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A Bomb


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Published in: Health & Medicine
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A Bomb

  1. 1. Prof. BM Hegde -Former VC- MAHE -Manipal Antibiotics Crisis Time bomb clicking
  2. 2. There is no pill For all ills But there is an ill followed by The use of Every pill
  3. 3. One very common germ, the Streptococcus was the most sensitive germ killed by Penicillin . 95% germs killed by Penicillin initially & now 95% of the same germs are resistant to Penicillin .
  4. 4. The black death due to plague in Europe of 16 th Cen. & White death so called because killed most with extreme anaemia by Tuberculosis are greatest human tragedies .
  5. 5. Gravity is very high that Royal College of Physicians of London met to discuss clinical effects of Anti - microbial resistance on 28 th Feb 2001 . About 15000 people died in Britain - 1999 due to germs resistant to all antibiotics -Called Super BUGS .
  6. 6. One of the biggest Hospital of the country Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust has been forced to shut down its OTs due to Super Bugs . At Queen Alexandria Hospital , the Ortho surgeons could not perform any surgery due to Super Bugs .
  7. 7. Another leading authority in the field Prof. Hugh Pennington of Aberdeen University feels next biggest problem is drug resistant TB . Scotland had TB outbreak . Russian prisons have many inmates with drug resistant TB without proper treatment. This is due to Antibiotics over prescription.
  8. 8. Antibiotics given to minor viral illness in childhood alters body’s immune system - cytokine response to infections and may trigger for asthma in later life in majority. Slum dwellers’ children when they had enough to eat , have very low incidence of health problems, robust & healthy .
  9. 9. Other dangers of antibiotics are in commercial fields like farming & dairy . Broiler sheds use lot of antibiotics to treat & prevent infections . The amount used far outweighs all that is used in hospitals & OTs . Today it takes 6 weeks to get a bird to dinning table against normal 12 - 14 weeks with huge dose of antibiotics & hormones to fatten the birds.
  10. 10. Mastitis in cows is another danger. The incidence is about 10%. The huge amount of antibiotics like Ciprofloxacin into the udder makes the milk not potable for 1 week . The House of Lords in Britain worried about large scale use of antibiotics in farming & resistance and reducing yield. Very dangerous .
  11. 11. In a shocking incidence recently at the Prince Edward Hospital in Wales a 60 yr old patient developed antibiotic resistant infection on his leg. Doctors had go back to nature to get maggots to help cure that infection . Now they are routinely culturing maggots to treat resistant infections . In nature this is very common way of controlling infections , evident during the second world war and earlier.
  12. 12. Minor wounds, injuries, bruises etc could be smeared with fresh, clean, pure honey . This gives a coating & prevent germs getting in and prevent multiplication of existing germs. 3 times a day for 1 week gives good results . The time bomb of resistant TB epidemic to burst any time . The west is in the worst TB epidemics in last 2 decades. The ugly combination of HIV / Resistant TB is threatening the human race in sub Sahara region .
  13. 13. Prof. JR Bignall - Institute of Chest Diseases - Brampton Hospital, London was requested by Nehru’s Govt. in 1956 to give a report on TB situation in India. His report suggested to ban the use of all antibiotics for 10 yrs . Patients are allowed to have conventional treatments to avoid abuse by quacks leading to resistant TB is valid even today not only for India but to entire globe.
  14. 14. Govt seriously think of sanatoria, good nutritious food, complete rest and a healthy green environment will go a long way fighting TB . Earlier we wake up from our deep slumber the better for our progeny. We have never been using antibiotics scientifically for well over half a century and the results could be disastrous to say the least. Prevention is always better
  15. 15. For more info KSN Murthy Wellness Consultant  : 98480 13958  : [email_address]