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Embed omnichannel support with the Web Widget and Mobile SDK (ft. Squarespace)


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Customer support is about providing a seamless user experience, wherever your customers may be. Join Joe Abbott (Zendesk), Max Brunner (Zendesk), and Eric Clay (Squarespace) to learn how you can use the Zendesk Web Widget and Mobile SDKs to build or embed personalized, omnichannel support on any device to take control of the interactions that matter.

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Embed omnichannel support with the Web Widget and Mobile SDK (ft. Squarespace)

  1. 1. 4 TRACK NOW Embed omnichannel support with the Web Widget and Mobile SDK
  2. 2. TRA C K 4 Embed omnichannel support with the Web Widget and Mobile SDK @j_abbott_ JOE ABBOTT Platform Marketing Manager Zendesk
  3. 3. Omnichannel customer journeys Here’s what we’ll cover Web Widget Mobile SDK Customer feature
  4. 4. Omnichannel customer journeys
  5. 5. “Customers want to use a breadth of communication channels and touchpoints to interact with a customer service organization…” Forrester Research, Trends 2016
 The Future of Customer Service 95%of customers are
 using three channels
  6. 6. How is multichannel different than omnichannel? Customer Fragmented
 experience Admin Separate solutions and data sources
 Long time to value Agent Siloed channels
  7. 7. Omnichannel integrates channels for better customer, agent, and admin experiences
 Customer Seamless conversations Admin Single source of truth Rapid time to value Agent Full customer context Unified Interface
  8. 8. The Zendesk 
 omnichannel solution
  9. 9. Meet your customers wherever they are
  10. 10. Consumer services Customer wants to check the status of an on-demand delivery Software User wants to learn how to do something new in-product Ecommerce Shopper has a question about an item in the shopping cart Answer Bot
  11. 11. How do you create consistent branded experiences with ease?
  12. 12. Embed omnichannel support for your customers on any device Web Widget & Mobile SDK
  13. 13. It’s easy to build a great customer experience Connect with customers on any channel Empower agents with more context Create a customized user experience
  14. 14. Web Widget
  15. 15. Embed omnichannel support in any web app <head> <script id="ze-snippet" src="https:// key=fb1e5917-b0c5-400f-bd86- cab5af972447"> </script> </head> 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
  16. 16. Web SDK Build your own UI and completely customize the overall user experience Admin Settings Configure basic settings like channel options, colors, and button text Javascript API Customize text, authenticate users, and control page-specific behavior Customization from clicks to code
  17. 17. Toggle on/off channels and choose which ticket form appears Customize theme color, icons, button text, and positioning of the widget Configure security settings for restricted Help Center content Web Widget Admin Settings
  18. 18. Authenticate users and enable/suppress features with zE.settings() for a more personalized experience Identify users in Zendesk Support with zE.identify() and prefill form fields to give your agents more customer context Control contextual help with
 to optimize content suggestions Web Widget Javascript API
  19. 19. Bring your own CSS and Javascript libraries and create a custom UI that matches your brand Get visitor information and send/ receive messages with the zChat object for a custom user experience Web Widget Web SDK
  20. 20. How to get started with the Web Widget Check out the getting started guide in the Support Help Center Enable the Web Widget by visiting Admin > Channels > Widget
 in Zendesk Support Read the developer documentation for more advanced customization 1 2 3
  21. 21. TRA C K 4 Embed omnichannel support with the Web Widget and Mobile SDK @maxbrunner MAX BRUNNER Product Manager, Mobile SDKs Zendesk
  22. 22. Mobile SDKs
  23. 23. Integrate omnichannel support natively into any mobile app
  24. 24. Customize the look and feel for a fully immersive experience Put support right at your customers’ fingertips Create branded experiences Customize fonts and
 colors to match your brand Modify UI behavior Control display of buttons
 and associated activity Customize user journeys Modify layout for completely custom navigation
  25. 25. From simple configuration to complete control
  26. 26. Do more with less with the Core SDK More modular,
 with more channels Enhanced channel orchestration Server-side optimizations
 to reduce payload
  27. 27. Seamless omnichannel experience for any user journey Reactive
 self-service Proactive
 Event-driven engagement Answer Bot Coming 2019
  28. 28. How to get started with the Mobile SDK Check out the getting started guide in the Support Help Center Register your mobile app by visiting Admin > Channels > Mobile SDK in Zendesk Support and start configuring Check out the documentation for iOS or Android and start integrating the Mobile SDK into your app 1 2 3
  29. 29. Customer feature: Squarespace
  30. 30. TRA C K 4 Embed omnichannel support with the Web Widget and Mobile SDK @maxbrunner ERIC CLAY Director, Product Solutions Squarespace
  31. 31. M I S S I O N Squarespace empowers people with creative ideas to succeed.
 800+ Employees Millions 1M+ of customers Yearly interactions
  32. 32. We empower customers to give voices to their ideas. We make it easy for customers who need help. 40/60 Ticketing : Live chat 87% CSAT for Live chat CSAT for email 95%
  33. 33. T I C K E T S U B M I S S I O N F O R M Using Dynamic Content to surface guides and translated guides
  34. 34. M O B I L E S D K Embedded Squarespace help content and support in our mobile apps
  35. 35. W E B W I D G E T In app content and live chat for our customers when they need it most
  36. 36. #zendeskrelate @zendesk 4 TRACK Thank you