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Blogging 101 - Zemanta NYC Meetup


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Presentation from the April 25th Zemanta NYC Meetup at WeWork Labs lounge.

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Blogging 101 - Zemanta NYC Meetup

  1. 1. Blogging 101 April 25, 2012 Tin Dizdarevic @tdizdarevic | @zemanta
  2. 2. Will talk about:• Why blogging?• Platform choices• Blogging basics• SEO• Social Media Integration
  3. 3. Why Blogging?• Show the world why you’re good at what you do.• Get search engine attention.• Set yourself up as thought leader in your space• It’s easy and cheap!
  4. 4. What to do?• Create a simple spreadsheet to track ideas for posts• Dedicate a time each week when you’ll write• Start simple, find audience, go from there..• Try to post at least once a week to start
  5. 5. Platforms• (free basic service)• on Hosted Service• (paid service) and TypePad (paidservice)• Blogger/Tumblr/SquareSpace/Posterous (specialized)
  6. 6. Perfect PostOne page of textSimple language (SEO)At least one imageLinks to explanationsFurther reading (internal & external)Easy to shareCall to Action!
  7. 7. Examples of PostsInfluencer Interviews - Create a set list of questions that you can reuse - Allow for flexibility - Best is in person > skype > phone > email - Record the interview for use as video as well - Take into account resources to transcribe and edit the interview
  8. 8. Examples of Posts
  9. 9. Examples of PostsIndustry Trends - Quotes from relevant recent media coverage - Links to blogs by influencers in your space - Your organization’s stand on these trends
  10. 10. Examples of Posts
  11. 11. Examples of PostsCustomer Profile - Highlight your best customers - Show how they are using your organization’s services or products (ideally with a video) - Use direct quotes from the customer - Allow them to write their own post in their own words - Can be reused as case studies or can reuse existing material
  12. 12. Examples of Posts
  13. 13. Examples of PostsLists - Quick links to 10-15 stories of note
  14. 14. Examples of Posts
  15. 15. SEO• Domain Name• Hosting• CMS (content management system)• Plugins• Content• Link Out• Don’t give up!! Also see post by John Doherty for more details:
  16. 16. Social Media• Use Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to promote newblog posts and help bring traffic to older posts.• Engage with like-minded bloggers to get them tocomment about your blog post.
  17. 17. Plugin/Tools Directory• Writing: - InboundWriter - Zemanta - Enhanced Linking• SEO: • WordPress SEO by Yoast • Scribe SEO by Copy Blogger• Social Media: • Buffer • Twitter Tools • Share Plugins (many options)• Other: • Urtak
  18. 18. Other Resources• Zemanta Business • SEO Myths & WP Magic - Blogging Series Casie Gillette• HubSpot - Tremendous • 15 Must Have Tools for resource for online Better Blogging - marketing Contently• Content Marketing • Ultimate Guide to Institute Corporate Blogging- OpenView Partners
  19. 19. Thank you!