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Startup DNA: Setting the ground to grow


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There are so many things a startup founder has to consider — product, team, marketing, customers, technology — that often, company culture is the last thing on the list. In this session, Pedro Muller (Zendesk) and Khalida Ali (Zendesk) discuss how important it is that founders and startup leaders build an inclusive culture from day one. You’ll learn how an inclusive, scalable culture sets a company up for successful, sustainable growth.

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Startup DNA: Setting the ground to grow

  1. 1. NOW Startup DNA: Setting the ground 
 to grow 5B TRACK
  2. 2. TRA C K 5B Startup DNA: Setting the ground 
 to grow Sr. Manager, Diversity & Inclusion Zendesk Startups Initiatives Manager Zendesk KHALIDA ALI PEDRO MULLER @yes_khalida @pedromuller
  3. 3. Culture and diversity Agenda Why does it matter? Setting the ground to grow
  4. 4. Culture
  5. 5. Why does 
 it matter?
  6. 6. A company’s culture is the foundation for future innovation. An entrepreneur's job is to build the foundation. Brian Chesky, Co-founder and CEO of
  7. 7. What’s not culture?
  8. 8. So…
 how have some startups built a strong culture?
  9. 9. Inclusive culture for everyone Live your values Focus on employee experience Be transparent Gather Feedback
  10. 10. Bridge the 
  11. 11. “FOR THE PEEPLE* 
 BY THE PEEPLE.” (At Hootsuite, we sometimes like to call each other peeps when talking about large groups)*
  12. 12. Setting the 
 ground to grow
  13. 13. Founders Create trust Award innovation Foster diversity & inclusion
  14. 14. Investors Invest in diversity Encourage innovation Be inclusive
  15. 15. Employees Create a positive attitude Live the values Build together
  16. 16. #zendeskrelate @zendesk 5B TRACK Thank you