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Use Data & Analytics to Create Better Customer Experiences


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Learn about several trends we are seeing from innovative companies that are using Zendesk and our solution for customer analytics.

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Use Data & Analytics to Create Better Customer Experiences

  1. 1. Use Data & Analytics to Create Better Customer Experiences Customer Experience for Startups - San Francisco
  2. 2. Andrew Product Marketing, Zendesk Claire Product Marketing, Zendesk
  3. 3. We have some fun polls and we need your votes (think most used emojis) Go to and join #DATA
  4. 4. Things we’re going to talk about today Zendesk Explore demo! Q&A Customer experience trends for 2019 Zendesk’s solution for customer analytics Benchmark your support team!
  5. 5. Claire
  6. 6. Once you’ve experienced great customer service, you expect it every time.
  7. 7. Your customers are comparing you to the best customer experience they’ve ever had Customer expectations are rising 46% of customers say they have higher expectations 59% of agents say customers have higher expectations
  8. 8. Customers are less satisfied CSAT is down across the globe as inquiries rise
  9. 9. of customers will switch to another brand as a result of bad customer service Source: The Northridge Group CX LaggardsCX Leaders Source: Forrester CX Leaders grow revenue 5x faster
  10. 10. So how does your customer service stack up?
  11. 11. 20,000,000,000 Ticket Updates (2018) Companies using Zendesk handle billions of tickets. SOURCE: ZENDESK BENCHMARK
  12. 12. The Zendesk Benchmark includes 45K companies AFRICA 1K ASIA 3K OCEANIA 3K CENTRAL AND SOUTH AMERICA 3K NORTH AMERICA 20K EUROPE 15K
  13. 13. West Coast ≠ Best Coast Customers are less happy in CA Sacramento 94% Oakland 95%San Francisco 92% Los Angeles 93% San Diego 93% San Jose 96% Palo Alto 92% 4.1k companies using Zendesk
  14. 14. Which emoji gets used most in customer service interactions in the Bay Area? Pop Quiz #1 A. B. C. D. #DATA
  15. 15. Bay Area companies in which industry use the most apps to connect data? A. Entertainment & Gaming B. Consulting C. Web Applications D. Nonprofit E. Retail Pop Quiz #2 #DATA
  16. 16. B2C B2B Internal SMB 89% 94% 94% Midmarket 88% 95% 97% Enterprise 91% 95% 99% How satisfied are customers in the Bay Area? 93% CSAT
  17. 17. Get your customer service performance score See how you compare to other support teams in the Bay Area. 11.1k | 220 Ticket volume Number of customer support inquiries per month 89% | 61% One-touch resolution Percentage of support tickets solved with one response 0.2 | 2 min Average handle time Average length of a call for a customer 217 | 12 Help center articles Number of articles available for customers to self-serve 0.9 | 7.7 hrs First reply time Time it takes a first response to reach a customer 9 | 3 Number of apps Number of third-party and custom apps used High Performer Low Performer
  18. 18. 55% of agents think they have adequate tools for reporting success Only Agents who've been around longer are rated higher Focus on your team’s culture and analytics
  19. 19. #1 Create a supportive culture for agents #2 Get started with an out-of-the box analytics solution #3 Refine how you use metrics Tips for your team Companies making the most of Zendesk Explore: 60%faster replies to customers less time keeping customers waiting44% Focus on your team’s culture and analytics
  20. 20. Andrew
  21. 21. of CX executives said it’s essential to have the data necessary to study CX if they want to see improved outcomes SOURCE: HARVARD BUSINESS REVIEW 87%
  22. 22. But… Analytics tools haven’t kept up with what CX leaders need...
  23. 23. Limited insight creates all sorts of problems for CX teams CX leaders can’t sit at the executive table without data CX leaders don’t have the data you need to make decisions
  24. 24. Zendesk Explore Analytics for businesses to measure and improve the entire customer experience SAY HELLO TO...
  25. 25. What high-performing CX teams are doing differently Tips for CX leaders Keeping a close eye on team performance Learning more about their customers Being more strategic with metrics
  26. 26. Thank you!