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3 Game-changing apps built on the zendesk platform (ft. Box, Bright Reps & Pendo)


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Give your agents the power to provide the best customer interactions. Greg Dreyfus, (Zendesk) sits down with three developers—Brent Pliskow (Box), Mike Moone (BrightReps), and Steve Hollinger (Zendesk) to discuss how their agents use Zendesk Support apps to revolutionize the customer experience.

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3 Game-changing apps built on the zendesk platform (ft. Box, Bright Reps & Pendo)

  1. 1. 4 TRACK NOW 3 game-changing apps built on the Zendesk Platform
  2. 2. TRA C K 4 3 game- changing apps built on the Zendesk Platform @GR3GD GREG DREYFUS Platform Architects Manager Zendesk
  3. 3. Introduction to Zendesk apps Here’s what we’ll cover Zendesk apps framework The Zendesk Marketplace Developer panel: Box, BrightReps, Zendesk, Pendo Q&A
  4. 4. Introduction to 
 Zendesk apps
  5. 5. Supercharge the agent workspace
  6. 6. Zendesk Apps for Support and Chat
  7. 7. Apps that can go anywhere Top bar Side bar Nav bar Ticket editor
  8. 8. Apps in every type Private Custom Free Client Public Marketplace Paid Server
  9. 9. Apps vs integrations Sync data with external apps Enhance the
 agent experience
  10. 10. Zendesk apps framework
  11. 11. Build Zendesk Support and Chat apps your way Built on ZAF: The Zendesk Apps Framework Access any resource with consistent APIs Build with your favorite developer tools Deploy client or server side apps with ease
  12. 12. ZAT: Zendesk App Tools Designed for the modern developer Auto-creates files in valid directory structure Makes it easy to test apps locally in-browser Deploy apps to production with a few clicks Everything you need to build, test, and deploy Zendesk apps quickly
  13. 13. Apps framework APIs Client API Control the behavior of your app and how it interacts with the agent workspace Core API Interact directly with Support and Chat API libraries to modify data properties
  14. 14. Skills you need to start building Zendesk apps HTML & CSS
 for UI design Javascript for interactivity Understanding of Zendesk APIs
  15. 15. The Zendesk
  16. 16. Where apps live: The Zendesk Marketplace Welcome to the even more store
  17. 17. Our app marketplace is a lively ecosystem Zendesk
 developers Marketplace
 apps App
 installs 700+ 20K 200K
  18. 18. All the apps you need Slack Trello Zoom Salesforce Jira Mailchimp Shopify Google 
 Hangouts Time 
 Tracking Five Most
 Recent Instagram MagentoWistia Tasks Knowledge 
  19. 19. Now including a partner directory
  20. 20. Find a partner to help you do more with Zendesk Zendesk partners App
 developers Solution
 providers Implementation partners Referral
 partners Business
 service partners
  21. 21. Create a listing for your company and start submitting apps Zendesk Marketplace Portal
  22. 22. Developer panel
  23. 23. Zendesk developer panel Brent Pliskow Sr. Manager,
 User Services Mike Moone CEO/
 Co-founder Eric Boduch Co-Founder/
 Chief Evangelist Steve Hollinger Team Lead,
 Software Engineering
  24. 24. Cloud Content Management with Box
  25. 25. Trending issues Custom app
  26. 26. Trending issues Custom app
  27. 27. A Bit About Pendo Growing rapidly • Founded in October 2013 • 700+ customers; 250+ employees • Offices in Raleigh, NC (HQ), NYC, SF, Israel • 400% revenue growth over last 12 months • Tracks over 20 billion events from 22 million users monthly Backed by leading investors
  28. 28. A Bit About Pendo Trusted by hundreds of companies, including:
  29. 29. ZENDO = PENDO + ZENDESK What was the customer pain? Support agents had minimal context of usage which sometimes led to poor support experiences. What did we build? A Zendesk app that brings Pendo data right where support agents live. Now agents can see the following: • Features/page used • Operating System • NPS Score • Active Days and Minutes This data visibility provides the agent with better
 context for quicker and better case resolution. The Result? 1000+ Zendesk users actively using Zendo.
  30. 30. We build custom apps and integrations for support use cases Software engineering - Zendesk Advocacy Build tools on the Zendesk Platform Design custom solutions for Zendesk Advocacy Partner with Product teams for innovation
  31. 31. Application server and toolkit helps us build Zendesk apps more efficiently Singularity Benefits Increased development resource sharing, decreased time to market, and optimized workspace utilization driven by access controls. Singularity Application Server Built on simple infrastructure of Postgres,
 Redis, a web host, and a worker host.
  32. 32. Zendesk developer panel Brent Pliskow Sr. Manager,
 User Services Box Mike Moone CEO/
 Co-founder BrightReps Eric Boduch Co-Founder/
 Chief Evangelist Pendo Steve Hollinger Team Lead,
 Software Engineering Zendesk
  33. 33. How to get started building apps Check out the
 Zendesk Apps Developer Guide
 and create a developer account at: Get familiar with the Zendesk APIs using REPL - an interactive programming environment for Zendesk apps Install the Zendesk apps tools gem and start building amazing, interactive apps for Support and Chat 1 2 3
  34. 34. Certify your skillset Become a certified App Developer I. With this certification, you’ll feel confident that you’re coding correctly and you have the skillset to take your deployment to the next level.
  35. 35. #zendeskrelate @zendesk 4 TRACK Thank you