or ask for a demo.
Call us: +91 11 46009827
Email: sales@zenfosys.com

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Zenfosys ISO Overview

  1. 1. 31 B, LINEN ARCADE, MOHAMMADPUR,BHIKAJI CAMA PLACE,NEW DELHI – 110066PH 011 46009827 Zenfosystems IT ServicesFAX 011 46009835EMAIL INFO@ZENFOSYS.COM ISO CONSULTING QUALITY PROCESS OUTSOURCING HAPPY CLIENTS VALUE FOR MONEY EXPERIENCED & EXPERTISED PROFESSIONALS Small and Medium size businesses are supporting pillars of the economy. These businesses need tried and tested products & process, a partner who is able to satisfy their , requirements and that, if possible, within a short period and with a perfect price/performance ratio. Expertise, such as comprehensive business consultancy knowledge and many years of experience when dealing with small and medium sized businesses as well as the service and support quality, the ROI, the continuing personal cooperation and the guaranteed future of the provider are of importance. As small and medium sized businesses are more gradually ISO Consulting integrated into worldwide operating company networksnetworks, Quality Process Outsourcing they require a guided process a good knowledge of process, different industries, as well as a sophisticated, efficient Application Development simplifying Business operating partner network. Payroll Outsourcing Support
  2. 2. Technology at work for you flexible solutions for Connecting your business to the technology resources you need MANAGEMENT CONSULTING ISO CONSULTANCY APPROACH your business needs We bring a complete suite of training, and consulting services to our client. Our approach is GREAT approach to provide ISO Consultancy. ISO consulting providing a total We use any flexible and modern pattern; we always explore new means of executing a task G: Gap Analysis R: Report to Top Management regarding gaps and end-to-end solution which helps to improve organization processes and provide solutions to fill operational performance with maintaining the E: Establishment of Management System company culture. We always focus on quality A: Audit conduction and MRM consultancy, performance level and customer T: Trigger to Certification Process satisfaction level. Our consultants are having CUSTOM SOLUTIONS QUALITY PROCESS OUTSOURCING experience in a wide variety of industries. We provide you custom implementation consultancy solutions like Quality Assurance is a specialized area in any time bound implementation, training management, integrated Service/product industry that is most of the time management service etc. neglected. Result is customer dissatisfaction, which leads to business loss. Quality Assurance is an integral and This helps you facilitate easy service delivery with more flexibility critical phase of any product developed and service and efficiency. offered. Company must ensure that newly developed/offered product/service meet all requirements. REDUCE COST Not focusing on Quality is always harmful. Companies worried about Quality, implement QMS/ISMS/ITMS based on ISO Standards. They align their process according toOUR MANAGEMENT Organizations are recognizing that an effective Quality Management System leads to reduced ISO Standard. It has been observed that companies costs and greater operating margins. A well- DEDICATED SUPPORT IMPLEMENT ISO but fail to MAINTAIN it due to lack ofSERVICES: designed and implemented Quality Management ISO/Quality EXPERT. System based on ISO 9001 has been shown to We are reachable over the internet, email, phone, skype! You don’t Zenfosys has a team of ISO/Quality Experts. Our Experts provide organizations with the following benefits: have to worry about your ISO related needs. We remember your helps management by identifying issues impacting sales renewal dates, audits etc and facilitate your with better services and cost performance, providing impartial quality audits making sure the renewal dates don’t lapse nor does the audit dates. and actionable data, and delivering accurate and impartial • Improved product reliability feedback. Zenfosys QPO works for those customers who • Better process control and flow wish to outsource their quality function and to deliver • Better documentation of processes, consistent, high performance services by utilizing quality o ISO 9001:2008 • Greater employee quality awareness monitoring, management, reporting and analysis and • Reductions in product scrap, rework and business performance improvement recommendations rejections based on ISO Standards and best industry practices. o ISO 20001:2011 INFORMATION SECURITY METHODOLOGY: SHARP S: Study the PROCESS followed in company o ISO 27001:2005 All organizations today have to respond to a rapidly changing and increasingly threatening range of information security risks – risks H: High focused on PROCESS-STEPS taken which can, if unmitigated, lead to severe financial, regulatory and o ISO14001:2004 ENTERPRISE MANAGEMENT reputation damage for organizations. Information security A: Audit/Analyze the PROCESS investment and control decisions should be specifically driven by R: Recommend for CAPA to Top Management the outcome of a risk assessment process that identifies risks to o ISO/TS 16949:2009 • Well defined and documented procedures specific information assets. P: Plan & Monitor improve the consistency of output We provide clear, practical and comprehensive inspection/auditing Quality is constantly measured on developing a risk management methodology that meets the o ISO 18001:2007 • requirements of ISO27001, the information security management • Procedures ensure corrective action is taken whenever defects occur standard that will help achieve corporate risk management • Defect rates decrease objectives. • Defects are caught earlier and are corrected at a lower cost • Defining procedures identifies current practices that are obsolete or inefficient Documented procedures are easier for new • employees to follow CALL US TO KNOW MORE ABOUT OUR VARIOUS SERVICES OR VISIT • Organizations retain or increase market share, WWW.ZENFOSYS.COM increasing sales or revenues