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Life After Bypass Surgery


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Life After Bypass Surgery

  1. 1. Life after Bypass Surgery
  2. 2. The other name of life is blood and its circulation maintains life relentlessly. Blood carries vital Oxygen and nutrients to each & every cell. Heart is the pump which collects impure blood from various parts sends it to lungs for purification and
  3. 3. Circulate the oxygenated blood to all parts from birth to death. Blood vessels are distributory channels carrying blood to all parts from head to toe. As dirt accumulates in sewerage channels and blocks them preventing free flow. Similarly
  4. 4. Dead cells / bacteria, toxins, histamines, oxalates form lumps & blocks the free flow of blood causing Ischemia, Angina by causing damage to cells as they are deprived of essential oxygen and micro nutrients constantly.
  5. 5. Modern life sciences answer to this problem is BYPASS as the word indicates that clear the block or leave it and create a bypass channel for flow of blood will help in 20% of cases with 70% and above blocks as life saving method.
  6. 6. How is life after bypass surgery. Mostly consuming various drugs for life with lot of side effects, unable to lead active life because of the restrictions. Statistics say Bad lifestyles will compel 40% of the bypass patients developing restenosis
  7. 7. And are reaching operating tables for second bypass with in 3 yrs . About 1% of them have undergone even triple Bypass in less than 6-7 yrs. This means lot of money, agony to patient and family members. Health insurance cover is there only
  8. 8. For 8% of urban and about 2% rural population as on 2005 in India and rest of the families will go into a debt trap with bypass surgery of a family member. As the costs ranges from Rs. 2-5 Lakhs based on no of blocks, place, hospital etc.
  9. 9. As per USFDA about 80% of angioplasties are done for commercial reasons in Europe & US. India is no exception with an anxiety to recover the infra cost of hi-fy hospitals and to meet their crushing over heads.
  10. 10. Reasons for blocks in vessels:  Bad Lifestyles  Sedentary life  Hurry - Worry - Curry  Stress & Strain  AC Environment  Junk Food  Improper fluid intake
  11. 11.  4 Modern White poisons  Tamarind  Fast pace life  Over Ambitious  Micro-families  Not exposing to enough Sun  Excess fat, fried foods  Alcohol, Tobacco
  12. 12.  Broken Marriage  Loss of near & dear  Financial loses  Frequent air travel  Occupational hazards  Familial factor  Pollution  Mad urbanization
  13. 13. Is there any alternate to prevent / avoid All agony
  14. 14. The hope is Ancient Indian Life sciences Ayurveda
  15. 15. Ayurveda suggests proper life style as Dina charya and Ritu charya covering Food, Exercise, Sleep, Attitude to prevent blocks and Bypass surgery also people to live agile life even after Bypass surgery.
  16. 16. Food : You are what you eat. After bypass surgery be wise and choosy in your food. Consume 1800 - 2200 calories a day based on your age, activity & work. Take 80% between 9AM-2PM balance 20% calories before 8 PM
  17. 17. Take fresh fruits & fresh salads with breakfast & every meal. Take 4-5 Lts warm water / day. Weekly Phalopavaasa for 24 hrs. Be a vegetarian . Consume fresh, hot food. Take fresh soups in the night. Have soya foods daily.
  18. 18. Take Triphala 5 gms morning with honey . Consume herbal tea with Dalchini, Jaji, Ela, Tulasi daily twice. Take Aswagandha 5 gms with 50 ml Cow milk daily before going to bed. Take 2 almonds daily which are ZERO cholesterol for life
  19. 19. Exercise : 20 min brisk walk a day increases cardiovascular reserve & prevent restenosis which makes 40% bypass people come to operating table second time in 3 yrs with bad lifestyle. Any exercise for 20 - 30 min will be great help .
  20. 20. Outdoor Games : Shuttle, Ball badminton, Tennis, Squash, Crokey, Golf, Tennecoit, Disc throw, Basket Ball, Foot Ball, Hockey is of great help. Indoor Games : Exerbike, T T, Chess, Antyakshari helps a lot.
  21. 21. Relaxation : With an absorbing hobby as per your taste. Sastreeya Tailabhyanganam is best relaxation twice a week, spending with family/ friends, charity work , helping others, good PR will help a lot. Playing with children will help.
  22. 22. Yoga & Dhyana : Play a great role after bypass go to a teacher and learn for 2-3 weeks, practise 15 min. day, practise breathing exercises on vajrasana for 15 min daily.
  23. 23. Panchakarma : Once a year for 15 days will be a rejuvenator for bypass surgery patients. Even massage with herbal oils like Balaaswagandha, Ksheerabala, Karpoora, Kunkumadi, Narayana Pinda tailas weekly once will be a great help.
  24. 24. Attitude : Will play a major role to lead a healthy life. Be happy, take it easy policy, helping others, reciprocation, gratitude, realistic approach , charity, mixing with young generation. Keeping mentally occupied will help a lot.
  25. 25. Relations : Give affection to the young family members, respect elders, depend least on others , read humarology, share jokes, listen to classical music , learn a new language, skill, musical instrument . Attend social functions.
  26. 26. For more info Bellavistan Kovur Wellness Consultant  : 91 98480 13958  : healthxlnc @