Overview for Buyers


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Short presentations designed for buyers. Explains what SupplierEvaluations community is about.

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Overview for Buyers

  1. 1. Make the Right Choice What is www.SupplierEvaluations.com? A web-based, B2B community of buyers and supply chain management professionals. Dedicated to collecting and disseminating supplier performance evaluations from the community to help you make better sourcing decisions
  2. 2. So what is it again? Internet community built for purchasing and supply chain management professionals Easy-to-use Supplier Performance Evaluations™ creates a common meaningful way to compare suppliers Centralized location to securely manage your supplier portfolio Social networking tools for community members to help each other Free to join
  3. 3. How does it work? Free to join…just register and enjoy the benefits Add and manage your supplier performance data Submit evaluations and earn credits toward Supplier Performance Evaluations™ on potential suppliers Use Forum and private messaging to connect and network with your peers Invite suppliers and colleagues, expand your network Upgrade your membership for premium features
  4. 4. What’s in it for you? Manage your supplier performance data securely online in one place Access a wider pool of suppliers with evaluation information Find new suppliers to expand your sourcing pool Benefit from collective knowledge and connect with your peers Find other buyers who use the same suppliers you do… and compare evaluations Communicate with your suppliers and provide feedback Help shape this community… your community
  5. 5. Easy-to-use Search to find suppliers
  6. 6. Subscribe to alerts for changes as they happen
  7. 7. Easy-to-use Evaluations
  8. 8. Structured wizards are easy and quick
  9. 9. Forums and Blog for community discussions. Create your own groups and subgroups
  10. 10. Communicate and network with your peers
  11. 11. u Manage your Suppliers online securely
  12. 12. r Dynamically Generated reports always reflect up to the minute evaluations
  13. 13. Summary SupplierEvaluations provides real added value to the buyer community As a buyer, you get immediate benefits with free membership Manage and communicate with your suppliers See what other buyers have to say about your suppliers Find new suppliers out of much larger pool Evaluate supplier performance Join Today!