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Value Academy Update


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Value Academy – All you need to fast-track your success by an innovation driven marketing communications approach.


Some key facts:
Whether we like it or not: Technology innovation has never been so crucial for a company’s success as it is today. No matter who you talk to, everyone seems to be on the search for the new, the better and the ultimate. The challenges lie in structural changes, different process thinking and creativity calls for a maximum use of technology expertise.

However, the real challenging question is:
What is part of the hype (with a short half-life) and what has value through innovation with a real guarantee of existence? And most of all: Why is technology innovation not automatically equated with marketing innovation which enables you to fast-track your profit?

Our Performance Promise:
The unique offer of the Value Academy gives you an overview of facts, knowledge and above all the knowledge that is needed to make the right decisions in the shortest possible time.

Your benefits at a glance:

• Modular concerted use options
• No schematic routine treatment
• Close cooperation with independent knowledge partners (eg Hochschule Rhein Main, analysts, innovators)
• Interdisciplinary know-how (technology, creation / production, content, media analysis / use of media and marketing communications)
• Successful attendees receive a Value Academy Certification

Some quotes:

“We all have to learn life long. Value Academy is so valuable for all of us!”
Dr. Ying Lin-Sill, Member Advisory Board of Value Academy.

“WHY is Value Academy so important for your success? – Because we hate seeing good ideas not being successful because of an inadequate marketing operation.”
NN, Marketing Fellow

“Value Academy is very unique. What we promise? Get the right knowledge. Think and talk about it. Do things different. Fast-track the success of what you do! — Its that simple.”
Andreas Weber, Value CEO, Founder Value Academy

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Value Academy Update

  1. 1. Innovation & Transformation of Marketing Communications Understand today what will be relevant 
  2. 2. Fast-track your business success: Profit from a tailored Value Academy program! Modular Networked Knowledge-based
  3. 3. Extraordinary and amazing location. PLUS: Value Art & Communication Lab.
  4. 4. ! Best-in-class lecturers and topics (from practice to practice) Compilation of individual topics Interdisciplinary know-how Personal meetings (briefings, symposia)
  5. 5. No schematic routine treatment. Personal Value Academy Certification.
  6. 6. ! Absolutely unique: Tailor you Value Academy program! Select your program Select your knowledge area Sign in for your individual needs
  7. 7. 12 unique modules — learn & practice how to fast-track your success.
  8. 8. ! ! ces rvi e al s eci sp an st & erm e li n-g Pric st! o ue rn fo req by ees end att ! Tailored offers for your best ROI!
  9. 9. Innovation & Transformation 
 of Marketing Communications Exclusive Value Community Tools to update your knowledge continuously! ! [ValueBlog] | @ValueCommAG [Twitter] [Facebook-Site/-Groups]
  10. 10. Innovation & Transformation 
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