I phone 5 will come at the appointed time


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I phone 5 will come at the appointed time

  1. 1. United Kingdom the daily mail recently reported, according to Korea the latest rumors, Apple’snext generation iPhone will use liquid metal alloy of Super durable material instead of glassback cover. Korea media reported, Apple sixth generation iPhone will be composed ofzirconium, titanium, nickel, copper and other metal alloy liquid metal, is said to be the kind ofalloy surfaces as smooth as a liquid. According to forecasts before revealing the secrets ofApple’s iPhone 5 Smartphone will be available in August of United States investment bankanalysts of Paget site recently changed, in view of the supply chain pressure, the next-generation iPhone is likely to be launched in October this year, has a new body design and ahigher-speed wireless networks.20 million dollars for exclusive rightsAlthough the report refers to a kind of usually people say “liquid metal”, but the real liquidmetal is a variable of type metal, Apple has purchased exclusive right of liquid metal in 2010.Developed a liquid metal alloy liquid metal technologies that the company disclosed in March,Apple for the purchase of exclusive right to cover the cost of $ 20 million of liquid metal. ForiPhone5, it is a good news, for they have bought some best iphone accessories in iphoneaccessories mall, for example, cute iphone cases.In fact, as early as last year, there are rumors that Apple is working on a new design of i-Phone, like the new design of the iPhone and iPad with metal cover.
  2. 2. Liquid metal technology in March, the company announced that it has begun to offer productsto several customers, but it did not disclose the customer’s name. Apple has purchasedelectronic products with exclusive rights of liquid metal alloy, but other industries such asdefence equipment manufacturers, sporting goods manufacturers and suppliers of medicalequipment you can still use this material.Apple uses technology of liquid metal material developed by the company’s first product wasan i-PhoneSIM card eject tool, but from then on, it never launched any products made of liquidmetal alloys.New chip to speed up wireless Internet speedMunster writes in the report, in view of the chip maker Qualcomm announced that analystsbelieve could be used for facing the next generation iPhone component supplyproblems, iPhone 5 is more likely to be launched in October. Supply side gaps, and VerizonWireless iPhone sales have dropped, became the cause of decline in Apple shares the fuse.
  3. 3. IPhone is an Apple’s best selling commodity, in the quarter ending December 2011, its salesaccounted for 53% of Apple’s total sales. About release schedule of the next-generationiPhone, Apple still keeps silent.Munster has correctly predicted Apple’s other products before release time, in today’s report,he believed that high-throughput wireless chips will be used in i-Phone5, making it evenfaster networks.Current the best selling iPhone 4S was launched in October 2011. Munster pointed out,introduction of new models will allow investors to increase the Apple 2012 the end of thisquarter’s financial results are expected. Previously, Munster has i-Phone5 release date isexpected around August this year.According to Hong Kong’s Wen Wei Po reported recently, market said that Apple is preparingto launch mini Tablet PC iPad news. It is reported that Apple has ordered Samsung 7.86 inchesscreen, you can build a small half iPad tablet computer. Analysts estimated that smaller tablets
  4. 4. cost is approximately $ 250, and does not cover the cost of research and development. MiniiPad pricing might be a $ 329 or $ 349.IPhone5 is expected to release in the third quarter in 2012, but Apple’s supply chain news,iPhone5 will use sharp and Toshiba mobile display unit production in-cell touch panel.It is learnt that the yield of in-cell touch panel and display performance is now sufficientlysharp and Toshiba to mass production, this also makes Apple decided with Japan of the twocompanies to cooperate.Wholesale accessories,ipad accessories, iphone accessories, ipod accessories