3. quality management manual


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3. quality management manual

  1. 1. CODE: SEA-QM-01 QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM P. N 1 FROM 46 I confirm: The General Director Electrical Instrumentation Construction Corporation Lobach A. “_____” ________________ 2010 QUALITY MANAGEMENT MANUAL Copy ____ The status THE HAS CHECKED UP HAS PREPARED: DOCUMENT Post: The head of system of quality management The chief engineer Ф. AND. A Varakin Lerner B. N. The signature N 1 2 3 4 Date Changes The signatureElectrical Instrumentation Construction Corporation property is forbidden copying, use of data in commercialobjectives without the consent of the proprietor
  2. 2. CODE: SEA-QM-01 QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM P. N 2 FROM 46 THE MAINTENANCE"Manage Point Changement" ИСО The section name P. Number Datesection 9001 1 2 3 4 5 6 The title page 1 The maintenance 2 Sheet of changes and audits 50 Introduction 601 The general data02 0.2 The process approach1 1 Scope 71.1 The general data1.2 Company history2 Standard references 93 Concepts 103.1 Definitions3.2 Abbreviation3.3 Reductions4 4 Quality management system 124.1 4.1 The general requirements4.2 4.2 Requirements to the documentation4.2.1 4.2.1 General provisions4.2.2 4.2.2 Quality manual4.2.3 4.2.3 Management of documents4.2.4 4.2.4 Management of quality records4.3 The documentation5 5 Responsibility of a management 205.1 5.1 Management obligations5.2 5.2 Orientation to the client5.3 5.3 Policy in the field of quality5.4 5.4 Planning5.4.1 5.4.1 The purposes in the field of quality5.4 2 5.4 2 Planning within the limits of quality management system5.5 5.5 Responsibility, powers and interrelations5.5.1 5.5.1 Responsibility and powers5.5.2 5.5.2 The representative of a management5.5.3 5.5.3 Internal interrelations 1 2 3 4 5 6
  3. 3. CODE: SEA-QM-01 QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM P. N 3 FROM 465.6 5.6 The analysis from a management5.6.1 5.6.1 General provisions5.6.2 5.6.2 Data for the analysis5.6.3 5.6.3 Results of the analysis The documentation6 6 Resource management 286.1 6.1 Mobilisation of resources6.2 6.2 The personnel6.2.1 6.2.1 The general data6.2.2 6.2.2 Ability, consciousness and training The documentation6.3 6.3 Infrastructure6.4 6.4 The industrial environment7 7 Production creation 317.1 7.1 Planning of creation of production7.2 7.2 The processes connected with clients7.2.1 7.2.1 Definition and the analysis of the requirements concerning production and services7.2.2 7.2.2 Interrelation with the client7.3 7.3 Designing and working out7.3.1 7.3.1 Planning, entrance and target data for designing7.3.2 7.3.2 The analysis, check and the project statement7.3.3 7.3.3 Management of changes in the project7.4 7.4 Purchases7.4.1 7.4.1 Process of purchases, the information and check of bought production7.5 7.5 Manufacture and service7.5.1 7.5.1 The organisation and production management7.5.2 7.5.4 The property of the client and its safety7.6 7.6 Management of control devices and measurements The documentation8 8 Measurement, the analysis and 39 improvement8.1 8.1 The general data8.2 8.2 Monitoring and measurements8.2.1 8.2.1 Satisfaction of the client
  4. 4. CODE: SEA-QM-01 QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM P. N 4 FROM 46 1 2 3 4 5 68.2.2 8.2.2 Internal audit The purpose of internal audits (checks) Objects of internal audit Order of performance of work Responsibility The documentation8.2.3 8.2.3 Monitoring and measurement of parametres of processes8.2.4 8.2.4 Monitoring and measurement of parametres of production Control in the course of building8.3 8.3 Management of inappropriate production The documentation8.4 8.4 The analysis of the data The purpose Order of performance of work8.5 8.5 Improvement8.5.1 8.5.1 Constant improvement8.5.2 8.5.2 Correcting actions8.5.3 8.5.3 Warning actions The documentation9 Sheet of mailing of the Management 48 APPENDICESThe appendix 1 The scheme of processes СМК Open Company "СЭА"The appendix 2 Open Company "СЭА" block diagrammeThe appendix 3 The list of Procedures and Instructions СМК Open Company "СЭА"The appendix 4 The list of Records СМК Open Company "СЭА"
  5. 5. CODE: SEA-QM-01 QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM P. N 5 FROM 46 SHEET OF CHANGES AND AUDITS № Date of To modification, The short description of changechange - audit carrying out ния
  6. 6. CODE: SEA-QM-01 QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM P. N 6 FROM 46 0 INTRODUCTION 0.1 GENERAL DATA Given "Quality manual" is the basic document in which the description of System of qualitymanagement of the company of Electrical Instrumentation Construction Corporation is given. The system of Quality management of the company is first of all: - Policy and the Purposes in the field of quality, and also methods of work of the company for achievement of the Purposes of quality in the course of preparation and realisation of civil-engineering designs, namely engineering, installation and adjustment of systems of cathodic protection, an electrical supply, BALES and And at a construction of objects of a fuel and energy complex according to requirements of the concluded contracts and contracts, requirements standard – engineering specifications, standards and the international standard ISO 9001: 2000 for the fullest satisfaction of requirements of customers (clients; - Ways of increase of degree of satisfaction of customers at the expense of effective application of System of quality management and its constant analysis and improvement. 0.2 THE PROCESS APPROACH For effective functioning of Open Company "СЭА" identified and operates the numerousinterconnected kinds of activity. In company divisions each kind of activity can be considered in the form of process forwhich the following is necessary: - Initial data; - Corresponding resources; - Execution of requirements of the concluded contracts and contracts, the standard documentation (Laws, ГОСТов, THAT, etc.). Often results of one process are the initial data of other process.
  7. 7. CODE: SEA-QM-01 QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM P. N 7 FROM 46 Schemes of processes СМК and production creations are presented in the appendix № 1. As appears from the scheme, the basic processes in realisation of works of the companyare:  Estimation of tender offers of customers from technical and economic positions, efficiency of their realisation to full satisfaction of requirements, clients;  Preparation of tehniko-offers for participation in the auctions;  Estimation and choice of contractors on the designing, special works and deliveries of the equipment and materials for a construction of objects;  The organisation of process of performance of special works on building with the subsequent pusko - adjustment and commissioning of the constructed objects;  Mutual relations of divisions in the company for the purpose of successful realisation of all complex of carried out works to full satisfaction of requirements of customers. 1 SCOPE 1.1 GENERAL DATA The quality manual describes the concept of System of quality management of thecompany of Electrical Instrumentation Construction Corporation, defines responsible persons,hierarchy of documents СМК and all functions according to requirements of standard ИСО9001: 2000. 1.2 COMPANY HISTORY Society of Limited liability of Electrical Instrumentation Construction CorporationIt is created in 1993. Since 1994 of Electrical Instrumentation Construction Corporation carried out specialisedassembly and starting-up and adjustment works of systems of cathodic protection, power supply,BALES and And on objects of building of the enterprises toplivno - a power complex underturnkey contracts and субподряда Electrical Instrumentation Construction Corporation has performed the specified works on following objects: I Greece (March, 1994 – August, 2004) 1. Gas pipeline of Kulaty-Afiny, in the extent of 511,8 km; 2. Gas pipeline-tap on Keratsini, extent of 24,8 km;
  8. 8. CODE: SEA-QM-01 QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM P. N 8 FROM 46 3. Gas pipeline-tap on Lavrio, extent of 99,2 km; 4. Gas pipeline-tap to Northern Tessaloniki, extent of 7,6 km; 5. Gas pipeline-tap to East Tessaloniki, extent of 24,1 km; 6. Gas pipeline-tap on ЭКО, extent of 2,1 km; 7. Gas pipeline-tap on Pay, extent of 10,0 km; 8. Gas pipeline-tap on Karperi-Kavala, extent of 117,3 km; 9. Gas pipeline-tap on Kavala-Komotini, extent of 96,9 km; 10. The Gas pipeline-tap on Inofitu, extent of 20,2 km; 11. The Gas pipeline-tap on Hair, extent of 40,2 km; 12. Installation осушки on Patime. II Republic Kazakhstan (October, 2002 – December, 2003) 1. Oil pipeline Kenkijak – Atyrau, diameter 610 mm (24 ") length 448,8 km. III. Republic Algeria (November, 2002 – October, 2004) 1. El Hamra oil pipeline Haud – Arzeu, ОZ-2, diameter 34 "in the length 403 km.Now Electrical Instrumentation Construction Corporation conducts works on following objects: 1. 32 "Oil pipeline Melut Basin Oil Development Project in Sudan, length 371 km. 2. 42 "a gas pipeline of Suger Hadzheret – Ennus, extent of 273 km; Electrical Instrumentation Construction Corporation has in necessary volume modern equipment technics, motor transport, building mechanisms, the equipment, the tool and instrument park, shows good technical and engineering preparation, knowledge of projects and high quality of the executed works. The company is completed by highly skilled, skilled experts - engineers, technicians and theworkers, capable to organise and qualitatively to perform works with observance of allrequirements of Customers and partners in work. The company has the office premises and industrial bases in the cities of Moscow,completed with all necessary equipment, organizers, the household and economic accessoriesproviding appropriate working conditions to employees.Data on Electrical Instrumentation Construction Corporation company Number of employees makes 10 persons;
  9. 9. CODE: SEA-QM-01 QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM P. N 9 FROM 46 The management structure – the Supreme body of management of a society is generalmeeting of participants. In breaks between meetings a society the General director operates. Themanagement of current activity is carried out by the chief executive appointed to the post by theGeneral director. The company address: 117630, Moscow, street Obrucheva, д.23, Ph. (495) 258 34 64, fax (495 258 34 56, E a mail: info@mrksgroup.ru In the activity ОOО “СЭА” is guided by the Society Charter, the general legislation of theRussian Federation, building norms and rules (СниП), the international standards and norms ondesigning and building of objects of a fuel and energy complex including: - The civil Code of the Russian Federation - КЗОТ THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION - The federal Law from 03.08.01 №128 – Ф3 «About licensing of separate kinds of activity» - The federal Law from 23.06.99 №116 – Ф3 «About joint-stock companies» - The federal Law from 21.07.97 №116 – Ф3 «About industrial safety of dangerous industrial objects» - The law of RSFSR from 19.12.91 №2060 – 1 «About protection of surrounding environment» (with changes and additions from 21.02.92, 02.06.93, 27.12.2000, 10.06.01) - In state standards (GOST) - Branch standards (OST, THAT) - Building norms and rules on designing and building (СниП) - Open Company "СЭА" charter 2. STANDARD REFERENCESИСО 9001: 2000 - Control systems of quality – requirements.ИСО 9000: 2000 - the Control system of quality – bases and concepts.ИСО 9004: 2000 - Control systems of quality – a management on productivity increase. 3. CONCEPTS 3.1 DEFINITIONS
  10. 10. CODE: SEA-QM-01 QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM P. N 10 FROM 46 Quality system - set of organizational structure, procedures, instructions, processes and theresources necessary for realisation of the general management by quality of all kinds of worksand production. Policy in the field of quality - the basic directions of the company in the field of thequality, formulated and confirmed by a management. The quality purposes – the problems formulated and confirmed by company managementfor divisions and all personnel, corresponding to a policy in the field of quality. Management on quality management – the document in which the description of methodsof work of the company on quality management at all production phases of production accordingto the Policy and the Purposes in the field of quality and ИСО 9001:2000 is given. Production – result of activity or processes. Procedure – the document in which the sequence of performed work is given, is specifiedresponsibility at each stage, the purpose and a scope, the accompanying documentation.Procedure establishes "that" should be carried out, as this activity is supervised. The instruction – the established way of realisation of activity. The instruction establishes"as should be carried out. Change - updating, addition or an exception of fragments of the document. The management block diagramme – the function chart of subordination of divisionsconfirmed by a management and the company personnel. Registers and Lists – the documents containing complete lists of the documentation andtheir codes. The report – the document fixing the decision of session, meeting or other action 3.2 ABBREVIATION Open Company – a limited liability society СЭА – Strojelektroavtomatika SEA РК – the Management letter designation on management to quality of Open Company"СЭА" SEA П – the Procedure letter designation in quality management system OPEN COMPANY "СЭА" СЭА And – a letter designation of Instructions in quality management system
  11. 11. CODE: SEA-QM-01 QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM P. N 11 FROM 46 OPEN COMPANY "СЭА" СЭА About – a letter designation of the general documents and records in system Open Company "СЭА" quality management ДСМК - the documentation of system of quality management СМК - quality management system РМК - the head of system of quality management (The representative of a management) Open Company "СЭА" ИСО – the international organisation on standardization МС – the international standard GOST – state standard ГД – the general director ГИ - the chief engineer M - the mechanic ПТО - technological department MT - the manager on the personnel The EXPERT – the agent on supply WELL – the chief of a site 3.3 REDUCTIONSP. - page;Кол. - quantity;Copy - a copy;Dock. - the document; 4 QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM 4.1 GENERAL REQUIREMENTS In section the description of System of quality management (СМК), developed in Open Company "СЭА" is given. Open Company "СЭА" has established: - The processes necessary for СМК and its application in all divisions (the appendix № 1); - Sequence and interference of processes; - The methods necessary for effective performance and management by these processes;
  12. 12. CODE: SEA-QM-01 QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM P. N 12 FROM 46 - Quality monitoring of processes, the analysis of results; - Methods of achievement of the planned results and constant improvement of these processes. The purpose of System of quality management: - To provide quality indicators of all processes of production and services according to requirements of the client or above these requirements at all stages of performance of works; - To prevent possibility of errors; - To warn possibility of repetition of errors, using the analysis of all revealed discrepancies. The quality management system is based on following principles and documents PRINCIPLES: - 1. :Ориентация on the consumer; 2. Leadership of heads; 3. Involving of workers; 4. The process approach; 5. The system approach to management; 6. Continuous improvement; 7. Decision-making, factual; 8. Mutually advantageous relations with suppliers. DOCUMENTS - - Policy and the Purposes in the field of quality; - The organizational block diagramme of management of the company; - Procedures of System of quality management; - Instructions; - Actions for improvement of quality; - Control of efficiency of functioning of System of quality management; - Control of performance of actions. SCOPE OF APPLICATION OF SYSTEM OF QUALITY MANAGEMENT The quality management system operates in all divisions of Open Companies "СЭА"participating in production and guarantees services and production, as much as possible meetingthe requirements of the consumer (client). The company personnel gets acquainted with documents СМК in training and atemployment. RESPONSIBILITY Responsibility for preparation of the personnel to work on quality management System isborn by heads of divisions and departments, and also quality management group. Responsibility for quality maintenance in the company is born by each employee on theworkplace. 4.2 REQUIREMENTS TO THE DOCUMENTATION
  13. 13. CODE: SEA-QM-01 QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM P. N 13 FROM 46 4.2.1 THE GENERAL DATA Thequality management system in Open Company "СЭА" is developed according torequirements of international standard ИСО 9001: 2000. The company problem to develop documents of System of quality management andeffectively to put them into practice.The quality management system contains five levels of documents:Policy and the Purposes in the field of quality __________________ 1 1 2Quality manual __________________________Procedures of system of quality management _______ 3Instructions of all kinds ______________________ 4Records, the general documents ________________ 5 4.2.2 QUALITY MANUAL The QUALITY MANUAL represents the document where all elements in qualitymanagement System are in details described. It contains the Policy in the field of quality and the Purpose, the description of proceduresof System of quality management and defines structure of the documentation used in System ofquality management (СМК). RELEASE ORDER The quality manual passes control at all stages, since working out, check, distribution,storage and application in practice. The project of each section "Quality manual" is developed by the head of that divisionwhom this section concerns.
  14. 14. CODE: SEA-QM-01 QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM P. N 14 FROM 46 Definitive edition of all "Management" is carried out by the head of system of qualitymanagement (РСМК)For the maintenance and the edition of the given document head СМК is responsible. Discusses "Management" Council about quality, confirms – the Chairman of the councilon quality - the General director of the company. All sections of "Management" are listed in "Maintenance" with instructions of points of thestandard corresponding to them. For registration of the made change or the spent audit "Management" has Sheet of changesand audits. "Management" contains the description of all sections of MS ИСО 9001: 2000. Pages ofeach section are numbered, on "the Management" title page number of a copy is put down and isnoted, whether the given copy of updating is subject. Head СМК signs "Management". Confirms "Management"The general director of the company. The quality manual is given out by head СМК according to distribution Sheet under a list ofeach addressee in Magazine of delivery of "Management". "Management" is Open Company "СЭА" property.It is possible to do informative copies of "Management" only with the permission of head СМК.On these copies there should be a mark that they are not subject to updating (copy not forcontrol), however their distribution should be registered. The original document is stored in СМК. "Management" audit is made by head СМК, with registration in Sheet of changes andaudits. MODIFICATION Changes in "Management" are brought under the offer of the author or heads of divisionsin sections which have a direct bearing on them. The project of change is placed for consideration Council about the quality which decisionis entered in the minutes. On the basis of the Report of Council about quality head СМК makes changes to all copiesof "Management" which are subject to updating, by page replacement. All changes fixes in Sheetof changes and audits and on that page where change is brought. "Management" with changes are dispatched to owners according to distribution Sheetunder a list in Magazine of delivery of "Management". In archive of head СМК there is one copy of the document which has become invalid, allother copies are destroyed. Destruction process is carried out in the presence of the commissionand fixed in the report. TRANSFER "Quality manual" is let out in Russian. 4.2.3 MANAGEMENT OF DOCUMENTS
  15. 15. CODE: SEA-QM-01 QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM P. N 15 FROM 46 In section actions on management of the documentation of System of the quality management developed in the company, are defined by the engineering specifications connected with rendering of services both industrial activity and documents of an external origin. The given section is applied in all structural divisions of Open Company "СЭА". The documentation in Open Company "СЭА" shares on three groups: - Documents СМК; - The documentation technical, connected with technological processes, performance of works, rendering of services, etc.; - All other documents which are not entering into first two groups. RESPONSIBILITY Authors of documents СМК are defined by heads of divisions. For release, delivery, modification, архивирование documentation bear responsibility: - For documents СМК – head СМК; - For documents technical, connected with technological processes and works (an internal origin) - heads of divisions and departments; - -For documents of an external origin:-dokumentoved, ПТО - for the standard documentation, standards and for documents under the legislation of the Russian Federation. - For all the others – authors. The order of release of new documents, modification and reprinting operating, withdrawaland cancellation of the unsuitable is defined in Procedure on management of the documentationof System of quality management of SEA П401 and the Instruction on working out, registration,delivery, audit and архивированию documents of SEA И401.01. ORDER OF RELEASE OF THE DOCUMENTATION The author of Procedure is the head of division or department where work on the givenProcedure. The developed project of Procedure is co-ordinated with heads of the departmentsinvolved in it, correctness of registration is checkedHead СМК. The co-ordinated project of Procedure is taken out on Council about quality fordiscussion. The approved project of Procedure affirms the Chairman of the council on quality. Instructions on a method of performance of work, the head of that division where theseworks are carried out develops, their higher head of the given division, according toorganizational structure of management confirms. Official / working instructions are developed by heads of divisions, departments on thepersonnel which is in their submission.
  16. 16. CODE: SEA-QM-01 QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM P. N 16 FROM 46 Their higher head according to organizational structure of management of the companyconfirms. In each division and department it is developed and the list of documents СМК is supported in working order. Technological Instructions on performance of works and productions are developed byleading experts in the directions of works, confirms the - Chief engineer. Each document developed in department, is made out according to the requirements shown to it. After working out of the project the document is co-ordinated, affirms, ciphered, registered. At delivery to users the account of the given out copies of the document in Magazines of outgoing documents is conducted. MODIFICATION All documents СМК are exposed as required to audit. The author checks, whether there corresponds the document to actual process, action, whether is correct in it the interrelation of employees of various divisions and departments are reflected, whether the document meets all requirements of the scientific and technical documentation and requirements of standard ИСО 9001. If it is necessary to make change or addition to the document, the author prepares offers on modification or additions and directs on the coordination to heads of interested divisions and departments according to coordination Sheet. The head of System of quality management confirms changes in documents СМК. Such document is subject to release. Change should not contradict requirements of applied international standard ISO 9001:2000. At release of new edition of the document all copies of the cancelled document are withdrawn, one copy архивируется, the others are destroyed in the presence of the commission created for these purposes with registration of the corresponding report. Modification of the standard documentation of an external origin carries out документовед or the personnel of technological department. Changes in laws are traced by engineer ПТО. STORAGE, АРХИВИРОВАНИЕ All technical documentation concerning a field of activity of division or department, after the termination of term of their action, is stored in division or department archive. Quality manual and all Procedures СМК архивируются only at head СМК, the instruction and record in structural divisions and in one copy at head СМК.
  17. 17. CODE: SEA-QM-01 QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM P. N 17 FROM 46 The storage time is stipulated in documents of System of quality management. 4.2.4 MANAGEMENT OF QUALITY RECORDS Records about quality are the proof of conformity to requirements and effective functioning of System of quality management and serve for reception of the necessary information on production services and consideration of results received in quality management System. The list of the general documents and records СМК is resulted in the appendix № 4, and forms in which they should be made out are led in appendices to Procedures and Instructions СМК. The order of management of quality records is defined in Procedure of SEA П402. The given section is applied in all divisions of Open Company "СЭА". RESPONSIBILITY Responsibility for timely fixation of the arriving information, correct filling of forms, magazines, certificates are born by workers of structural divisions and departments according to official and to working instructions. Control over correct conducting records is carried out by Head СМК ORDER OF PERFORMANCE OF RECORDS Conducting records about quality is spent at all stages of realisation of civil-engineeringdesigns and traced at: To preparation of the documentation for participation in the tender; The conclusion of contracts contracts; The designing organisations; Choice of suppliers and contractors; To check of realisation of civil-engineering designs; To work with claims; The analysis of inappropriate production; Carrying out of training of the personnel; Carrying out of internal and external checks; The analysis of results of performance of correcting and warning actions; The analysis of system of quality management from a management. Records are registered in corresponding magazines, are considered at the next sessions of Council of Quality, архивируются and are stored in structural divisions where they were carried out at head СМК. Data of control in the course of realisation of civil-engineering designs is registered in Magazines of the established forms the personnel answering from Open Company "СЭА" for building of objects. The information on quality is transferred to platforms of building for acceptance of corresponding measures.
  18. 18. CODE: SEA-QM-01 QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM P. N 18 FROM 46 Certificates of check of the delivered equipment and materials for a complete set of objects are made out by the Agent on supply with participation of representatives ПТО and the supplier. In case of discrepancy of the checked equipment and materials to requirements THAT corresponding certificates and claims are made out. All results of the specified checks are transferred to head СМК for the analysis and inclusion of questions of consideration of checks at sessions of Council of Quality. Registration of results of checks of the equipment on technological accuracy, the dataabout demothballing and installation is conducted by the industrial sites performing works oninstallation of the process equipment, means of automatics, instrumentations, etc. and transferredto storage in technological department. Results of definitive reception of objects (certificates of delivery or transfer to guaranteeoperation) are registered and transferred to storage in technological department. All data on calibration of gauges is registered and stored in ПТО. Terms of the subsequentcheckings are specified in the special tablets placed on foregrounds of face sheet of devices. The information on the arrived claims and claims arrives from the industrial sites which arecarrying out building of objects, in ПТО where the analysis is carried out and measures onelimination of discrepancies are taken. On the basis of this data in the company actions fordecrease in level of claims are developed. Claims and claims from Customers are considered atsessions of Council of quality and all decisions of Council are fixed in Reports. The given examinations of the personnel are brought in Reports of sessions of thequalifying commission, Orders, the log-book of certificates and training reports are stored at themanager on the personnel. Results of checks of the Control system of quality are registered athead СМК, are considered at sessions of Council of quality. Council decisions are made out byReports and dispatched to heads of divisions. Results of performance of correcting and warning actions are fixed in Reports of theexecutors, necessary changes are reflected in the documentation. Efficiency of correcting and warning measures is considered at sessions of Council ofquality and reflected in Reports. All data about quality is stored and архивируются according to Procedures in the placesdefined by heads of divisions and departments. 4.3 DOCUMENTATIONSEA П401 - Procedure Management of documents.SEA П402 - Procedure Management of records
  19. 19. CODE: SEA-QM-01 QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM P. N 19 FROM 46 5 RESPONSIBILITY OF THE MANAGEMENT 5.1 MANAGEMENT OBLIGATIONSThe company top management bears responsibility for creation, maintenance in working orderand constant perfection of System of quality management.For this purpose the company management carries out the following: - Brings to the notice of the personnel value of performance of requirements of Clients and requirements of legislative and other official bodies; - Defines the Policy concerning quality; - Provides definition of the Purposes of quality; - Spends a quality management estimation; - Provides presence of resources for functioning СМК 5.2 ORIENTATION TO THE CLIENTOpen Company "СЭА" top management, namely the Chief engineer together with ПТО:  Provides definition of requirements of clients in the course of marketing researches;  Provides the timely analysis and performance of these requirements in the course of realisation of projects;  Provides the analysis and performance commercial and legal requirements of clients. 5.3 POLITICIANS IN THE FIELD OF QUALITY
  20. 20. CODE: SEA-QM-01 QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM P. N 20 FROM 46 The policy of the company in the field of quality is a declaration of the higheradministrative board on intentions and the purposes in the field of quality. "The Policy" project is developed by head СМК, takes out it on Council of quality fordiscussion and the statement, she subscribes the General director of the company. The declaration of the Policy and the Purposes in the field of quality is placed on the mostvisible, accessible to reading, places in each department and division. Heads of structuraldivisions constantly conduct explanations in the collectives about correct understanding of thePolicy and the Purposes in the field of quality The text of a policy and the purposes in the field of quality management of the company ofOpen Company "СЭА" is presented more low. POLICY AND THE PURPOSES IN THE FIELD OF QUALITY MANAGEMENT POLICY As a result of use of the advanced domestic and foreign achievements of building art, an estimation and the analysis of the work, - stably to provide performance of requirements of contracts, standards and specifications for representation of services with the indicators exceeding inquiries and wishes of Customers and Clients. To raise professional level of all employees, regularly to carry out training concerning System of quality management and to raise interest of collective in effective functioning of this System in the company To provide conditions of continuous increase of leadership and responsibility of the top management of the company and each member of collective for realisation of a policy, the purposes and problems of System of quality management. To carry out all positions and requirements of System of quality management of the company, constantly to estimate its efficiency and to raise productivity THE PURPOSES At the expense of application of new technologies at performance of works to raise profitability of realisation of contracts on 0,5 %; To provide at the expense of effective application of System of quality management and perfection of organizational structure of the company decrease in expenses on management of projects on 1,0 %; To reduce the general expenses for purchases, without decrease in quality of the delivered equipment and materials on the average by 1 % on each object, using mechanisms of a choice, the analysis and the estimations of suppliers regulated in System of quality management of the company;
  21. 21. CODE: SEA-QM-01 QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM P. N 21 FROM 46 Annually to direct on training not less than 2 employees for improvement of professional skill on principal views of professional work and not less 1st employee on quality management system; To expand a circle of potential Customers and suppliers for maintenance of stable granting of services to satisfaction of inquiries and wishes of clients. The company top management takes up responsibility for realisation of the Policy in the field of quality management and guarantees ought performance of all positions and requirements of system of quality management in structural divisions all categories of the personnel against the General director to the ordinary employee.General director A.F.Lobach Date ____________________ 5.4 PLANNING 5.4.1 THE PURPOSES IN THE FIELD OF QUALITY The company top management has defined the Purposes in the field of quality for the corresponding divisions directed on execution of requirements to carried out works and services including, qualities corresponding to the Policy and giving in to a quantitative estimation. The purposes in the field of quality are confirmed on Council of quality and finished to thepersonnel. The top management and heads of divisions provide performance of the Purposes in thefield of quality by maintenance of functioning of System of quality management. The personnel of all divisions of the company participates in realisation of the Purposes inthe field of quality. 5.4.2 PLANNING WITHIN THE LIMITS OF QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM Planning СМК is directed on: - Achievement of the Purposes specified in "Politician" and item 5.4.1; - Improvement of System of quality management. Plans – actions are directed on constant perfection of system of quality management to thecompanies, stabilisation and improvement of processes of the organisation by preparation forrealisation and in the course of building of objects, introduction of progressive managementmethods and the building organisation, a professional training, tasks in view providingperformance and allowing to satisfy requirements of the most exacting client more full.
  22. 22. CODE: SEA-QM-01 QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM P. N 22 FROM 46 plan on improvement of work of System of quality management is developed by head The СМК. The plan on improvement of processes of the organisation by preparation for realisation and in the course of building of objects develop the Chief engineer with the services on the basis of offers from platforms of building and departments, with attraction of other divisions necessary for it and experts of the company. These Plans include the list of actions, a date of performance of each action, executives and marks about execution. Plans – actions for quality are considered on quality Council, their General directorconfirms. The plan – action for quality leads up to execution and the Chief engineer supervises. The plan – actions for improvement of work of System of quality management leads up toexecutors and supervises its performance Head СМК. The plan-action on a professional training leads up to executors and the manager on thepersonnel supervises. Quality council at the sessions considers performance of Plans of quality. 5.5 RESPONSIBILITY, POWERS AND INTERRELATIONS 5.5.1 RESPONSIBILITY AND POWERS In the appendix 2 the block diagramme of management of Electrical Instrumentation Construction Corporation is given. General provisions, problems, functions, the rights and responsibility, including questions concerning systems of quality management are stated in positions about divisions and departments of the company and duty regulations of employees. The specified documents are an integral part of system of quality management of the company, are subject to performance and the regular analysis. In Procedures of System of quality management responsibility of employees of OpenCompany "СЭА" is defined, whose activity influences ability of the company to fulfil therequirement of the client. In these Procedures powers of persons, which are defined: Find and register the problems connected with management, the organisation of building of objects, technology and quality management system; Offer actions for prevention of occurrence of discrepancy in relation to management, the organisation of building, technology and quality management system; Recommend and supervise correcting actions in relation to management, the organisations of building which are not meeting the requirements; Check performance of the accepted decisions. The basic functions of an administrative board of the company are resulted more low.
  23. 23. CODE: SEA-QM-01 QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM P. N 23 FROM 46 THE GENERAL DIRECTOR The general director carries out the general management and supervises over all basicstructural divisions the company in the limits given to it of the rights by Board of directors andthe Charter of the company, provides performance of the legislation of the Russian Federationand local self-government institutions. Bears responsibility for functioning maintenance at theenterprise of System of quality management in full according to requirements of Standard ИСО9001:2000, including through the Representative. THE REPRESENTATIVE OF MANAGEMENT-HEAD СМК Duties and powers of the representative of a management – head СМК: - Introduction, development and application in practice СМК in all structural divisions of the company, and also control over its observance according to requirements of standard ИСО 9001: 2000; - The organisation of internal audit; - Control, check of all decisions in СМК and delivery of recommendations about its improvement; - Regularly to inform Open Company "СЭА" management on a condition and development СМК - Represents Open Company "СЭА" at meetings with the third parties concerning quality. Gives orders concerning quality management, has the right to carry out all necessary actions for quality maintenance in all structural divisions of the company and to supervise their performance. Has the right to reception of all information without an exception. THE CHIEF ENGINEER Presides at the divisions which are directly carrying out building of objects. Is responsible for all technical policy of the company, introduction and use of new technologies and building methods Organises and carries out control over designing of objects, the coordination of design decisions with clients, delivery of the design documentation. Provides control for qualitative performance of works at building. Develops plans of quality for realised projects, conducts the analysis of quality of managements of building of objects. Provides observance of conditions of safe performance of works. THE CHIEF ACCOUNTANT Is responsible for questions of financing of productions of the company, an estimation of economic efficiency of performance of contracts and contracts, preparation of calculations
  24. 24. CODE: SEA-QM-01 QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM P. N 24 FROM 46 budget to expenses on objects and economic indicators. Together with ПТО prepares projects of contracts and contracts Develops financial strategy of the company, perspective and current financial plans, takinginto account means for realisation of the actions planned on quality and provides its financialstability, Is responsible for preparation of materials according to economic indicators of work of the company for consideration at sessions of Council of quality. Makes the exact account of incomes and expenses, timely drawing up of the accounting reporting. THE AGENT ON SUPPLY Organises and is responsible deliveries of the equipment and materials to objects of building. Is responsible for a correct estimation of suppliers, analyzes together with economical department economic and quality indicators of suppliers. Is responsible for preparation of materials for system of quality management of concerning all questions of purchases and storage of the equipment and materials, including and deliveries of the client 5.5.2 THE REPRESENTATIVE OF THE MANAGEMENT Chief ПТО is the representative of the Top management of the company and directly is responsible for Quality management System. Principal duties, powers and functions of the representative of a management are resulted in разделе5.5.1 (see above). 5.5.3 INTERNAL INTERRELATIONS The top management has defined and supports corresponding processes of communications in the company, including – reception of data on system effectiveness of quality management. Internal communications are understood as interrelation of processes according to theconfirmed Procedures, and also communications between divisions and the company personnel. For maintenance of internal communications electronic and paper carriers in quality –Orders, Orders, Reports, Reports are used. - For the notification of all collective of the company information boards are used. For company limits the top management or persons them representatives can send theinformation only. Responsibility for sending and the maintenance of such information bears thetop management. Data on system effectiveness of quality management receive in the form of Reports ofinternal audit, Reports of Council of the quality, the arriving information from clients.
  25. 25. CODE: SEA-QM-01 QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM P. N 25 FROM 46 Responsibility for functioning of internal communications bears the enterprise topmanagement according to the present Management. 5.6 THE ANALYSIS FROM THE MANAGEMENT 5.6.1 GENERAL PROVISIONS Open Company "СЭА" management carries out the analysis and an estimation of condition СМК on its conformity to the Policy and the Purposes in the field of quality, to requirements of standard ИСО 9001:2000 at sessions of Council of quality. Quality council works according to Position about quality Council. The purpose of this analysis - to provide long-term conformity, suitability and systemeffectiveness of quality management. 5.6.2 DATA FOR THE ANALYSIS As the data for an estimation use the following information: - Results of carrying out of internal and external checks; - Responses of clients, including claims and claims; - Correcting both warning actions and their performance; - Plans of quality and their performance; - The measures undertaken by results of the previous estimation; - The planned changes which can affect on СМК; - Offers concerning improvement СМК For gathering of the information and the subsequent analysis use: - Process of carrying out of internal audit; - Processes of control over the organisation and building of objects; - Processes of the statistical analysis; - Reports of sessions of Council of quality Council of quality or the Representative of a management on quality managementadditional criteria and parametres of the data necessary for an estimation can be defined. Responsibility for granting given to quality Council, the Representative of a management about quality management is born by heads of divisions. 5.6.3 RESULTS OF THE ANALYSIS
  26. 26. CODE: SEA-QM-01 QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM P. N 26 FROM 46 Quality council considers current and perspective directions in the field of qualitymanagement. Carries out the analysis and an estimation of a condition of System of quality managementon its conformity to the Policy and the Purposes in the field of quality, to requirements of MSИСО 9001: 2000. Results of estimation СМК, as a rule, contain decisions and measures in the relation belowthe listed questions: Increases of efficiency СМК and making processes, Improvement of quality of services concerning requirements of clients, Requirements for resources, Processes which need completion or updating, Change of interrelations of processes, etc. The actions directed on improvement of quality of managerial processes and the organisation by building, The actions directed on maintenance by resources. Decisions of Council of quality are made out by the Report and dispatched to all participants of Council and the persons involved in decisions. Regularly information on a condition and efficiency СМК is hung out on bulletin boards. Responsibility for acceptance of results of an estimation bears quality Council, according to Position about quality Council.THE DOCUMENTATION SEA РК-01 - the Quality manual. - Open Company "СЭА" block diagramme. SEA П501 – Procedure of working out of the plan of quality SEA П502 – Procedure of check and the analysis of work СМК SEA О502.01 - Position about quality Council SEA О601.04 - Duty regulations. SEA О502.02 - Reports of Council of quality
  27. 27. CODE: SEA-QM-01 QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM P. N 27 FROM 46 6. RESOURCE MANAGEMENT 6.1 MOBILIZATION OF RESOURCES Open Company "СЭА" has defined and has mobilised necessary resources for realisationand preservation of working capacity of System of quality management, and also constantincrease of its efficiency, and increase of degree of satisfaction of clients by performance ofrequirements of clients. Resources are understood as the following: - The trained personnel; - Set of buildings, constructions, communications; - The modern equipment; - Workplace – set of conditions at which work is conducted. 6.2 THE PERSONNEL 6.2.1 THE GENERAL DATA Open Company "СЭА" confirms that in the company the personnel having vocationaleducation, preparation and experience for management of projects, the organisations andbuildings of objects, quality check and the analysis of results of work works. Administrative board and technical officers (ИТР) were trained at seminars onpreparation and introduction of System of quality management according to requirements ofinternational standard ИСО 9001: 2000. Heads have carried out personnel training on building sites on work in quality managementSystem. The persons appointed for carrying out of internal checks, were trained at a seminar. RESPONSIBILITY: Responsibility for selection of the personnel within the limits of each division is born bythe head of this division according to the Duty regulations.
  28. 28. CODE: SEA-QM-01 QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM P. N 28 FROM 46 Responsibility for preparation of the personnel to work in quality management System isborn by heads of divisions and head СМК. The manager on the personnel bears responsibility for the timely organisation of trainingand for official registration of papers after training (registration of reports and filling of Personalcards of the worker). Teachers of theoretical training from the List of workers of the company bear responsibilityfor quality of carrying out of training. Each employee of the company bears responsibility for quality and timeliness ofperformance of the duties according to the Duty regulations. 6.2.2 ABILITY, CONSCIOUSNESS AND TRAINING All personnel of the company passes both initial training at employment, and flowingaccording to Procedure of carrying out of training and improvement of professional skill. The manager on the personnel carries out the following: - Collects from heads of divisions and departments of the Demand for training of theemployees subordinated by it; - -Makes the perspective annual plan of training on the basis of the received informationfrom external training establishments, co-ordinate with Head СМК, confirms at the Generaldirector and gives out to heads of divisions; - Directs according to the annual plan and taking into account modes of study, employeeson training. - On the training termination collects copies of certificates, certificates and thecertificates received by results of training, makes out corresponding reports provided bydocumentation СМК. Head СМК makes the curriculum and the program of training concerning realisation andfunctioning of System of quality management in the company. Such program provides carryingout of employment with all personnel of the company not less often than an once in a year. Upontermination of employment the qualifying commission inspects knowledge (examination). In thereport of session of the commission corresponding entry is made, subscribes all committee-menand is filed in the Folder of reports. Upon termination of training out of the enterprise, the employee represents to the manageron the personnel the corresponding document on passage of training for registration. Themanager on the personnel makes record about qualification reception in the Personal card of theemployee and in its work record card. All documents testifying to passage of training, are stored in archive of the manager on thepersonnel during all labour activity of the employee. THE DOCUMENTATION SEA П601 – Procedure of reception of workers and labour relations. SEA П602 – Procedure of training of workers SEA И601.01 – the Instruction of examination of workers SEA И601.02 – the Instruction on working out and registration of duty regulations
  29. 29. CODE: SEA-QM-01 QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM P. N 29 FROM 46 6.3 INFRASTRUCTUREGENERAL PROVISIONS The infrastructure of the company of Open Company "ЭАС" represents: -Building of head office and office premises on building sites which are served and supported in working order. -Industrial bases and warehouse. -The equipment and office equipment. -Transport and communication The company supports in working order an infrastructure which allows collective of employees to carry out at worthy level of the of function and a duty and provides quality of company services according to declared to requirements of clients. Employees have access to the basic means of production and the means of labour necessaryfor realisation of their activity. Responsible for maintenance in the company in working order infrastructures are the chiefengineer. THE INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATIONS In the company the corporate computer network connected to the Internet functions. Forthe decision of specific industrial problems structural divisions create and support own electronicdatabases. Communication with working platforms of objects of building and with suppliers(contractors) is carried out with use of all accessible communication facilities – a fax, phone, theInternet, mail. ПРОГРАМНЫЕ MEANS All divisions of the company are completed necessary for performance of their functionsby programs. Software are constantly updated. In company staff there is an employee, hadtraining special preparation on working out and use of the software and work with computers. 6.4 THE INDUSTRIAL ENVIRONMENT In the company all necessary conditions for qualitative performance by collective and eachemployee separately the functions according to legislation requirements on labour safety andsafety precautions conditions are created. Company standards on a labour safety for workers of the device and building sites aredeveloped, introduced and function. Workplaces are completed by all necessary means and equipped so that to reduce to aminimum weariness of employees in the course of work. On objects of building all workplaces are certified, conditions of safe conducting works aremet. Certification of workplaces is annually carried out. In the company for maintenance of safe working conditions the chief engineer isresponsible.
  30. 30. CODE: SEA-QM-01 QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM P. N 30 FROM 46 7. PRODUCTION CREATION 7.1 PLANNING OF CREATION OF PRODUCTION Open Company "СЭА" plans and develops the processes necessary for creation ofproduction (the appendix №1 see). The specified processes will be co-ordinated withrequirements to other processes of system of quality management. At planning of processes of creation of production the company is guided by the Policy andthe purposes in the field of the quality, confirmed on quality Council. Quality planning concerns:  Working out of documentary procedures of realisation of activity of functional divisions of the company at all stages of creation of production and activity realisation according to the developed documents;  Planning of indicators of quality of concrete kinds of activity, methods of their achievement, control and tests;  Drawing up of target programs of the quality developed for new separate projects;  Working out of correcting and warning influences;  Actions for elimination of discrepancies by results of internal audits СМК. For the actions set forth above on quality planning Head СМК of the company, the chief engineer and heads of leading departments and divisions are responsible first of all. Their basic functions are stated in duty regulations and procedures. 7.2 THE PROCESSES CONNECTED WITH CLIENTS 7.2.1 DEFINITION AND THE ANALYSIS OF THE REQUIREMENTS CONCERNING PRODUCTION AND SERVICES Open Company "СЭА" on the specificity of activity defines more low listed Requirements to production:  The requirements established by the client in specifications to contracts, contracts and tender offers. The specified requirements are studied and analyzed at a stage of precontract study about their performance (procedure of SEA П701);  Requirements not established by the client, but their performance is necessary as a matter of experience works of the company for improvement of a parity the price quality (procedures of SEA П701,702,703 and 704)
  31. 31. CODE: SEA-QM-01 QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM P. N 31 FROM 46 Requirements which are provided by standards and technical specifications. Are without fail considered and carried out at all stages of realisation of projects (procedure of SEA П703 and SEA П707 – Procedure of building of objects)  Additional requirements – are considered at designing and project realisation. In the course of study of tender offers, before signing of contracts and contracts to be made the analysis of technical and other requirements to production. The specified analysis allows to establish that:  Requirements to production are revealed;  Contract or contract requirements differ from what have been stated and preliminary co-ordinated earlier;  The company has possibilities to provide performance of the corrected requirements. The analysis of requirements of clients is carried out on procedure of SEA П701. 7.2.2. INTERRELATION WITH THE CLIENT Open Company "СЭА" defines and carries out more low listed effectual measures on maintenance of communication with clients:  Informing on the services through participation in thematic exhibitions, mailing of advertising materials, a site on the Internet;  Continuous communication with potential clients, both in the course of study of tender offers, and by consideration of prospects;  Feedback with clients including reception of claims, remarks and offers. 7.3 DESIGNING AND WORKING OUT Open Company "СЭА" in the primary activity – management, the organisation andbuilding of objects of petro-gas and oil refining complexes on a turnkey basis - performs designworks by means of attraction to this work of the specialised design companies on conditionsсубподряда. Processes of the organisation of designing are stated in corresponding procedure –SEA П703 The project statement is made according to Procedure of SEA П703. Thus it is necessary toprovide, that parametres запроектированного object met the requirements of the Customer,standard documents and standards. 7.3.1. PLANNING, THE ENTRANCE AND TARGET DATA FOR DESIGNING DESIGNING PLANNING Supervises designing of objects the Chief engineer of the company. The designing plan includes the basic works on Procedure of SEA П703. The condition ofworks on designing is considered the Chief engineer of the company. All works on designing with the schedule of their performance are brought by the Chiefengineer in the Plan of Design Works according to Procedure of SEA П703.
  32. 32. CODE: SEA-QM-01 QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM P. N 32 FROM 46 The plan of Design Works defines kinds of the works responsible and terms ofperformance of all design works. Besides, in respect of Design Works works on reporting audit,check and the statement are reflected. The chief of Technological department or the appointed employee of department isresponsible for organizational and technical communications between the design organisationand other departments, including responsibility for documenting, transfer and consideration ofthe demanded information. ENTRANCE DATA FOR DESIGNING For each new project requirements under the project, including requirements of laws andnorms are defined and documented. Each new inquiry about designing before acceptance isconsidered by the qualified technicians. Incomplete, not clear and inconsistent inquiries areconsidered and explained before their acceptance. TARGET DATA FOR DESIGNING All works on the designing, executed by the contractor on designing, are considered by theChief engineer and the appointed qualified employees of technological department to provideobservance of all norms and requirements, specifications of the Customer, technology, norms ofsafety and environment protection. According to performance of these requirements designworks are approved or go on alteration Criteria of acceptance are defined by specifications of the Customer, the correspondinghead or the assignee and-or internal policy and managements on technology. Requirements on designing which are all-important for safe and successful functioning ofproduction, are documented according to applied procedures or the entrance data of the project. 7.3.2. THE ANALYSIS, CHECK AND THE PROJECT STATEMENT THE DESIGNING ANALYSIS Official analyses of the Project at certain stages are carried out and documented accordingto Procedure of SEA П703. Results of such analyses are fixed in corresponding documents –SEA О703.01 PROJECT CHECK Production designing is checked by carrying out of verifying actions and examination,including tests, and by consideration of design documents for the purpose of maintenance ofperformance of the specified requirements and conformity entrance given – to the target data ofthe project. These problems are carried out by qualified personnel of the design companies andOpen Company "СЭА". (Procedure of SEA П703) THE PROJECT STATEMENT The project statement is made according to Procedure of SEA П703. Thus it is necessary toprovide, that parametres запроектированного object met the requirements of the Customer,standard documents and standards. 7.3.3. MANAGEMENT OF CHANGES IN THE PROJECT
  33. 33. CODE: SEA-QM-01 QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM P. N 33 FROM 46 Changes in the project are made according to Procedure of SEA П703, and include theanalysis, approval and documenting. Responsibility for this work is born by the Chief engineer. 7.4 PURCHASES 7.4.1 PROCESS OF PURCHASES, THE INFORMATION AND CHECK OF BOUGHT PRODUCTION THE GENERAL PART Open Company "СЭА" makes all efforts and possibilities that bought production andservices of subcontractors were suitable for use in carried out works. Materials and the equipment are bought on the basis of specifications and ability ofsuppliers to put them answering to these specifications. ESTIMATION OF SUPPLIERS (SUBCONTRACTORS) Open Company "СЭА" demands, that all suppliers corresponded to the co-ordinatedspecifications and requirements. Open Company "СЭА" approves suppliers on the basis of Procedure СМК «the Choice ofsuppliers contractors and purchase» (SEA П704) and on the basis of an estimation of ability andoperating system of quality management of the supplier. If it is required, the estimation of thesupplier at its enterprise can be spent. The list of the approved suppliers is conducted. Open Company "СЭА" carries out control over sending of materials from suppliers,including, at least, quality of materials and terms of its delivery. The information collected as aresult of process of an estimation, can be transferred by the supplier with the message of theirconformity to requirements and specifications. THE INFORMATION ON PURCHASES Open Company "СЭА" prepares, conducts and stores all documentation which contains thedetailed information on purchase of materials. All documentation on purchase is analyzed andaffirms before its sending by suppliers according to Procedure of SEA П704. In case of delivery of poor-quality production claims are made and the decision on itsfurther use is made. CHECK OF BOUGHT PRODUCTION Open Company "СЭА" check at the enterprise of the Supplier: If Open Company "СЭА" makes decision to check bought production on a platform ofthe Supplier, he specifies actions for check and ways of delivery of a material by request onpurchase. Check by the Client/customer of production of the Supplier: Depending on contract obligations, to Customers of Open Company "СЭА", it isauthorised to check purchases on a subject that bought the equipment and materials meetrequirements. When check is carried out by the Customer (or its representative) on a platform of
  34. 34. CODE: SEA-QM-01 QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM P. N 34 FROM 46the Supplier, to the Supplier is informed that check by the Customer does not replace procedureof an estimation of Open Company "СЭА". Check by the Customer at all does not relieve from responsibility Open Company "СЭА"to put a comprehensible material. Such check also does not exclude possibility to reject thismaterial of Open Company "СЭА" or its Customer at later stage. CONTROL OF PRODUCTION DELIVERED BY THE CUSTOMER Open Company "СЭА" demands, that all materials delivered by the Customer for itsproduction or corresponding works, answered specifications and the requirements, specified incontract/treaty obligations (where it is applicable). The materials delivered by the Customer, are checked on conformity and quality aftertheir reception. The material of the Customer is processed on standard procedure for arrivingmaterials. If there are problems in relation to the put materials, on it is informed the Customerand the decision on the further actions with these materials is made. Also reports or certificateson inspection of these materials are made. 7.5 MANUFACTURE AND SERVICE 7.5.1 THE ORGANIZATION AND PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT AND SERVICE Open Company "СЭА" in the primary activity – management and the organisation andbuilding of objects of petro-gas and oil refining complexes on a turnkey basis - will organiseperformance of civil and erection works by means of attraction to this work of the specialisedbuilding companies on conditions субподряда. The basic processes making building of objects, their sequence and performance conditionsare stated in procedure of SEA П707 «Buildings of objects» In the course of realisation of projects of Open Company "СЭА" as Genpodrjadchik,obliges and supervises, that subcontractors on special works applied in the work if they have nocertificated system of quality management, requirements of standard ИСО 9001:2000. FromOpen Company "СЭА" for work on objects according to requirements of standard ИСО 9001:2000 Chiefs of sites are responsible. The company management demands and supervises, that Chiefs of sites planned andcarried out works and service in operated conditions which first of all concerns:  Presence of the information describing the characteristics of object of building (technical, technological, etc.);  Presence of working instructions, procedures on performance of principal views of works;  Use for building of cars, mechanisms, the equipment and the tool providing qualitative performance of processes and technological operations of building;  Presence and use of control devices and measurements of parametres of building processes and operations;  Realisation of quality assurance of performance of works demanded by specifications;
  35. 35. CODE: SEA-QM-01 QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM P. N 35 FROM 46  Performance of works after object delivery in operation on warranty service if it is provided by the contract on building. THE STATEMENT OF PROCESSES OF MANUFACTURE AND SERVICE All kinds of works are carried out according to documentary Procedures which in detaildescribe methods with which help all processes are carried out. Besides, these procedures defineresponsibility and the powers concerning performance of each process and means with whichhelp all processes are supervised. Processes which define solving values in operational reliability of a constructed design,installation or object and which lacks can be revealed after object or installation it will be startedin operation without fail, before their application, certifications are subject. Certificationprocedure is co-ordinated with representatives of the customer and carried out in the presence ofthe Customer or the representative appointed it. Subcontractors of Open Company "СЭА" develop instructions which define and describedemanded use of the equipment, raw materials, technological parametres and other informationnecessary for control of technology and observance of requirements under Safety precautionsand preservation of the environment. For monitoring and a management of each stage of building written instructions andcontrol checks are used. Without fail on objects of building orders on Open Company "СЭА" appoint responsiblepersons who provide observance of technological procedures and instructions. It concerns bothnew, and the reconsidered procedures. There, where it is necessary, as criteria of an estimation of quality of each process theapproved standards of manufacture of works are used. IDENTIFICATION AND ПРОСЛЕЖИВАЕМОСТЬ The equipment and the materials which have arrived on building sites, are checked onpresence of the accompanying documentation, on conformity of technical characteristics to theestablished requirements. The control fact proves to be true documentary. Rejected the equipment and materials, are accepted on responsible storage on a warehousewith the tablet "Marriage" before acceptance of the corresponding decision between the supplierand division or the department which has carried out purchase. Прослеживаемость and identification in the course of performance of works and controlare defined: - Data recording about quality in the course of all work cycle; - Data recording about finished by installation building in the executive documentation; - Marks by a paint or the tablet of a code of production; - Marks by the tablet Marriage - defective production »or ОК – suitable production Responsibility for performance of works on identification and прослеживаемости is bornby heads of building sites. 7.5.2. THE PROPERTY OF THE CLIENT AND ITS SAFETY
  36. 36. CODE: SEA-QM-01 QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM P. N 36 FROM 46 The representative of the client (customer) transfers the equipment and materials in OpenCompany "СЭА" installation. Transfer is fixed by the certificate of transfer to installation whichsubscribes the representative of the customer and генподрядчика. After transfer of the specified equipment and materials, responsibility for its safety isassigned on генподрядчика. The equipment and materials in independence of a storage placeshould have corresponding labels, packing, protection against damage. 7.6. MANAGEMENT OF CONTROL DEVICES AND MEASUREMENTS MANAGEMENT In the course of building and acknowledgement of their conformity to the establishedrequirements of Open Company "СЭА" and the involved subcontractors apply the control,measuring both test equipment and devices to quality assurance of works. CALIBRATION (PERIODIC CHECKING) For maintenance of a guarantee of that the measurement error is known and compatible tothe established requirements, all gauges are exposed to periodic calibration (checking) The list of all control devices and measurements in which it is specified is made: - -The name of a control device, measurement; - Designation, type; - Limit of measurements; - Works number; - Accuracy class, error, the division price; - Installation site; - Periodicity of checking; - Date of last checking; - Date of the subsequent checking The technology and quality СМР department and corresponding services of subcontractorsdevelop Schedules of checking of control devices and the measurements which are in operation. After checking, manufacturers of works, apply a control device and measurements onlywith a mark about results of checking in accompanying documents, and on face sheet devicesmarks a label with instructions of term of the subsequent checking. Use and operation of controldevices and measurements with the delayed terms of checking or without checking it isforbidden Control devices and the measurements recognised unsuitable, marks a special label and ifthey are not subject to repair, are transferred for write-off. The measuring apparatuses which are stored, are subject to repeated checking before theiruse. If measuring apparatuses are on preservation during half between a testing interval they arecalibrated repeatedly. Delivery of measuring apparatuses from warehouses of storage without checking isforbidden. Results of checking are reflected in registers. All data of checkings is stored in technologyand quality СМР department and control services of quality of subcontractors.
  37. 37. CODE: SEA-QM-01 QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM P. N 37 FROM 46 The appointed, responsible persons in Open Company "СЭА" it is regular, is not more rarethan an once in a quarter check building sites about correct use of control devices andmeasurements, presence of checkings and so forth Results of such checks are fixed incorresponding certificates.THE DOCUMENTATION SEA П701 – Procedure of preparation of the documentation for participation in the tender SEA П702 – Procedure of the conclusion of the contract contract SEA П703 – Procedure the designing organisation SEA П704 – Procedure of a choice of suppliers contractors and purchase SEA П705 – Procedure of control, checks and certification SEA П706 – Procedure of calibration of the measuring and test equipment SEA П707 – Procedure of building of objects 8 MEASUREMENT, THE ANALYSIS AND IMPROVEMENT 8.1 THE GENERAL DATA Open Company "СЭА" has defined necessary processes for monitoring procedure, theanalysis and improvement with a view of: - Acknowledgement of conformity of production to the set requirements; - Maintenance of conformity of System of quality management to standard ИСО 9001:2000; - Constant increase of system effectiveness of quality management. 8.2 MONITORING AND MEASUREMENTS 8.2.1 SATISFACTION OF THE CLIENT Open Company "СЭА" constantly supervises and analyzes the data testifying tosatisfaction of requirements of clients. Gathering and control of such data is carried out byphone, a fax, mail, by results of business trips, by means of the analysis of executive and otherdocumentation arriving with under construction objects, responses of clients. Responsibility for the analysis of this information is assigned to Chief ПТО.
  38. 38. CODE: SEA-QM-01 QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM P. N 38 FROM 46 8.2.2 INTERNAL AUDIT THE PURPOSE OF INTERNAL AUDITS To establish: - Whether the System of quality management meets requirements of standard ИСО 9001:2000; - Efficiency of realisation of System of quality management and its maintenance up to the mark. Results of internal audits give the following information: - Coordination СМК with standard requirements (whether there are documents СМК; documents operating; applicability of documents); - Efficiency СМК; - Weak places СМК; - Necessity of correcting and warning actions; - The discrepancy reasons; - Possibility of improvement of process of work; - Success of work of company management. Open Company "СЭА" has defined and has provided necessary conditions for carryingout of internal audits on check of System of quality management by means: Operating and documentary issued System of quality management; Presence of specially trained personnel capable independently to spend audits; Presence of documentary issued Procedure on carrying out of internal audits СМК; Presence of standard ИСО 9001:2000, on conformity to which audit should be booked. OBJECTS OF INTERNAL AUDITS (CHECKS) The basic objects of audit are: - Quality of civil and erection works and services; - Condition of processes; - The personnel; - Workplace condition; - Functioning СМК. Quality of civil and erection works and services Quality check of civil and erection works is intended for definition of conformity of qualityof their performance to the standard requirements regulated contract/treaty obligations,СНИиПами and specifications. Condition of processes Check of a condition of processes allows to define: - Sequence and interaction of processes; - Degree of achievement of the planned results with a view of improvement of theseprocesses, efficiency from realisation of the accepted decisions;
  39. 39. CODE: SEA-QM-01 QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM P. N 39 FROM 46 - The reasons of occurrence of defective production. The personnel Personnel check gives acknowledgement to that the personnel performing works which arereflected in quality of production, possesses: - The necessary qualification received as a result of general and vocational education,training, skills and experience; - Comprehension of value and importance of the activity, and also role in the course ofachievements of the purposes of quality. Workplace condition Check of a condition of a workplace gives conformity acknowledgement to the establishedrequirements for reception of qualitative production. Functioning СМК At check of functioning СМК it is checked: - Documentation СМК - Actual performance of the requirements stated in the documentation; - Records of quality СМК. Check of documentation СМК is carried out in following directions:  The documentation from the point of view of conformity to the requirements stated in the Quality manual, the politician and the purposes in the field of quality is checked; for documents of the bottom level – to requirements of higher documents;  -Procedure of management by documentation СМК is checked, namely: The coordination and the statement; Maintenance of readership of documents and their identification; Presence maintenance in places of application of the valid edition of corresponding documents; Maintenance of periodic check (audit) of documents; д maintenance of prevention of unintentional use of out-of-date documents, i.e. withdrawal of the out-of-date documentation;  Quality of the documentation is checked: availability and correctness of formulations of requirements, clearness of a statement, presence of the complete set of tables, appendices etc.; documentation presence on workplaces. Check of records of quality to be under construction in following directions:  Maintenance of conducting and reception in a necessary kind of records of quality;  Maintenance of readership of records of quality and their identification;  Providing of access to quality records. Check of actual performance of requirements,