Empower Students Through Technology


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Workshop given at the TVET conference in Amman, Jordan on using the Technology Integration Matrix (TIM). This workshop explores the 5 levels of Technology Integration as well as the 5 Classroom Characteristics. 23/2/12

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  • What was common amongst them? Any of them just learning skills?What did made these memorable?
  • Brainstorm in groups of 3 or 4Dr. Z will get an assistant to collect on the screen in a Google DocShare the tinyurl and challenge to add themselves
  • Empower Students Through Technology

    1. 1. Conference of Vocational Training: Advanced Models on Training, Business & Governance for the VTCDr. Leigh E. ZeitzInstructional TechnologyUniversity of Northern Iowa Workshop
    2. 2. Teacher Trainer Coach What’s the difference?
    3. 3.  Teaching – Art of assisting others in discovery. Training – Focusing on specific areas of development (technical & soft skill). Coaching – Observing strengths/weaknesses and developing weaknesses. Monica Paul, 2010
    4. 4. With your partner, discusslearning experiences youenjoyed.List them on the handout.What made them good?Why did you like them?
    5. 5.  Problem Solving Decision-Making Communication  Oral & Written Collaboration: Teams Business Analysis Project Leadership Ethics & Tolerance Functional Area Knowledge Luftman: Society for Information Management (2007)
    6. 6.  Problem Solving Critical Thinking Communication Collaboration Creativity Innovation
    7. 7.  How can technology be used in learning? Brainstorm ways technology can be used in teaching.
    8. 8. Organize your ideas by who is using the technology Teacher Use Student Use
    9. 9. Teacher Use Student Use Entry Adoption Adaptation Infusion TransformationTeacher Teacher Teacher Teacher Teacherdelivers directs facilitates provides supportscontent to students in students learning innovative techstudents conventional / exploring & content and tool use. Tools procedural use using tech student used for higher- of tech tools tools choose tech order learning tools activities not possible without technology
    10. 10.  Add your activities to the appropriate cells. Add new activities to complete the cells. Discuss the differences between the applications.
    11. 11.  Active – Actively Engaged w/ technology Collaborative – Use tech to work together Constructive – Use tech to connect new information to prior knowledge Authentic – Use tech to link beyond classroom Goal Directed – Use tech to set goals, plan activities, monitor progress and evaluate results.
    12. 12.  Select a learning event Identify the Technology Use Identify the Characteristic Identify the cell where this event lies Discuss/Read what this means
    13. 13.  Identify the activity’s cell Improve the activity’s position  Make technology more Transitional  Use a different characteristic Discuss how this could change learning in your educational system
    14. 14.  Use the Technology Integration Matrix to review some of the lessons/activities in your curriculum. Identify the cells for 10 events. For each event, change the Technology Use or Learning Characteristic to better integrate the technology and learning.
    15. 15. “Well-integrated use of technologyresources by thoroughly trained teachersmakes twenty-first-century learningpossible.”Edutopia, 2007