Lifestyle for the Hypertensive


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Lifestyle for the Hypertensive

  1. 1. Life Stylefor Hyper Tensive
  2. 2. What is Hypertension?Hypertension is thepressure exerted by theflowing blood on the walls ofthe blood vessels isHypertension or BloodPressure-in short B.P.
  3. 3. Why such pressure is exerted ?Heart is a pumpconstantly contracting &expanding to pump theblood to reach variousparts to provide essentialnutrients & O2.
  4. 4. What is Systolic & DiastolicPressure?The pressure exerted duringcontraction of the Heart iscalled Systolic Pressure andwhile expanding is DiastolicPressure.
  5. 5. What is the normal range of BP?Systolic 120 mm/ Hg,Diastolic 80 mm/ Hg. Minorvariations are acceptablefor an average healthy adult.To diagnose 3 readings hasto be taken.
  6. 6. What are the variouscontributing factors for BP?Very many. Hurry-Worry-Curry, we have plenty inmodern life.Other contributing factorsare like
  7. 7. Hereditary, Smoking, Spicy,Oily & Tinned Food, SoftDrinks, Alcohol, SweetMeats, Lack of Exercise,Sedentary Life, OccupationalHazards, Irregular FoodHabits,
  8. 8. Financial Loses, Loss of near& dear, Over Ambitious,Jealous, some Drugs/Diseases. Mainly 4 White Poisons Salt & Sugar Polished Rice & Maida
  9. 9. Who will suffer from BP?Usually young adults above18 yrs of either sex bothurban & rural population cansuffer from High BP.Incidence is very highamong urban population.
  10. 10. What are the remedies?Remedies are many. Here wehave to take a que from ourancient life science-Ayurveda “Prevention isbetter than cure”
  11. 11. How to Prevent BP?Life style is very important.Following life style willhelp not only to prevent butto help the people who arealready suffering from BP.
  12. 12. Sleep: it is better to have 6-7hrs between 10 pm & 5 am.Avoid day time sleep, youcan relax. It is better to keepbed room not very hot & verycool. Dont spend in ACrooms as
  13. 13. They interrupt body bio-chemical actions atnormal pace. Exposing toSun light for 2-3 hrs/dayis essential. Preferablyduring Sun rise/ set time
  14. 14. Following life style helps in HypertensionTry to get up before 6 amafter 6-7 hours sleep Whilein bed itself assure toyourself that you will livebetter life for the day
  15. 15. A person approached a Zenmaster and asked what is hissecret of being happyalways?. Master replied thatevery day when he gets upwhile in the bed questionshimself
  16. 16. whether he wants to live inHeaven or Hell & answerhimself that he is going to livein Heaven, hence he use everyminute of his life in creatingHeaven for him irrespective ofexternal conditions.
  17. 17. Around 6 am drink 5-6(about 1 lit.) glasses ofwarm water even beforebrushing, if you cant drinkstart with 1 glass and keepincreasing 1 glass every 2-3 days
  18. 18. After brushing walkbriskly where ever youare (even in train) for 10-12 min concentrating onyour stomach andintestines
  19. 19. Around 6-30 am take your morningcoffee/tea/milk/juice as you like.Watch TV or read newspaper whilemoving in the room, garden as thecase may be for 10-15 minutesAround 7-00 am take another 5-6glasses water and try to visit thetoilet, visiting toilet is like cleaningthe house every day
  20. 20. Around 7 AM do 10-15 pushups/jumps/ bend/ stretch for 5 min.Sit on Vajrasana for 5 min & do10-12 deep breathes (inhaleslowly for 4 seconds, hold is for5 seconds and exhale it for 6seconds-each breathing for 15sec.) relax for 2-3 min.
  21. 21. Have your breakfast around8/8-30 am. Then go to yourwork place. Have Herbaltea/milk with ginger/Fruit/Veg juice as you like with lightsnack around 11 am. AvoidSugar & Salt
  22. 22. Try to have your lunch before 2pm where ever you are avoidlunch after this time. Take fruitsfor the day. Have Herbaltea/Ginger milk with lightsnack before 5 pm. Eveningwalk briskly for 15 min. 10 deepbreaths. Avoid Sugar & Salt.
  23. 23. Preferably Have your dinnerbefore 8 pm, keep 300 feetbetween your food and bed. Walkat least for 15-20 min. Maintainatleast 2 hours gap to go to bed &dinner. Take a glass of warmPepper milk/water before goingto bed. There must be 2 hr
  24. 24. gap between your night mealand retiring to bed. Avoid latedinners after 10 pm.Don’t watch TV for more than 1hour / day. Watch only hilariousprograms with your near & dear.Help your family members indaily chores to
  25. 25. share is to enjoy Go to markettwice a week by walk with yourLife-partner/ children Every weektry to spend with your family for 1- 2 hrs laying caroms/ chess/shuttle/ tennicoit / cards andsharing jokes or playingAntyakshari. Go out with family orfriends to spend half a day in
  26. 26. After 50 years spare 2-3 hoursper week to help neighbors andothers, it will help you toimprove your relations, givessatisfaction and improvesbody’s resistance Spendeveryday for 30-40 min. inwalking, skipping, cycling,
  27. 27. gardening or visit a gym whichwill improve body immunesystem. Keep solving crossword puzzles for 1 hr/ week tosharp your mental abilitiesFood & Exercises will help in postpone problems. AvoidSalt & Sugar
  28. 28. Yoga Helps especially Suryanamaskaras, Pranayama,Sarvaangasana, spending20 min/ day will normalizeyour endocrine systemfunctioning and check highBP
  29. 29. Food Do’s & Dont’s in BP (No fast & no feast frequently for BP Persons) Persons)3-4 small meals/ snacks for every 4 hrs is good meals/Avoid large, heavy mealsThe gap between 2 meals/ snacks should no be more than 4hoursAvoid/minimise 2 white poisons Sugar & Salt poisons-SugarAvoid Non-vegetarian food after 40 yearsConsume green salads/seasonal fruits dailyYour meal should consists of 50% solids, 25% liquid and restgap to digestConsume Ginger, Mint Leaves, Jeera every dayAvoid curds in the nightRaagi, Jawar, Bajra roti/gruel/small qty of rice are best Avoid sugar made sweets & salted foods
  30. 30. Ayurveda is having effective answer forlong term control of BP.The remedy if coupled with good &sensible eating, and moderate exercisesto keep body active and improves bloodcirculation, normalises Hypertention.Unlike Allopathy is not having serious sideeffects like loss of libido. Latrogenicdiseases leading to treatment is moredangerous than disease.
  31. 31. Consume 5 gm Triphala withhoney both morning &evening with honey onempty stomach for 6-9months. Take 10 gm Gingerdaily in your food. Consume2 Garlic cloves daily
  32. 32. To recall the words of Prof. BM Hegde a renownedteacher and doctor, who is quadruple FCCPcommented about modern medicine as follows“There is no Pill for all Ills, but there is an ill followedby the use of every Pill” Ayurveda provides pills without ills. For more details call: Bellavistan Murthy Wellness Consultant : 098480 13958