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Go with the workflow: Enhanced agent experiences in Zendesk Support (ft. Box)


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Learn valuable tips and tricks on how to best set up your support workflow. Join Andrew Reback (Zendesk) and Julie Yee (Zendesk) as they disclose Zendesk’s future of workflow. You’ll also learn how to optimize your ongoing and day-to-day support operations. (Cool, huh?) And then, Brandon Savage (Box) will share how they streamlined with Zendesk and why Box started leveraging a swarm model for their support operations.

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Go with the workflow: Enhanced agent experiences in Zendesk Support (ft. Box)

  1. 1. TRACK 1B NOW Go with the workflow: Enhanced agent experiences in Zendesk Support
  2. 2. TRA C K 1B JULIE YEE ANDREW REBACK BRANDON SAVAGE Sr. Product Marketing Manager
 Zendesk Sr. Director, Product Management
 Zendesk Head of User Services Box Go with the workflow: Enhanced agent experiences
 in Zendesk Support
  3. 3. How delivers better customer experiences 
 leveraging workflow Challenges with customer support workflow Agenda A look at what’s ahead Key takeaways: 3 tips
  4. 4. Challenges you’re facing today Challenges you’re facing today Responding to rapidly evolving customer expectations Aligning customer expectations to the vision and operations of your growing business Ensuring your agents are set up for success to provide a seamless customer experience
  5. 5. Zendesk 
 helps you Get the right requests to the right agents Work more efficiently by automatically surfacing up the right tools Collaborate across teams to solve customer problems
  6. 6. Skills-based routing • Set up skills and associate them with individual agents • Define conditions for when a ticket needs a certain skill Get the right requests 
 to the right agents
  7. 7. Contextual workspaces • Build workspaces that are relevant to the ticket at hand • Each workspace will display the relevant macros, ticket form, and apps Work more efficiently by automatically surfacing up the right tools
  8. 8. Side conversations • Collaborate with anyone in 
 a separate side conversation • Centralize all conversations in Zendesk Support Collaborate across teams to 
 solve customer problems
  9. 9. TRA C K 1B BRANDON SAVAGE Head of User Services Box How does Box meet customer expectations with workflow?
  10. 10. Corporate goal • Build amazing products that power how people work together • Reach and enable every business in the world • Cultivate an epic place to do our best work View of CX and strategy • Consolidate & integrate best of breed tools as Box continues to grow & scale • Deliver amazing customer service • Enable agents to do their best work and optimize issue resolution time
  11. 11. About the Box User Services Teams Redwood 
 City, CA Austin, TX London Tokyo Manila About the Box user services teams Personal (included) Standard (included) Premier/Platinum (paid) 10,000 tickets per month 80,000 global customers 68% of 
 Fortune 500
  12. 12. Challenges with traditional support workflows For agents For customers For the business
  13. 13. Generalists/triage Customer support request Box’s new approach “Swarm” model • Login • Collaboration • End User Settings • Preview • Mobile Web • Feed/Graph • Other/Catch-All Category • Box Sync • Box Drive • Box Tools/Edit • Mobile Apps • Box for Office/
 Outlook • EMM • Device Trust • Authentication/SSO • Reporting • Box Zones • Governance • KeySafe • Box Relay • GxP • Security • API’s • Integrations
 NetSuite/etc) • FTP/WebDAV • DICOM • SDK’s • Box Skills Web app
 End user Clients
 Mobile & desktop Admin
 & Category prods Platform
 Integrations & APIs
  14. 14. Ownership
 Growth & development Right case Right agent Right time Strategic prioritization Cross-team collaboration Agent experience Customer experience Business alignment Making the move 
 to swarms Why change?
  15. 15. Our Zendesk Swarm Workflow Complex behind the scenes, seamless for our agents GROUPS VIEWS METADATA APIs TO DOs Tickets requiring your attention
  16. 16. Why change? How is collaborative performance & efficiency measured (vs. individual)? How can we assure response frequency? How can we identify trends and provide insights to build teams? Agent experience Customer experience Business alignment New questions, more opportunities Workflow in an 
 expanding ecosystem
  17. 17. “We’re always thinking about how we can maximize the experience for our customers. The customer shouldn’t care who in the organization they’re talking to. They should just get the help they need.” Jon Herstein
 Chief Customer Officer Products Used
  18. 18. Workflow – what’s next?
  20. 20. Our workflow 
 vision Scale Integrate Understand 1 2 3
  21. 21. The future
 of Zendesk workflow Workflow Engine API UI Custom Apps Your Systems Admin/Access Services Other Services 3rd Party Data Business
 Intelligence Proactive
 CX & CRM End
 User Tools Team
 Leads Your Agents Your Customers Your Developers sell Mobile SDK Web Widget Omnichannel
  22. 22. Simplifying collaboration within your workflow • Enable agents to connect on Slack from a ticket • Centralize all interactions and conversations within Support Join the EAP! Side conversations & Slack integration
  23. 23. Key
  24. 24. 3 in 3 Know what the broader 
 business looks like 1 Strategize your workflow 
 set-up before jumping in 2 Take insights back3
  25. 25. #zendeskrelate @zendesk 1B TRACK Thank you