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Smart Communication: from connectivity to relatedness


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It’s not about connectivity anymore, which is already given.

It’s about building beneficial 
relations as the foundation of the 
real value of communication.
—Andreas Weber

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Published in: Marketing
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Smart Communication: from connectivity to relatedness

  1. 1. It’s not about connectivity anymore, which is already given. It’s about building beneficial 
 relations as the foundation of the 
 real value of communication. —Andreas Weber 
 Source: ValueCheck — How to Create the Real Value of Communication
  2. 2. It’s all about ”Smart” communication.
  3. 3. ”Smart” is defined as clean & neat, intelligent, fashionable & stylish, computer-controlled to appear intelligent. — ”Smart” communication applications should be completely seamless and integrated.
  4. 4. ”Smart” + ”Communication” reveals the challenges in reaching optimal communication to create sustainable relationships based on best-in-class experiences.
  5. 5. Relationships between consumers and brands are not dissimilar to interpersonal relationships.
  6. 6. Dissatisfaction occurs
 when service fails.
  7. 7. In our service-oriented society, 
 the client expects to be served and communicated to.
  8. 8. Once the consumer accepts a brand, the brand enters into an agreement to foster a relationship and grow with its consumer.
  9. 9. Challenge The age of digital transformation accelerates the growing gap between technology-weak corporations and technology-smart consumers. At least there is a conflict between the (old school) focus on brand experience and the (digital driven) customer experience approach. Solution • Smart Communication enables relatedness (human to human!) • Smart Communication is seamless and integrated • Social Media is not the end, but the start of Smart Communication to create a win-win-win momentum. Smart Communication: Reaching Engaging Communication Beyond Ourselves! ©AndreasWeber,ValueCommunicationAG,FrankfurtamMain/Germany,,2010—2018
  10. 10. “5 C”
 Core Elements of the Smart Communication Scenario Consumer 
 & Brand Owners Connectivity Content|Conversation Creativity Community Creative Discourse Relatedness Sense of Purpose Intermedia — Multichannel
 Social Media Competency Messaging Interaction Transaction Satisfaction Value Experience Recommendations & Ratings Human-to-Human Usage of relevant Technologies Open Source Branding 
 Innovation of Communication Tasks ©AndreasWeber,ValueCommunicationAG,FrankfurtamMain/Germany,,2010—2018
  11. 11. Dimensions of Content & Conversations 
 in a Smart Communication Scenario Dialectic — Creative Discours Hermeneutics — Sense of Purpose - Creative discourse — human to human - Express thoughts, interpret, translate - Language, tonality, facial expressions, gestures - Interpret and understand - Arguments, speech and counter-speech - Language, symbols, community - Empathy, dialectics - Sense, analysis - Interaction with the audience - Historical and cultural contexts - Critical ability, Responsiveness - Reflection of the conditions of interpretation ©AndreasWeber,ValueCommunicationAG,FrankfurtamMain/Germany,,2010—2018
  12. 12. Disruptive Value Task Unify 
 Social & H2H 
 in the 
 smartest way
 Convert the VIRTUAL into REALITY Reduce COMPLEXITY Skip analog thinking 
 in a digital world! Practice that needs 
 are the measure of all things! SOCIAL HUMAN
 HUMAN Source:ValueGuideline!—Gainviamulti-channelinnovationrealbenefitfromsocialmedia!
  13. 13. ”Smart Communication“ eliminates the curse of the digital age: inequality of attention and inequality of respect!
  14. 14. Disclaimer © 2018 by Andreas Weber, Head of Value