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The Legend of Tiriki Forest Part 1


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Chapter 1 of my Build a city Challenge.
Well sort's kind of a hybrid. I guess.

Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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The Legend of Tiriki Forest Part 1

  1. 1. Welcome everyone to my attempt at the Build a City Challenge. This will also be mysecond attempt at publishing a sims story. (The first one went up in a fire ball ofglitches)I’ll be honest as much as I love the idea of this challenge, I’m the type who has tohave an exact end to a challenge or else it tends to never get finished. So I’vealtered the rules a bit. Instead of following the adventures of this kingdom until wereach 50,000 (again blame my short attention span) I’ve decided to follow them for 5generations and see how large a settlement I can end up with by then. So maybethis a hybrid with the prosperity or Royal Kingdom challenge? You decide.Alright then onward!
  2. 2. Ah! A brand new sim universe! And this one happens to be mine. I know it doesn’t look like much atthe moment, but I’m sure after playing around in here for 5 generations I can turn this place intosomething special. Or everything will go up in flames. Either way, it should be fun.So first thing’s first a proper universe needs a name no? So this one will be called Tiriki Forest. Thesecond thing this universe needs is our first playable. After all I can’t tell a story without a sim can I?
  3. 3. And the lucky founder of this civilization is Robert Hunter. Robert here is aFamily/Popularity Sim. He wants to top the Military career track which is a mostexcellent choice. It’s completely doable within the first generation of a Build aCity challenge. Good for him.
  4. 4. And honestly I’ve had pets installed for over a year and I’ve never given a sim a pet. Idecided I’d change that with Robert. So meet Rob’s companion Doro-She.
  5. 5. Rob and Doro-She moved into this small house which happens to be aremake of one of the houses from the Sims 1. I loved this house! Seriouslyit was my favorite in the Sims 1. Ah Sims 1 nostalgia! Some wonderfulperson at Mod the Sims made this and I love it here in the Sims 2 too.
  6. 6. Well since Rob here can’t get a job until we get 4 households in theneighborhood I decided he could earn money by fishing. Plus itd give himsomething to do until the welcome wagon arrived.
  7. 7. It arrived and the 4 sims spent the afternoon bonding. Maybe one of theselovely sims will get a chance to be featured in later chapters. Or maybe not. Ihaven’t decided yet.
  8. 8. Doro-She seems to think Brandi should get a chance to move in. Wellbonding with Doro-She is one way to get on this simmers good sideand perhaps get yourself featured in a sim story. I think I’’ll put you inthe maybe pile Brandi.
  9. 9. Oh my gypsy matchmaker is blue! I didn’t know that custom blue skincould end up on my townies. Sweet! So Rob here greeted ClaireHutchins. Too bad she can’t move in, but she can drop Rob his chosenspouse. And be best friend material for work.
  10. 10. And Claire gives us Elle Alioto. And yes she’s got recessives. We love youClaire!Ahem anyway, Elle here is a Popularity/Knowledge sim. She wants to topthe Oceanography career. Again completely doable. I’ve apparently gotsome smart little simmies. That’s always nice.
  11. 11. Before long Robert proposes marriage. Sim romances they move so quicklydon’t they?
  12. 12. And then they get hitched right there beside the old pond. I’m pretty sureyou can all guess what came next.
  13. 13. Elle fits in quite nicely here, but I am a little annoyed with her forbringing $1 with her when she moved in. What kind of dowry is thatwoman? If I were Robert I’d be very annoyed with her father.
  14. 14. Claire I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Claire thinking: Geez all I did was give his founding family a genielamp.
  15. 15. Yeah, but I’ve had Free Time installed for at least 6 months and I havenever gotten the genie lamp before. So yes I’m super thrilled with Claire’sawesomeness. Okay Rob, wish for some moolah!
  16. 16. Rob: “Really? This is for us? You’re sure Claire didn’t drop you off at thewrong house?”Me: “Just pick up the bag of money stupid.”*snags $10,000*
  17. 17. And the money was spent on purchasing the small community lotwhich had just appeared out of thin air. Everyone welcome to The FishHut.
  18. 18. I didn’t send Elle to her little business since she’s popped into pregnancy.Her needs are bottoming out like crazy anyway. I guess I could sendRob, but I’m too lazy.
  19. 19. They can both just work on stocking up their inventories until next rotation.And of course Elle is fishing as much as humanly possible. She’s after thatGold talent badge so she can get her dream job. She managed to get aSilver badge by the end of the week. Not too bad.
  20. 20. Doro-She has become quite protective of Elle during her pregnancy.He’s taken to sleeping on the bed with her rather than the dog houselike he usually does. Of course this means Robert has to sleep on thecouch, but come on he’s so cute there. I didn’t have the heart to throwhim off.
  21. 21. Ah crap! I accidently made my first ever pet an elder instead of an adult. Sohe died Saturday morning. *feels bad*
  22. 22. Good-bye Doro-She we’ll miss you. *sniff*
  23. 23. Well at least my first ever chapter won’t end on a completely sour note thanks to Elle.Thank goodness for the first born of generation 2!No wait there are 2 new babies in the family!
  24. 24. And everyone meet Roland (right) and Wat (left). I just realized they are sleeping on pink bedding. Well I say ittakes a manly man to sleep on pink. Though I will probably change it on Renovation Day next time.And since I placed my first community lot, we’ll be meeting another family. So it’ll be a bit before we see theHunters again. Alright how about some end of rotation stats?
  25. 25. Stats:Number of Houses: 1Playable sims: 4Sim Multiplier: x3 (+1 for first community lot and +2 for sims(1 point for eachgeneration living in the house)Community Lots Owned: 1 (The Fish Hut Rank 0)Total Population: 12