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Plan your career in customer support


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You’re an awesome customer support agent, aren’t you? But what’s next if you’re interested in moving up? Working as an agent can lead to countless career paths, and it’s good to have goal-setting advice along the way. Hear tips and tricks from Erin Hampe (Zendesk) who got her start as an agent and now manages support teams globally. Learn how you can use her journey to expand your own career in the CX industry.

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Plan your career in customer support

  1. 1. 3B TRACK NOW Plan your 
 career in customer support
  2. 2. TRA C K 3B Plan your career in customer support ERIN HAMPE Advocacy Manager, Zendesk
  3. 3. Hi, I work in Customer Support
  4. 4. Own your 
  5. 5. Best practices at work Express interest, backed by strong performance Find the significance in challenges Lean in to change, be curious
  6. 6. Best practices on your own Keep up on what’s happening in your department, company and your industry Find your own support team Invest in your own professional growth
  7. 7. Overall best practices Get good at feedback Be your best self Act intentionally about connecting
  8. 8. Building your career is a lot like dating
  9. 9. Figuring out what to do next Surface your natural likes/dislikes Know your dealmakers and deal breakers
  10. 10. Advocacy 2014 Support Ops Technical Support & Engineering (Tiers 2 & 3) Product Support 
 (Tier 1) Advocates Operations Zendesk Advocacy
  11. 11. Advocacy 2018 Technical Support & Engineering 
 (Tiers 2 & 3) Product Support (Tier 1) Emerging Business Support Premier Support Project Delivery & Business Analysis Advocacy Data 
 Team Advocacy Software Engineering Support OpsTraining & QA Workforce Management Self-ServiceEnterprise & Developer Support, Developer Relations Incident and Escalations Management Advocates Operations Zendesk Advocacy Associate Advocate Senior Advocate Senior
  12. 12. We’re always evolving Late 
 Telephone & 
 switchboard 1990 
 Internet for 
 everyone 1995
 Chat/Email Early 
 Service Software Mid
 Social Media 2010
 Self Service, AI Increased 
 expectations 2 Increased 
 complexity 1 Increased 
 importance 3
  13. 13. Hi, I work in Customer Support
  14. 14. #zendeskrelate @zendesk 3B TRACK Thank you