Exit interview form by zeeshan moiez ali


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Exit interview form by zeeshan moiez ali

  1. 1. EXIT INTERVIEW HR Department Company NameName: Emp No.: Company Address E-mail & Contact Details.Department: Reports To: (For Education & learning purpose)Designation/Title: Location:Hiring Date: Separation Date:1. Why you have decided to Leave ABC’s Pakistan? 4. Would you consider to returning in future?_________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 5. Would you recommend this company to your friend? __________________________________________2. What did you like least about your job?_________________________________________ 6. Anything that can prevent you from leaving?_________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________ 7. How do you analyze your stay at Company?3. What did you like most about your job? ___________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________Q8. Please tick that YOU feel your understanding with following benefits provided by the company was: Excellent Good Average Poor No OpinionSalaryMed. & Health Insurance. CoverageConducive Work TimingsVacations, Rest days & LeavesFacilitiesTools, Equipments, Uniforms & MealResources & Learning MaterialQ9. Please tick that how YOU find the Workplace Relationship, Supervisory, Coordination and Job Satisfaction level: Excellent Good Average Poor No OpinionCommunication B/w Supervisor andStaffCommunication B/w DepartmentsPolicies communicated & PracticePerformance Measurement CriteriaTrainings OpportunitiesWork AssignmentsSense of ResponsibilityCareer Growth & AdvancementOptionAny Other Suggestion or Concern for Improvement?_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Employee Signature ___________________ HOD/RM/Manager Signature _________________