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Modeling human relationships with data (ft. Vimeo & Segment)


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Let your customer data lead the way. Join Joe McCarron (Zendesk) and Suri Ratnatunga (Vimeo) to learn how you can use the Zendesk Platform to model your business, capture every customer interaction, and build the best relationships with your customers.

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Modeling human relationships with data (ft. Vimeo & Segment)

  1. 1. 4 TRACK NOW Modeling human relationships with data
  2. 2. TRA C K 4 Modeling human relationships with data JOE
 MCCARRON Lead Product Manager, Platform Zendesk
  3. 3. Today’s customer relationships Agenda Sunshine data layer Customer feature: Vimeo Sunshine demo Partner feature: Segment
  4. 4. Today’s customer
  5. 5. Your customers have complex relationships with your business
  6. 6. Traditional CRM wasn’t made for your modern business Proprietary
 data model Limited event
 capturing Scattered
 customer profiles
  7. 7. Two trends in computing Event-based
 data sources Graph-oriented
  8. 8. USER EXP ERIENCES SERVICE S CUSTOME R DATA INFRASTRUCTURE Profiles Objects Events Conversations Relationships Profiles Events Objects N E W D A T A L A Y E R W I T H
  9. 9. For truly connected customer data
  10. 10. Sunshine
 data layer
  11. 11. Custom Objects and relationships Available Today Store and connect additional data entities to the standard data model Eliminate data silos by centralizing customer data in Zendesk Build custom apps to boost agent productivity and deliver more context Tickets Custom
 Objects Organizations Users
  12. 12. Custom Events Define and capture custom events like shopping cart or web activity Surface events in the Interaction History in Zendesk Support Available Today Tickets Custom
 Objects Organizations Users Events
  13. 13. Custom Profiles Unify profiles across all your sources of customer data
 for a complete view Connect profiles to events to understand engagement on every customer channel Coming in 2019 Tickets Custom
 Objects Organizations Users Events Custom Profiles
  14. 14. How it all comes together
  15. 15. Customer feature:
  16. 16. TRA C K 4 Modeling human relationships with data @surir SURI 
 RATNATUNGA Director of Community + Support Vimeo
  17. 17. We empower video creators to tell exceptional stories,
 and connect with their audiences and communities.
  18. 18. We’ve got a thing for video. Users 900K Paid
 subscriptions 5 Average customer
 lifetime 80M Years
  19. 19. Vimeo support stats CSAT 100K Tickets
 per quarter 30 First
 response time 96% Min
  20. 20. 50 Agents / 10 Ops Vimeo support department REMOTE SUPPORT TEAM HQ SUPPORT TEAM VIDEO TECH BILLING OPERATIONS Engineering Documentation Training Quality Control USA EU AUS
  21. 21. Because the product our agents support is complex and ever-changing… … we want to make sure the tools and resources they use are simple and consistent.
  22. 22. Vimeo Rapbox
  23. 23. Ticket History App
  25. 25. Vimeo will use Sunshine Events to centralize access to customer communications Tickets Users Email Activity Order Activity Sales Leads Events Events
  26. 26. Sunshine demo
  27. 27. TRA C K 4 Modeling human relationships with data Senior software engineer Zendesk JORDAN ALVISO
  28. 28. Partner feature:
  29. 29. TRA C K 4 Modeling human relationships with data Lead Product Manager Segment CHRIS SPERANDIO
  30. 30. C O L L E C T S T A N D A R D I Z E S Y N T H E S I Z E A C T I V A T E Observe customer interactions from every first- party touch point. Ensure data is consistent, accurate, and filtering to the correct location. Resolve into user profiles and surface signals about each customer. Send data to more than 200+ tools for analytics, growth, and more. A quick overview of Segment Your customer data infrastructure
  31. 31. Expertise in data collection across sources Scalability and reliability of the platform Transparent, straightforward developer experience Breadth and depth of integration catalog Why Segment
  32. 32. Yesterday Sync Zendesk data to data warehouse. Understand complete customer journey. SOURCE Forward user traits and audience membership to Zendesk for contextualized support experience. DESTINATION
  33. 33. Built an internal tool to surface data from Segment’s Personas product in their helpdesk. Note: this required manual API integration and custom app development. Single point of data collection across apps The same data that’s in your marketing tools, warehouses, etc. Ease of implementation for engineering “We tracked client activity, but it was difficult to compile that stream of data into a customer's complete history for marketing and support activities.” “We've reduced handle time on complex tickets by up to 80% using Personas because agents can jump right into Personas to look at event logs without having to ask an engineer to stop what they're doing and query audit logs in the hundreds of millions of rows.” How one customer reduced ticket handle time using Behavioral Data C H A L L E N G E S O L U T I O N W H Y S E G M E N T R E S U L T S
  34. 34. Today Forward behavioral data to Zendesk to give agents a full picture of the customer journey inside Zendesk. EVENTS!
  35. 35. Today Forward behavioral data to Zendesk to give agents a full picture of the customer journey inside Zendesk. EVENTS
  36. 36. #zendeskrelate @zendesk 4 TRACK Thank you