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Value Art+Com Project — Mainz: Hometown of the Culture of Communication


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• Innovation is driven by culture and art

• Communication is driven by culture and art

• Artists life & work is driven by values communication

By Şükran Ceren Salalı, Value Art&Communication Fellow

I always enjoy interacting with new people from various countries with different perspectives. After doing my AFS Exchange Program in Belgium and participating in an international peace project in the Netherlands, I said “why not to apply the Erasmus internship program which gives an opportunity to work in different countries for 3 months”. In the beginning, it took me a long time to decide which city to choose, however; while I was doing my research, I have heard many positive comments about the life here in Mainz. After a process of finding a right place for my internship, I am accepted in Value Communication AG, a global research and publishing company gives a high value to art, culture and communication and based in Mainz where I started to work as Value Art + Communication Fellow.

When I arrived in Mainz as a Sociology student and as an Erasmus intern from Istanbul, I got inspired and fascinated by the rich cultural and artistic environment of the city as the hometown of Johannes Gutenberg and the surrounding area as a leading centre of the culture of communication. Based on my inspiration, I decided to experience this city in order to find out the interaction between the rich culture of the city and the real value of communication. Also, I had this great support and useful advices from Andreas Weber, who is an expert on communication and the founder of Value Communication AG. That´s how our Value Art and Com (i.e. Communication) project is brought into action.

As one of my project areas, I visited an exhibition, Kunst Direkt 2014, which took place in Rheingoldhalle, at one of the beautiful spots of Mainz situated near the river, Rhein. In the exhibition, there were 120 talented artists from Rheinland-Pfalz state of Germany. The exhibition was consisted of different rooms in which each artist could present her/his artwork. I found this event as a wonderful opportunity to start my interviews for our Value Art&Com Project. There, I interviewed with 10 artists, some of them were painters while others were sculptors. The most important thing is that, by these interviews, I had the chance to know what artists as talented people think about the real value of communication. I had different approaches by each of their responses which gave our project an artistic touch and various points of view. As a person who is very well interested in art, media and cinema, It was a very special process for me and for our disruptive project.

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Value Art+Com Project — Mainz: Hometown of the Culture of Communication

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