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Zemoga & PSFK ePatient Connections Presentation


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Copy of the Teach Shirts presentation given by Dan Licht of Zemoga and Piers Fawkes of PSFK at the 2011 ePatient Connections Conference in Philadelphia.

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Zemoga & PSFK ePatient Connections Presentation

  1. 1. RE-IMAGININGHEALTHHow UNICEF is UsingDigital Innovation to Createa Better World
  2. 2. How PSFK & UNICEFidenti ed trends and briefed agencies
  3. 3. PSFK & UNICEF identi ed 15 key trends
  4. 4. How ZemogaApproached on  Zemoga   A  li%le  background  The
  5. 5. The  process  yielded  several  concepts  
  6. 6. Genesis of the Teach Shirt Idea
  7. 7. Replicating the UNICEF Model
  8. 8. Bene ts to UNICEF - fresh thinking -exposure to best practices from other elds -connections to numerous new resources -a new way of reaching out to sponsors and partners
  9. 9. Thank You!Piers Fawkes, Dan Licht,piers@ps .com .com