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ValueCheck! — How to unify Communications, Art & Culture


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About ValueCheck! and how it works

ValueCheck! is a unique approach. It unifies Communication, art and culture in three steps via Analysis, Audits and Coaching.

Our POV: It’s time for a disruptive approach via ValueCheck!: The performance promise of Value Communication is “connect innovation to profit”. In order to realize this promise, a questionnaire including eight different parts is organized so that customers get an opportunity to check out their companies’ marketing communication level by answering ValueCheck questions.

After receiving answers, Value Communication promises to provide customers with the results based on Value Score Index. In this way, customers become more aware of their tendencies and inadequacies on track of making benefits in the market. They get a chance to increase the effectiveness of all communication activities with regard to the success of their companies.

Your benefits

• ValueCheck! is something like a fitness check-up to be prepared for The Age of the Customer.
• ValueCheck! delivers orientation how to optimize all dimensions of your internal and external business communication success.
• ValueCheck! guides you through the digital world to accelerate your profitable growth.

You want to check it out?

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More Information about Value Communication

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ValueCheck! — How to unify Communications, Art & Culture

  1. 1. Was vereint Kommunikation Kunst & Kultur ?
 Coachings What unifies Communication, Art & Culture?
  2. 2. ”Only through contacts with creative 
 people we are able to create 
 the cultural prosperity!“
  3. 3. Joseph Beuys und Michael Ende führten DAS legendäre Gespräch am Ende des 20. Jahrhunderts über Positionen der Kunst und 
 ihrer gesellschaftlichen Aufgabe! ! ! ! Zentrale Statements Joseph Beuys: 
 »Jeder Mensch ist ein Künstler.« ! Michael Ende: 
 »Jeder Mensch ist ein Mensch.« Joseph Beuys and Michael Ende ! led the legendary conversation at the end of the 
 20th. Century about positions of art and its social task! Every human being is an artist. Every human being is a human being.
  4. 4. Art = Innovation = Colour your Life = Human-to-Human
  5. 5. Art = Innovation = Communication = Human-to-Human
  6. 6. Connect Innovation to Profit!
  7. 7. Communication is Art — Great Visuals by Arghawan Zahedi alias Agi Schlechte Kommunikation hat fatale Folgen! These: gute Kommunikation = Kunst Bestätigt!
  8. 8. Connect Innovation to Profit!
  9. 9. „Kultur ist nicht Einzelleistung, sondern ein Netz geistigen 
 —Prof. Wilhelm Weber ”Culture does not focus on individual performance, but rather on a social network of spiritual relatedness."
  10. 10. ValueCheck! Analysis 
 + Audits 
 + Coachings 
 = Connect Innovation to Profit! Learn more about Value Communication
  11. 11. Value Office: Art + Communication + Innovation
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