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careers in federal libraries

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  1. 1. 2010 Careers in Federal Libraries This year’s Careers in Federal Libraries event at ALA 2010 Annual conference was another successful event. All seats were reserved within 33 hours of announcing the event. Over 100 people were turned away, so we’ll look into hosting a virtual event in the fall. Some folks didn’t take no for an answer, so we pulled in extra seats and some folks sat on the floor eager to learn about federal librarianship. This year’s speakers were especially interesting with a blend of experienced librarians and new experts. Attendees learned what work might be available to them immediately as well as the work they might eventually do in their careers. The schedule called for short speaking slots causing the speakers to narrow their talking points. This really helped the audience get a flavor of the broad range of opportunities in federal service. Luckily many speakers stayed to network and chat with attendees over lunch. Those conversations continued for another 90 minutes. 9:00 Welcome Helen Sherman, Defense Technical Information Center 9:10 All types of Federal Libraries, All around the world Nancy A. Clark, Director, Library Network Office, Department of Veterans Affairs Kathel Dunn, National Library of Medicine Steve Kerchoff, Information Resource Officer, State Department David Mao, Deputy Law Librarian of Congress Beth Maser, Library Associates Companies Tiffany Smith, State Department Lynn Stewart, National Archives and Records Administration 10:30 Speed Sharing Army Europe, Staying involved Angelique Simmons, US Army, Hohenfels, Germany Presidential Management Fellows Michelle Chronister, GSA Allison Snell, DHS Events on College Campuses (slides) (slides) Jamie Renton, San Jose State University, ALASC (ALA student chapter) Chair Sarah Smith, Simmons College, ALA Councilor Careers in Federal Libraries Google Group (slides) Eugenia Beh, Erica Stiner, Rich Louis, Joyce Lee (Managers) Internships and Academic Seminars Katie McKenzie, The Washington Center From Fulbright Scholar to NARA Louise Guenther, Federal Career Internship Program, NARA Librarian in a Non-Traditional Setting (slides) Sarah Scruggs, GPO