How To Live As Long As You Want


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How To Live As Long As You Want

  1. 1. To Live as long as you want … If you want You have a choice
  2. 2. Death is not a physiological necessity; that if balance between construction & destruction could be kept minutely & accurately balanced we need never grow old and never cease to live , so for as the teachings of physiology go.
  3. 3. Doctor Munroe renowned Britain's anatomist says “ The human frame is a perfect machine with no marks of decay . It is apparently intended to go for ever ”
  4. 4. Dr John Gardener has written “ it is difficult to explain on scientific grounds why men die at all , than to believe in the duration of life for a 1000 yrs. There is no scientific fact to contradict this reality.
  5. 5. These modern scientific facts confirm that our rishis & sages lived thousands of years in Threta, Krutha & Dwapara yugas They might have perfected the art of living in tune with nature & be in balance.
  6. 6. Dr Friedenburg New York says “ With a perfectly balanced endocrine system one should live for ever. Infact the fountain of youth is with in the body for everybody ”
  7. 7. Prof. AE Creeves Scotland said given appropriate & essential conditions of the environment including proper care of the body. Eternal youth in fact is a reality in living forms.
  8. 8. Sir William A Lane renowned colon specialist maintains that if waste production & elimination of the body is equated , disease, old age & death would be highly unlikely & even impossible.
  9. 9. Dr JC Dalton physiologist says if human body is worn out it is because of not providing optimum nutrition & optimum detoxification . They can live for ever with above factors. Proper assimilation of food consumed & final expulsion of waste materials through excretory organs.
  10. 10. Dr Carrel says “ The cell is immortal which floats it degenerates . Renew this fluid at regular intervals provide proper nutrition the pulsation of life go on for ever ”
  11. 11. Dr Carrel took heart tissue from a chicken embryo and stored in a nutrient fluid and kept on changing at regular intervals . Though the average chicken life is only 7-8 yrs the cells were alive for 32 yrs even after the death of Dr Carrel in 1944
  12. 12. Dr Crite Cleveland one of the world’s greatest surgeon “ There is no natural death . Acidosis precedes disease . The body succumbs to its own acid debris . This causes diseases and death ”
  13. 13. Ayurveda is a system that treats the mind-body holistically . It says living in tune with nature. It helps to flow along with cosmic rhythm of which we are a part. When this rhythm is disturbed mental & physical
  14. 14. health is disturbed resulting in decay & death . We are what we think & eat. Mind contributes for 80% of the disease and balance 20% by the wrong food that one consumes regularly
  15. 15. Indian Rishis says “ Yadbhavam Tatbhavathi ” means you are what you think . Accepting that your health condition is incurable is a blunder . When you are sick do not give up or despair. If you do you prevent Dr Nature from helping you.
  16. 16. Especially when you are suffering from chronic ailments like joint pains, back ache, sciatica, skin diseases, mental disorders, carcinomas, migraine etc. don’t loose your heart live close to nature avoid all which will intensify the problem. Spend in confidence . Even 1000 miles journey start with 1 Ft.
  17. 17. Stop listening and reacting to any negative info read good books, spend humorously, help others, play with children , maintain good human relations , keep mentally physically occupied. Learn new language, art, write letters, call people.
  18. 18. Take nutritious, healthy, fresh variety of foods , drink about 4-5 lits water exercise daily for 20 min. spend in green environs , visit new places. Take membership in associations/ clubs . Visit new places, write columns. Serve community .
  19. 19. Listen to classical music in low volume every day. Help family members / neighbours when they are in need. Life to live, enjoy not to nag & suffer
  20. 20. For more Info Bellavistan Kovur Wellness Consultant 98480 13958 healthxlnc @