7 Steps to Creating Engaging Content


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Slides from joint InboundWriter and Zemanta webinar that was hosted by Pelin Thorogood and Andraz Tori.

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  • Great quote from Joe Pulizzi, content marketing evangelist, on the importance of content marketing. Brands have no choice but to be interesting, and content is one way of expressing that. Another quote I like is from David Meerman Scott, who wrote New Rules of Marketing and PR: “Prior to the web, organizations had only two significant choices to attract attention: buy expensive advertising or get third-party ink from the media. But the web has changed the rules.”
  • Every strategy
  • What can you ‘re-imagine’?Create an editorial calendar to keep you on track
  • Measurement can be used to help in the following areas:Planning: Which content drove past results – traffic, conversions, ‘shares’Reporting: Is the content meeting your objectives? Which type of content is best?Optimizing: How can we move the needle above benchmark?
  • 7 Steps to Creating Engaging Content

    1. 1. 7 Steps to Creating Engaging ContentNew Tools and Tactics to Create Content That Drives Business
    2. 2. The Presenters Pelin Thorogood is a new media marketer andentrepreneur, and was recently named one of the“20 Women to Watch” in sales lead @PelinTmanagement. Pelin also serves as a Executive-in-Residence at Cornells Johnson Graduate School ofManagement.www.schulmanthorogood.comAndraž Tori is Co-Founder and CTO atZemanta. Zemanta, a bloggers assistant that helpsover 80,000 bloggers was responsible for enhancing @andrazover 1.3 million blog posts in 2011. Andraž is activein the semantic web technology community and hasrecently spoken at SemTech 2011 and Web Fest.ME 2011 conferences and is slated to speak atBlogWorld 2012 in New York. www.zemanta.com
    3. 3. Relevance!
    4. 4. Relevance is KeyRelevant content is key to findability SEO: Relevant content / structure & links to relevant external articles, blog posts photos and other imagesRelevant content is key to customerengagement, stickiness and communitybuildingRelevance  Engagement  ConversionCreativity without Conversion = ZERO #contentmarketing
    5. 5. 7 Steps to Creating Engaging Content1. Understand Business Goals2. Create a Content Strategy3. Unleash Your Inner Data Analyst4. Know the Right Tools5. Create Relevant Content6. Get it Read7. Measure & Optimize #contentmarketing
    6. 6. 1. Understand GoalsWhat is yourcompany trying toaccomplish?Who is your targetaudience?Are you inalignment withmarketing? #contentmarketing
    7. 7. 2. Content StrategyWhat is your contentstrategy based on yourobjectives?What types of content doyou need to support eachobjective?How will you measuresuccess? #contentmarketing
    8. 8. ‘Lifecycle’ Content Reach/Acquisition Conversion RetentionBlogging White papers Email newslettersOnline press releases Explanatory videos Social media contentInfographics Customer video testimonials Customer support contentSurveys and trend data Case studies Product toursViral video Data sheets WebinarsSocial media content Product reviews BlogPodcasts Webinars ContestsBlog and forum comments Advertising and search copyContests #contentmarketing
    9. 9. 3. Inner Data AnalystFamiliarize yourselfwith web and socialmeasurementUnderstand howcontent drives resultsbased on yourobjectivesKnow how to establishbenchmarksUse data to optimizeand create bettercontent #contentmarketing
    10. 10. 4. Know The RightToolsmeasurement distribution production #contentmarketing
    11. 11. Content Creation Best PracticesAdding links to external contentprovides context for your readersLinking to own content (within reason)helps with SEO performanceLinking to previous posts builds alarger story #contentmarketing
    12. 12. Content Creation Best PracticesSEO best practices define “keywordfocus” as one of the most importantthings in online writing.The “right” keywords are very muchdependent on your content strategyEngaging content not only requiresthe use of the right words but alsothe right structure. #contentmarketing
    13. 13. Content Creation Best PracticesVisual Appeal Images draw attention to the post Images help demonstrate your points Respect copyright laws Take advantage of image recommendation tools that provide license information #contentmarketing
    14. 14. Content Creation Best Practices• Skyword study found an average increase of 94% for articles that included an image or infographic.http://skyword.com/blog/96-skyword-study-add-images-to-improve-content-performance.html #contentmarketing
    15. 15. 5. Create Relevant Content Use data to understand what your audience is interested in and what types of content work best Marcus Sheriden: “Your customers’ first 50 questions should be your first 50 blog posts.” Be creative Link to relevant external sources, including articles, blogs photos Tell a story Call to action #contentmarketing
    16. 16. 6. Get it ReadLeverage yourCommunity: Socialchannels, customeradvocates,influencers, paidadvertising, etc.Work w/marketingand public relationsLeverageemployeesMeasure!
    17. 17. CommunityFind other writers or bloggers in yournicheEngage them on their contentEncourage them to respond to your postsAsk for guest blog posts and reciprocate
    18. 18. 7. Measure & AdjustMeasure impact ofcontent based onobjective – leads,sales, etc.Measure mosteffective type ofcontentUse measurement todrive content decisionsRemember: creativityw/out conversions =zero
    19. 19. Don’t Forget The Basics!Segment your audience By role, by age, by gender, by education, by intent, by behavior…Test! Test! Test! Across mediums, properties, audience segments…Think Life Time Value (LTV) #contentmarketing
    20. 20. Results: eBeanstalk.comSeven-week results, averaged across the four optimized pages: Reach: Increase in search engine traffic (29%) Reach: Increase in paid search impressions (45%) Engagement: Increase in time on page (153%) Conversion: Increase in conversion to sale (17%) #contentmarketing
    21. 21. Results: Convice & ConvertFour weeks of results for the 12 pages (5 rewritten, 7 new) on Convince & Convert: Reach: Traffic from search engines increased an average of 33% across the five posts that were rewritten (optimized) Reach: Four of the five rewritten posts achieved top 10 Google rankings for target keywords Reach: Six of the seven newly written (optimized) posts achieved top 10 Google rankings for target keywords within 48 hours of publication
    22. 22. Results:• Used Zemanta WordPress Plugin for image recommendations, Amazon Associate affiliate linking and connecting to other blogs in their niche.• Would periodically link to LifeHacker articles.http://bloggingyourpassion.com/how-using-the-zemanta-wordpress-plugin-can-increase-your-blog- traffic/ #contentmarketing
    23. 23. Results:• Strategy paid off as one of the Lifehacker bloggers took notice and linked back to one of Blogging Your Passion posts• Link resulted in nearly 5,000 visits.• 6 other bloggers wrote about the same topic and linked back to the original post. #contentmarketing
    24. 24. Thank You!Pelin Thorogood, Schulman+Thorogood Group @PelinT pelin@schulmanthorogood.com www.schulmanthorogood.comAndraz Tori, Zemanta @andraz | @zemanta andraz@zemanta.com zemanta.com #contentmarketing